‘Fussy eater’ mum ‘concerned about her weight’ dies of malnutrition
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‘Fussy eater’ mum ‘concerned about her weight’ dies of malnutrition

March 1, 2020

  A mum described as a “fussy eater” who was “concerned about her weight” died after months of self-neglect, an inquest heard yesterday  Michelle Dunn, 48, collapsed at her home and was rushed to hospital where doctors found she had chronic malnutrition   She was diagnosed with suspected sepsis and an upper gastrointestinal bleed, which can result in significant blood loss over a short period  But the mother-of-two’s condition deteriorated rapidly and the decision was made to put her on end-of-life care at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire  She died there on November 2.  Wakefield Coroner’s Court heard yesterday Michelle was previously admitted to hospital for malnutrition in July this year, when her condition was so severe she was unable to even walk    Kevin McLoughlin, senior coroner for West Yorkshire, recorded a conclusion of malnutrition and self-neglect  “Michelle was admitted to hospital with suspected sepsis and upper gastrointestinal bleed  “Her condition was attributable to chronic malnutrition. After discussion she was provided with end of life care until her death on Saturday, November 2,” the coroner said  After her first stay in hospital in the summer, the former carer appearing to gain weight  But family told the inquest Michelle, of Leeds, was a “fussy eater”.  A fall, though, also contributed to her decline in health  The mum had only recently regained contact with her children after quite a few years apart as a result of a “fracture in the family”  But Mr McLoughlin added: “Her sons visited her each week. She appeared to be putting on some weight  “On the 26th of October a carer found her at her home following a fall and due to her severe frailty an ambulance was called ”   Her son Luke has set up an online crowdfunding page to help raise money for his mum’s funeral

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