Fat Babies: Charity Aids Obese Babies In Bid To Lose Weight
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Fat Babies: Charity Aids Obese Babies In Bid To Lose Weight

March 10, 2020

COMM: At just ten months old Santiago Mendoza and Isabella Caicedo tip the scales at an
incredible 41 kilos combined. COMM: The severely overweight babies were brought together by Colombian charity, Gorditos
de Corazon in a bid to save their lives. COMM: Like Santiago, doctors fear for little Isabella’s health. DOCTOR: If she continues at the same weight it is certain these problems will be much
more serious in the future. COMM: Earlier this year the foundation came to Santiago’s rescue after his mother was
unable to deal with his insatiable appetite. At eight months old he reportedly weighed
21 kilos, and his life hung in the balance. Since then the foundation have brought his
weight gain under control, and hope to see sign on improvement in the coming months. COMM: And this week they introduced him to new playmate Isabella, who’s mother Niyered,
also sought help for her daughter’s extreme obesity. NIYERED: In the first few months she pestered me all the time. She didn’t sleep, she was
just eating and eating. At this moment we started to try and regulate her food intake
but she wasn’t losing any weight. COMM: And under the care of a team of specialists, it’s hoped the babies will reach an average
weight within six to eight months.

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