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  1. See this new keep eating all the red meat and processed meats you want Study should have looked at this one.! That's why I say those garbage individuals that allow that stuff to go in to a medical journal and the piece of garbage that produced it should go to jail!

  2. Anything is better than the conventional diet. That doesn’t mean whole foods plant based is best. Unless you enjoy the mood and energy swings of the blood glucose roller coaster.

  3. I'm always hungry on a plant based vegan diet. I don't like eating all day…
    Now I'm a vegetarian. Creamy Butter is delicious. Dr berg said saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease… that's a high insulin problem. High carb is not good with saturated fat… my doctor said I need more saturated fat in my diet.

  4. My cholesterol reduced from >200 before on a conventional diet within a few months to 133 on a low fat whole food plant based diet. My father got rid of his high blood pressure, it really works

  5. Thank you for this great message & a reminder that sticking to the Plant Base diet will help me achieve my goals is at a steady pace. 74 yrs old, 4 months in, I feel NOT old & decrepit. I have more energy than I did in my 30's. Losing weight (30lbs), walking 3 to 5 KM daily, no arthritis pain meds after 2 weeks, clear thinking, energy galore & the list goes on… Not a diabetic but cholesterol is high..tsk tsk but am patient & it will go down.

  6. But “keto keeps your blood sugar low” is such a simple concept. Watch the USDA endorse keto for diabetes in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines

  7. Well I'm the type 2 diabetic this research applies to and I will forever shout from the rooftops the benefits of WFPB. I have tried everything, and the only thing that worked for me was to stop dieting, stop being afraid of the good carbs and stick to a WFPB lifestyle. The fact that my blood work has come back normal two times instead of the usual abnormal is all the proof I need that this lifestyle can and does save lives. 😊

  8. Recommending a plant-based diet which 98% to 99% of Americans cannot do. If Greger really cared about diabetics, he would be pushing his plant-based diet PLUS healthy animal protein (not deep fried chicken and spare ribs). But he won't because first and foremost, he is an ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST.

  9. A crucial factor is potassium, as it is necessary for the liver to handle sugar, and 98% of Americans don't get their daily requirement- not anywhere near it. And there are great tasting plant foods high in it, say cocoa, pistachios….

  10. But it's not any plant-based diet. Dr Greger should have mentioned that the studies used LOW-FAT plant-based diets. (It's in the study titles.) If you eat high-fat vegan foods, you're going to stay fat and sick.

  11. the new intro is lovely 🙂
    if dr. greger talked a bit slower or more clearly, the videos would be even more educational – e.g. for non-native speakers.

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