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Gastroparesis-Friendly Foods & Diet | My Favorites

November 9, 2019

hey guys so today I wanted to talk about
gastroparesis so I’m going to talk about the gastroparesis diet and the
gastroparesis friendly foods. Let you know what worked for me as well as
somebody gave me this idea so I really liked it so whoever did it, let me know!
Basically, I’m going to tell you my 10 favorite foods and then I’m going to
order them in the order from like really bad for gastroparesis to not as bad for
gastroparesis, or actually flip that around
not as bad for gastroparesis…really bad for gastroparesis. Obviously, not everybody who has
gastroparesis can eat. A lot of people require tube feeds and/or TPN if they
can’t tolerate two feeds or whatever the reason is and then a lot of people will
you know sustain themselves partially with a tube and partially orally so
obviously this stuff really applies to somebody who can, in fact, eat. And also
it’s important to say – I mean NO food is good for gastroparesis. I mean the whole
point is like digesting is really slow and really hard but certain foods are
easier on your stomach and are particularly known to be better for
people with gastroparesis and there are foods that are known to be worse, so yes,
some of the main guidelines are that fiber is really hard to digest for a lot
of people with gastroparesis and that’s because fiber slows down your
digestion and we already have really slow digestion, so even though it keeps
you full and while the things with fiber are really healthy unfortunately a lot
of us are required to be on a low fiber diet so I know that I personally follow that – not crazy strictly but I do keep it in mind when I eat. Another thing is a
lot of people can not digest raw fruits or vegetables, For me, I especially cannot
digest raw vegetables. The ones that I can are very small lettuces like spinach
and like romaine lettuce. I can’t do kale Like kale – oh my goodness if I ate kale raw I would feel horrible. Basically, every other vegetable I need to keep
really really well cooked so whether that means boiled or sauteed or whatever
it is it just needs to be very well cooked and then I can digest it better. I
feel like for me, broccoli is a really good vegetable but that’s like not true
for a lot of people gastroparesis so, I don’t know, that one digests particularly
well for me I feel like. I also know that I can have cucumber by
the way uncooked and I can also have – what else can I have uncooked? Tomatoes!
That’s what it is. So very small lettuces, tomatoes and cucumber I tolerate uncooked. Another thing that can help a lot of people at gastroparesis is
staying on a low-fat diet. It doesn’t help everybody with gastroparesis and i
noticed that some foods that are high in fat bother me. I know like avocado can
bother me quite a bit. Eating smaller meals and eating them frequently as
opposed to just sitting down for three meals a day can be really helpful. I mean
for me, I can’t eat unless it’s like a really good gastroparesis day and again
disclaimer my gastroparesis is much better than it used to be. Unless it’s a good day, I can’t really eat like a full-sized meal – it would be
less than that so I would probably like – usually what I do is I bring home my food.
I’ve eaten half of it at the restaurant and then eat half of it maybe like
three hours later or something and I’m a big like second dinner kind of person so
I’ll do like my early one and I’ll eat half the food and then later at like
9:00 p.m. or something I’ll leave the other half and that tends to work for me
because I know I can’t eat a lot in one sitting like I literally need to stop
eating it hurts and I feel horrible. Then this one’s also obvious foods that
are softer and mushy are better to eat because if the issue is functional which
gastroparesis is functional you can’t move the stomach and you can’t move the
food very well from your stomach into your small intestines so if the food is
like mushier and smoother and softer, it’s going to likely go down better, so
pureed foods are really good You got rice works, pastas –
things like that are good sometimes sweet potatoes or potatoes. For me sweet
potatoes definitely hurt my stomach but I eat them anyway. I
like to pretend that they don’t hurt but they really do. Yeah I think that that’s a
huge thing and then on the same note, liquids tend to be a lot better for
people with gastroparesis than solids because they move along faster and
they’re easier to digest so soup is a really good thing
tea is a really good thing – for me I don’t do well with tea at all. I never
have. I don’t exactly know why but it really bothers my stomach
I mean as does water you know so it’s just depending on the day and you know
what my stomach decides to do but usually tea is not good
smoothies can work for people I go through phases or smoothies work and
phases where smoothies do not work sometimes they really just make me feel
sick and horrible and other times I’m like yeah I can have a quarter or a half
of the smoothie and I feel good like – I’m good, you know? Now let’s get into my 10
favorite foods and we’re gonna order them in the sequence of like really good
for gastroparesis – no, in the sequence of “okay for gastroparesis” to “really bad for gastroparesis.” So first let me just tell you all the foods. We have brownie. I know it’s not
really a food – I don’t care sushi particularly a shrimp and avocado
rolls but we’ll keep sushi or as a whole crab and lobster seaweed like roasted
seaweed roasted broccoli pomegranate Pasta avocado Peking Duck and Nutella.
okay so now let’s review them and put them in order. I think it’s really
important I have to like disclaim I’m not a professional – you guys might
totally disagree with how I rank these a lot of it comes from my experience and
with these foods plus just like my very limited knowledge on it like what’s high
in fiber and stuff like that but if you disagree, feel free to let me
know in the comments if you like disagree on my order but don’t be rude like
nicely disagree…um yeah so like not recommending to eat any of these foods
and telling you like “this one first sure is good” because that might not
work for you. Okay, first and honestly probably my favorite – crab and lobster. I
think that that’s pretty good because it’s not high in fat it’s not high in
fiber. It is like a lean-like meat, I think and it’s also
