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October 7, 2019

Why are there so many bloody seagulls around
– I don’t live anywhere near the sea! Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel. So today I’m going to be doing a very quick video just talking about Fibromyalgia
and Vitamin D, the links between the two cause there is quite a common link between having
Fibromyalgia and also having low Vitamin D and I just kind of wanted to generally bring
this up in conversation, hear your views and your experiences and yeah just have a bit
of a conversation about this topic. So recently we have been seeing a large increase
in the research being done between Fibromyalgia and a Vitamin deficiency. A lot of people
do now believe that they are very closely linked and that a lot of people out there
with Fibromyalgia will at some point suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. I don’t really
know why this is and why the two are linked but there just seems to be a link out there. Vitamin D has been in the news quite a lot
recently, especially here in the UK because it is now recommended that everyone out there
take Vitamin D within the Winter months cause here in the UK, we don’t get a lot of sun
ever! Vitamin D is a Vitamin that we get from the sun, it is absorbed through our skin and
you don’t get in any sort of food or anything like that you just get it from the sun. So
if you are in a place where you don’t get a lot of sun or you’re not exposed to sunlight
or if you are maybe someone who doesn’t get outside as much because of medical conditions
or if you just like to be inside you could be suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. More recently now they’re starting to claim
that a Vitamin D supplement and taking that everyday can help with your immunity and your
immune system. So maybe that is why it is linked to Fibromyalgia because they are now
starting to think that Fibromyalgia actually limits your immune system and can make you
more susceptible to infections and viruses. So if you have Vitamin D and take Vitamin
D that could help with your immunity and that’s what people are saying at the moment. People
are thinking that if you take Vitamin D all the way through flu season, you won’t get
flu – which is what I did actually this year! This was the first time that I took Vitamin
D all the way through the flu season and I haven’t had flu this year surprisingly. My
mum suffered from it, my dad had a little bit of it, not a lot. But my mum suffered
really badly this year and I didn’t get it at all and I didn’t have my flu jab this year
– naughty me! So the reason why people do link Fibromyalgia
and a Vitamin D deficiency together is because Vitamin D is very closely linked to bone health
and joint health and although Fibromyalgia doesn’t physically affect the bones and the
joints – it’s not like Arthritis where your body is attacking anything – you’re just getting
a lot of pain in your joints and bones and other places. These symptoms of Fibromyalgia
can often mask the symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency cause with Vitamin D deficiencies
you often get joint pain, muscle pain, bone pain, nerve pain maybe as well as fatigue,
light-headedness and headaches. So you can see if you know your Fibromyalgia symptoms
that they are very similar and because of that, if you already have Fibromyalgia you
can explain away these symptoms very quickly and very easily. So you don’t think ‘oh I
might be suffering from a deficiency or anemia. I just have my Fibromyalgia flare-up coming
back’ and it’s quite easy to explain away. But I guess the thing with that is to just
get tested and do what I did which is next time you have a general blood test or need
a blood test just ask your doctor if they could do a Vitamin D test. I know from my
experience that they won’t do a Vitamin D test if you’ve had one in the last three months,
I don’t know why that is. But I had never had my Vitamin D tested before. It was recommended
by my Rheumatologist to have it done. I didn’t then immediately go to the GP and say ‘Ah
you need to test my Vitamin D!’. I had to have a blood test done and in that time I
just said ‘hey can you just check my Vitamin D as well?’ they checked it and that’s when
I found out I was deficient. A lot of you guys were asking me this and
about this since my medications video which I will link up here and own below if you want
to go check out. But I spoke about my Vitamin D deficiency in that video because obviously
I take a Vitamin D supplement now. You guys were asking me about how this came about so
that was the one route that I went down – my Rheumatologist told me that I needed to get
tested just because it was worth getting double checked, I went when I needed a blood test,
got it tested and that was how I found out. But at the same time, I also had requested
to get a Bone Density scan because Osteoporosis runs in my family, I had just been diagnosed
with Fibromyalgia and I just wanted to make sure that nothing else medically was going
on with my joints and my bones and I requested a Bone Density Scan. My Rheumatologist was
quite reluctant and was like ‘nothing is really going to show up and it’s not really worth
it’ but he did is for me anyway. Low and behold, I have low Bone Density and the thing is,
the two link. So if you have low Bone Density what they’ll do is give you Vitamin D or calcium
and if you have a low Vitamin D level, that can often result in low Bone Density so sometimes
they might give you a Bone Density scan as well if you’ve been told that you have low
Vitamin D. They do link quite a lot and I guess taking your health into your own hands
is good and I was so pleased that I asked for both of these tests to be done because
they both came back with information that I needed to know and needed fixed. So I thought I would just strike up a conversation
about this. Sorry this wasn’t really an in-depth video but I just thought it would be good
to start a conversation, spread a little bit of awareness about this and just chat about
the potential link out there. Let me know what you guys think about Fibromyalgia and
a Vitamin D deficiency – whether you believe they’re linked, whether you’ad had experiences
with one or the other or both, let me know in the comments below. I hope you’ve had a
really, really good day and I will see you soon – bye guys!

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