Fit Families

October 11, 2019

is a 12-week physical activity and nutrition and feeling positive type program that works with
families with children of ages from 5 and 12 years old. Each week families come for an hour and 45
minutes to participate in many lessons and many different topics and from there they
leave with many positive reinforcements with a lot of great knowledge and information
they can include in their daily lives. The goal of Fit Families is to bring families
together to provide them with basic evidence based information that they might not have
access to or really understand and since we focus on nutrition it is also something
they can utilize within their entire family. We like to promote an increase in fruit and
vegetable consumption as well as an increased physical activity minutes and we do
believe that families do that together it is also a great bonding moment. Our program has not been funded in sometime and we have been slowly running out
of money and when Blue Cross and Blue Shield came to us and said that we are going to
fund you it was like this amazing moment because we are able to
purchase updated equipment and mostly we have been able to
bring more families into our program. The usual class is held during a semester
so fall or spring. During that time we start off with cooking lesson where the families come
in an there guided cooking a different recipe each week and once that is done we have
family meal time where they are encouraged to talk together, catch up and really talk
about things that are important to each other. From there were move into either a nutrition
or feeling positive lesson where they get some basic information and
then we end with our physical activity. [SOUNDS OF CHILDREN PLAYING] SARAH MALUFAU: We have
gained a lot of knowledge from this and that knowledge has help us out
at home to make those better choices. I have been able to lose some
weight and increase my activity. We learned about incorporating more fruits
and vegetables and more nutritious choices. This is a great program and I would
recommended it and I have recommend it to many of our friends we have
had friends that joined this program. LAURA ROPER: I think it is great for the people
taking the class because we are learning the recipes, the different physical activities and all
the activities that we are doing talking about bulling, talking about mindful eating. Talking about
how many servings that we need for this or that. SAPPHIRA ROPER: I think it is
really fun. You can learn how to cook so they can be better cooks when
they are older and then for physically activity I think it is good for your heart to
beating fast and I think it is good for your blood. OLIVIA SEPPI: It is really important to engage
and educate both the children and the family as a whole as a parent. That way they
can have healthy habits with their diet and their eating and their physical
activity. A lot of times families never receive nutrition education or
guidance on what to eat or how to eat. Something as simple as
portion control and portion sizes. LUCINDA BANEGAS-CARREON: We would like
to say thank you to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico for funding this program
and it has been a wonderful experience for us and we hope to live up to the
expectations that we set for our program.

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