high in salt which is good for me but uh it’s just like easy for me to digest. I
don’t know – I think that one’s pretty good. I don’t have too many bad things to say
about it Next, pasta its soft and even though it’s
a little bit high in fiber. Of course, depending on like what it’s made of
because some people would have liked more like a whole wheat pasta. For me I
need a gluten-free pasta because I can’t eat wheat but like for some people like
you know regular pasta like it’s still like not crazy high in fiber or anything
and it’s very soft and I don’t know it just feels good to eat if you know what
I mean like I feel like it’s good for stomach in my opinion. Sushi – so rice is
caloric so that’s pretty good. Also it’s pretty darn soft and so – and then you
also have the fish on it and I just feel like it’s it’s easy for me to digest.
maybe it actually is kind of high in fat so like again don’t take my opinion but
I feel like it works pretty well for me. Next, seaweed. I love seaweed and I’m
referring to roasted seaweed but just nori it’s what they put around the sushi
like sooo few rolls and it’s so good and I love it because it’s very flavorful
very salty but there’s not much volume to it and so for somebody who can’t
digest food very well and have another way that they can sustain themselves I’m
nutritionally like a feeding tube or whatever it’s a good little snack if you
still want a taste of something that you can’t digest well I just think it’s
really good cuz a very low volume it gets very small and it’s very thin but
it’s so good and it’s so flavorful it’s not crazy high in fiber it’s not I
mean it it’s not high in fiber let me take that back – it is high fiber but it’s
so small that it doesn’t even matter because you’re not eating very much of
it anyways that’s fine I love it. Nex,t roasted
broccoli. It digests pretty well for me and I if I was this was more of like
personally where would I put it I’d put it a little bit higher but I think I’m
putting this list here more for like what works like for the general
gastroparesis person, so cruciferous vegetables tend to be kind of bad for
people, so like – bad for gastroparesis people – broccoli and cauliflower can be
hard to digest. It’s not that bad for me – especially, I mean it needs to be cooked. If it’s not cooked – it’s bad, but yeah it needs to be very well cooked but it’s
not particularly high in fiber compared to some other vegetables and it’s not
high in fat it’s not a hard vegetable once it’s well cooked so that’s why I
think it’s like okay to put in the middle. Next (*phone dings) – sorry. Pomegranate – it’s
really high in fiber – pretty high fiber so it’s not so great plus it has these
little seeds in it and so when you eat a bunch of them and you like take down all
the water you’re kind of left with your stuff in your stomach would be like
seeds kind of like their tiny little seeds but that might be difficult for
some people to digest so it’s not the best, plus it’s high in sugar for me even
though I don’t know if this isn’t gonna trait of a gastroparesis, I do think it
struggles to digest things that are very high in sugar. If it’s like medium
it’s fine you know but it does get a little bit difficult and also just in
general fruits aren’t so great for me to digest. Next, Nutella. It’s good because
it’s like peanut butter – it’s soft and it’s like really easy to digest due to
the way that it’s like made I mean like its texture but it’s so high in fat I
think it’s high in fiber because like there are nuts in it
high fiber high in sugar and it’s just like I don’t know I feel like it can
make me feel really ill and sick at the same time you know even though like I
don’t know I just think that if you can handle a little bit of it that’s really
good because it will up your calories for the day but it’s not like the best
to be like takin like a whole tablespoon or like two tablespoons of it like they
might it might make you feel sick Next, brownie – I love this one I think
maybe I’m putting it too low but it’s high it’s really high in fat I know
personally it is difficult for me to digest a brownie plus if it need to be
gluten-free but and it is soft but it’s still like it’s still so high in fat and
sugar and I just feel like it’s not easy to digest but again this is personal
opinion so I somehow forgot to talk about avocado but that would be the
second to last one it’s really high in fat it really hurts me to digest it even
though the fat is still healthy fat gastroparesis does not always care about
what’s healthy / like they usually does not care um so unfortunately even though
I love avocado I kind of just have to take like a small little bite of it or
like wait I can have some of it what am I saying I can put it like on a piece of
bread but like I can’t like eat a whole avocado – or even half an avocado. I’ll usually
feel pretty crappy so just that gets me every time
and then lastly would be Peking Duck it’s really high in fat it’s like just
difficult to say just in general I feel like it’s like closer to a red meat
which like might not actually be accurate red meat is can be really
difficult for some people with gastroparesis is digest for me I’ve
actually never had it I was raised not not having red meat so I can’t tell you
if it bothers me or not but I feel like you need up you know definitely bothers
my stomach it’s not so easy for me to digest and I would not recommend it on
the daily plus like there’s that pancake that you put over it and that’s not
gluten free so like I would need to eat it without that
whatever so yeah I hope that was kind of fun I guess that’s like not fun now that
I think about it how is that fun I’m picking my favorite foods and like
saying like that I can’t you can’t really eat some of them but whatever I
hope this video is helpful I think the first part was probably more helpful in
the second part but the second part is fun so I’ll take it let me know if you
have any questions please let me know what foods worked for you maybe I can
make a part to you talking more about like specifically for each person see if
it was a lot of overlap between like what my YouTube followers say work for
them because these are general guidelines that I’m going over I’m not
telling like so much specifics until I got to the second part and that was very
personal so like personally specific okay, Isabelle, I’m being really weird
right now. Alright, bye guys!

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  1. I would have spent the whole summer in the Hamptons if I was you 😊. Have you ever tried that green pasta that’s made from veggies? I love it. Bananas trigger my IBS.

  2. Excellent. Sooooo hard for me explaining to my family about fiber, veggies, meats etc. (broccoli is horrible for me digest😮, whereas avocado 🥑 I can do.. and yes- I can do mainly soft foods, once a day. And always bring food home. Aloe Vera juice- I drink like 3-5 a day. As well as sometimes liquidy smoothies. Lots u mentioned I can’t eat due to mast cell and all my allergies.

  3. Can I just say thank you!!! Your discription of what you can and can't eat is closer to me than anyone else I've met or heard.

  4. Wheat is a big trigger for gastroparesis for me. It will also cause reflux & motility issues with my esophagus. And whole wheat is ‘the worst’ but I can tolerate a potato bread (aka white bread) okay once a week or so. We eat pomegranates just not the actual seeds. 💗 Crab 💗

  5. Izzy, I'd be interested in a video about why you avoid gluten! I have a lot of food allergies (MD-diagnosed and tested) and am wondering if any of my issues might be related to hEDS. Food allergies run on one side of my family, but mine are much worse.

  6. Definitely food for thought, Izzy! I haven’t been diagnosed with GP, but some foods are definitely easier to digest than others…..

  7. This video come exactly when I needed it. I'm in a big flare up right now, so thanks! (Still don't have a real diag but my GP think it's gastroparesis)
    Oh and "Nutella might make you feel sick" look at the three Nutella toast I ate today: yep definitely!

  8. This is such a wonderful video! Thank you for making this! I hope you have a wonderful evening!💛

  9. Hi Izzy, another great video! Thank you for always educating us! I feel that sometimes milk can send my stomach in a tizzy which stinks because I love milk! Weird though yogurt doesn’t bother me nor does ice cream! My go to for help for nausea is zofran as I am anaphylactic allergic to compozene 😬😳! Sending ❌⭕️‼️

  10. I don't have gastroparesis, however, this topic does fit chronic pancreatitis. I follow a low fat diet as my body does not digest food easily without the help of medications (pancrelipase). Of course I am only human and indulge in things I like even though I know it can make me feel ill and not digest properly. Love watching your videos.

  11. If I got diagnosed with GP, I think it really would explain a lot. However, I am vegan and have actually been doing fine on a vegan diet. It just doesn't matter what I eat, I'll always be bloated and feel sick.

  12. My GI and I are investigating into a diagnosis atm! Knowing that gastroparesis is a pretty common comorbidity and I'm pretty symptomatic with high fiber foods I tend to stay away from raw veggies, but mashed potatoes, veggies that are stir fry/steamed or put into a soup are ways I try to get my veggies in 😊 also smoothies are a giant yes for me

  13. I’m so happy to see this video pop up! I haven’t seen really anyone talk about their experience on YouTube. So super thank you!!!

  14. If someone has gastroparesis and hyperproteinemia on top of EDS, like in my case, it gets even more interesting. My hp is atypical, so I have to go meat-heavy several times a month. Yak, ostrich, and beefalo seem to cause the least trouble in terms of meat. I just add avocado oil or bacon fat for the necessary fat. A handful of vegetables, only cooked. Cherries, blueberries, and huckleberries. Goat milk kefir (blueberry acai), Australian or Greek yogurt (very few flavors), sea salt chocolate (coconut-free), and about 4 different flavors of ice cream. That's about all I can eat, and even those, I sometimes regret.
    This is the "greatly improved /expanded" list.
    Yak, ostrich taste like very lean beef, btw.

  15. I can't eat red meat anymore. I can eat fish, especially shrimp as long as it's grilled or broiled not fried. I definitely can't handle fried foods. I do find soups(I love pho) are easy to digest. I also find the earlier I eat in the day the better I feel. If I go to bed on a full stomach, I will vomit up undigested food the next morning. Not fun!

  16. Jaquie used to say she would eat Cucumber all the time as well raw. But Cucumbers are a bland veggie and consist of a lot of water.

    But as you mentioned first and foremost, this is what works for you. I mean putting that you were recommended to stay away from something by a doctor might be the same for anyone that goes and sees a digestive doctor working with gastroparesis, they tell you to stay away from foods and eat in small quantities.

  17. It's so cray how everyone is so different! I tolerate small amounts of fiber MUCH much better than any kind of higher fat (over 10grams) food.

  18. Thank-you for making this video! I was the one who suggested it <3 I really appreciate it, these days nothing is sitting happy and It's lovely to hear from someone who also has gastroparesis! <3

  19. I frequently eat a 1/2 brownie (sometimes the whole thing ) mixed with frozen yoghurt and it sits fine but I try to keep it to no more than 1/2 brownie 1/2 frozen yogurt or the amount is a problem but even eating just brownie isn’t a problem for me

    The biggest problem I currently have is that my mom refuses to cook special meals so if she wants something then I’m stuck with it even if I know it’s going to make me sick then when I throw it up moms all said and sorry but does it again a couple days later 🥺
    Is this am issue in your family any ideas

  20. Totally irrelevant, but I think it's funny that most Americans pronounce it as "new-tella" but Europeans say "nuh-tella"

  21. I dont even understand my stomach yet, ive already lost my full bladder. I just know, no matter what I eat I look pregnant and cant eat for another 12 hours or so…then I have to force myself to eat yet I dont loose weight, I'm not trying, then it will go on a tyraid and I eat and I loose it in less than 15 minutes! So I simply hate food. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist next week.

  22. Roasted seaweed is a really good one for me. But crab kills me every time no matter how good it tastes😭😭

  23. I go for mashed potatoes when all else fails. Because my stomach is not moving at all I can't do gassy veggies like broccoli brussel sprouts peppers because of the build up of gas in the stomach. And I don't care where lobster crab and shrimp come in I'm eating it anyway. 😆

  24. Hey I was wondering how long it took and what it took for you to be diagnosed with EDS type 3 I have been tested for hypermobility type but was told the way it came out the doctor did not feel comfortable with that diagnoses so I am being sent for genetic testing as I don't have stretchy skin but I have scars are are very thin skined multiple dislocation and subluxation I believe the doctor is correct but it's so hard just telling doctors and people connective tissue disorder because you don't know which one it is.

  25. Btw, bananas are a good one- for me- either a few bites or put in a smoothie to give me calories, with a bit of peanut butter etc for protein.

  26. Love the video! For me I consume a lot of mashed potatoes. They seem to go down easy for me. I also can't have lettuce of any kind. I am incapacitated the whole day if I have lettuce.

  27. Best to digest for me is white rice, chicken breast, potatoes, peaches worst hot dogs, asparagus, tomato, blueberries, hamburger, pasta

  28. Very informative and helpful. I have epilepsy, diabetes, gastroperesis and a few other things. Lol. I can only eat soft foods with no chunks or I spend the day violently vomiting with severe pain. So it's not worth it.
    Do u have a support group for those who suffer with chronic illness??
    Oh I also have a medical service dog. He's the best. Maybe a service dog could help u?? I actually train service animals…….or I did before my health went very downhill. But I could help u if u r interested.

  29. We varry each so much sugar and carbs are my best bet..i like to eat late and go to bed to decrease my suffering of food vut my dr hates when I do that….. so I get it but if I touch a green mine is small amount spinach also… my best choices Like me safest on your list is brownie and pasta but pasta can be heavy at tines to… … I miss sea food becauss tilapia I love if eat sea food it… But struggle get past tilipa and shrimp I strugle with and can't get past smell now… I love mushy but must be with beano…. Carbs for me… My go to are candy expicaly fruity sour candy choclate chip. muffins stuffing like stove top… Um chicken rice with caution… Green beans Ground meat with hambuger…love pork steak and mushroom and zucchini I love but they are for good day and for when I havr nothing for few days be safe…. Odd one I tolrate is coco wheats thined though. Only made with water. If I use even a tb spoon milk it can make it unsafe for me I can't mix the 2. But I can have sugar thankfuly on it

  30. Finding good digestive enzymes with Ox bile has been a game changer for me. I'm still limited on what I can eat but at least with the zymes I CAN eat! Before that it was just agony coming and going ! It was painful eating anything but starving was not good either. Even shakes were out I would sip water and a little plain broth for days and got so weak and felt pure exhaustion. Those were dark days for me. Going to the ER was a colossal mistake! Since I was thin, pale and had black circles under my eyes I must be a drug user or my husband abused me! Thank Heaven's I pulled through that and found a good doctor and at least I am not as bad but still have a mountain or two ahead! It's a tough and rough journey but so are we!!! Be brave, keep going and stay strong! 😁👍🌻

  31. 1. Some ppl find that eating smaller meals frequently helps.
    2. Plus making each of the meals well balanced (with protein, carbs, veggies) can help too (to prevent blood sugar crashes).
    3. Limiting the amount of fat per meal is key. Too much fat per meal can make gastropareisis worse. (e.g. a sandwich with BOTH avocado and mayonnaise in it can be too much fat… So choose just ONE of either of these to go with the other fillings in the sandwich)
    4. Finally, taking digestive enzymes with every meal of the day can make a huge difference (make sure you buy a brand that contains Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase).

  32. Izzy just want to say that you are so beautiful and that gorgeous smile of yours just lights up the room! 😘😘 much love from a gal pal

    By the way, just be careful not to eat too much crab/lobster as they can accumulate heavy metals (mercury) and other toxins in their flesh, which humans then eat…and too much can cause problems of its own. Crabs and lobsters and other seafood that is not actual fish (with scales AND fins) may be categorised as "scavenger" organisms which feed on ocean debris and therefore accumulate higher levels of all sorts of toxins, compared to fish that have both scales AND fins.
    And if you do decide to eat actual fish, make sure it's not from a fish farm, but wild caught, as farmed fish also accumulate high levels of toxins because of the overcrowded conditions they're farmed in.
    I hope I don't freak you out but I felt I should mention it

  33. Eeesh pasta is the worst it’s so stodgy but I love it!!! Also fruit is so bad for my stomach (especially berries for me) but I love that as well

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