Gender Discrimination leading to malnutrition
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Gender Discrimination leading to malnutrition

March 9, 2020

At homes, who are discriminated the most
when it comes to
distribution of food? Girls Who will explain what kind
of discrimination happens? Everyone has to speak. Chandni you speak first
and then pass on to all In poor families, the older people eat first and whatever is left is eaten by the women of the house We are busy cooking and serving
everyone including our brothers and we eat what is left in the end. We get milk in the evening. My mother gives more
than half to my brother. I always question her that
doesn’t my youngest sister who studies here, need it? Mummy says no give it
to your brother first Does this happen? Yes aunty. This happens in my house. This is wrong. Families who serve the boys first
and girls later are unfair. They should not do this.
Everyone should be given equally this does not happen in my
house but in my neighbourhood Speak loudly. Looks like you did not get any food.
You are hardly able to speak this does not happen in my
house but in my neighbourhood In my neighbourhood she cooks once and if the food finishes, the
women of the house remain hungry. It does not happen in my house but I have often seen this outside. They first feed their
husband then the brothers. After that the mother feels that the daughters should eat and they
shall eat only if something is left It does not happen in my house but at my aunt’s house They give it to the brothers first and whatever is left is
eaten by the sisters. This is done for everything. What is it that is left
and given to the girls? In everything. Like food is given to them in the end, first the husband the brothers eat. You mentioned that the food is cooked and is given first
to boys and thereafter to girls Are such differences also made like the soon drinks milk,
eats eggs, gets fruit and the girls eat dry
chappati and vegetable? Sometimes, everyone gets everything. But what they feel is first the
person who is earning should eat even if they are also earning. For example curd. They would feel let them eat first and
we will get more from the market. But when their turn comes they think why
make an effort so they would eat without it. They do this to save money. But for the main people of the house they would buy if it is not
available in the house. Since they do the cooking, they want to feed others first
and then eat themselves. Audio unclear Sometimes it so happens and I
have heard this in my family too that if we get the required nutritious food our body will develop well. And people will start feeling
that girl is growing old and she will then have to be married soon. This is not the case with boys. So this is also a reason why
girls are given less to eat God! It is the first time I am
hearing something like this But this happens They feel that if the girl eats
products like milk, curd or fruits, she will get her periods early I have often seen that they always say what is the
use of giving food to girls. They have to go to
someone else’s house. They will not do any work for the house Give it to boys who will do
everything for the house and will also be their support later. This is why they take very
good care of the boys have you never protested against this that we are also human beings, we
should also be given proper food. Have you never said that though we
will go to some other house later, we are also your dear one. I have never had to
say this because we get equal share
of everything. Many students said that this is a problem. One, the person who is
earning will eat first, then because the girls will grow up fast,
they should not be given much to eat Because we don’t have a brother no!
we are only sisters In my house we used to get milk. My brother throws a lot of tantrums
about what he wants to eat. He is very fond of outside food. My mother said he should drink milk also. Though I don’t drink milk,
I was envious of him. I told my mother that if we get milk it
should be for everyone or for no one at all. I don’t drink milk since long but I
have started feeling jealous within. This means that if you don’t get, you feel
bad inside that what is happening with you If nothing else, she can
make tea for herself Now what happens is, when I make some delicacy, my
older sister and I eat that and do not give it to them. What are the other problems
in the house related to food? When we were young then it was not so much. But now I see Reeti and Amit, my sister
and brother who are still small. Amit gets 5 rs daily
while going to school. I pack his lunch everyday
still he gets 5 rs. But Reeti eats her home packed lunch. I told my mother once
that this is not fair. You give him 5 rs every day. You should also give it to Reeti
at least once in a while. But my mother said she is already so fat. And actually she is very fat. Amit is so well cared for. He eats milk and porridge while
going to school in the morning and takes lunch with him. Besides he also gets 5 rs. Reeti is asleep all this while. When she gets up she just has tea
and 2 rusks and eats her lunch But if both are made to stand together, no
one can say that she is not a grown up girl. Though she is younger than
him, she is very strong. We tell her eat whatever you get. And Amit is pampered so much
but still he looks dull So all these are the problems and girls
have to eat food amongst all this. Can anyone tell me what should
comprise the basic diet of the girls? We are talking about so many
problems regarding the girl’s food. Some people don’t want to give
and some eat their share. So what food will you get in the
midst of all these limitations that you can get complete nutrition. What should you eat? Does anyone feel that they
are getting a complete diet? We eat food only to fill our stomachs We don’t think what we are getting or not.
It is just to fill the stomach Anuradha aunty will tell you what kind of food you should eat so that your body gets all the essential
elements even in this minimum quantity. Everyone should listen very carefully First of all you are all teenagers
and in the growing age. You must be 15-16 years old? 14-17 years This is an age where all of you
must have started having periods? No? Some of you must have started. This happens every month. Isn’t it? They are hesitant to answer I have it after two months tell me why does it
happen after two months? This is because there is deficiency of
blood in your body which is called Anemia. Girls have deficiency of
blood as compared to boys and they need iron in their diet. Do you understand what iron is? You get iron from dry fruits,
pomegranate, banana and apple. But it is not possible for
everyone to afford these things. So what can we eat as its substitute
that is easily available? Jaggery. If you take even a very small piece
of jaggery after your meal, the deficiency of iron in
your diet gets covered. And I am talking of having it every day. Second thing that we can do is that
when the food is being cooked, cook it in an iron vessel. Though the look of the food
becomes a little dark, it is very nutritious and rich in iron We’ll have to buy it. Definitely buy it then. It
is cheaper and really good We have it but the look
of the food changes. That’s right but don’t go by its
appearance go by its qualities. Aunty I eat dark food everyday But don’t burn the food and eat.
Eat the food cooked in an iron pot Tell me who eats leafy
vegetables every day? We make green leafy vegetables Very good. Leafy vegetables are
the richest source of iron. We eat it sometimes. what do you eat on the other days? Potato, cauliflower, bottle
gourd and ridge gourd Bottle gourd is also good. Leafy vegetables and jaggery
are a rich source of iron. Iron is very important for girls like
you who have started having periods. You may feel that nothing has happened
in your body to make you feel anemic but do feel tired after doing any work? Yes, too much The face becomes pale. Don’t think you have become fairer. That is paleness. Paleness on face, tiredness and
irritability are symptoms of anemia. Besides these, iron is
also found in guavas. Guavas are also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is required by
the body to absorb iron. If you are taking in iron but
have tea after your meal, your body will not absorb any iron. To ensure that your body absorbs
whatever iron you are taking in, put half or one fourth
lemon’s juice in your food. Half or one fourth lemon will
not mean much of an expense. Lemon and curd do not suit me What you have to do is to put
juice of one fourth lemon in whatever you are eating –
daal or gourd or anything The food becomes spicier
after adding lemon to it. You may not eat pickle. It is necessary to have both iron
and vitamin C together in the diet. Only then iron gets absorbed. Generally there is a tendency
to have tea after meals. That is a bad habit. Do you understand what absorb means? It means your body is able to utilize
iron and increase the blood content. If you are not taking lemon, it will
not be able to increase the blood Besides this, what you need
at this age is vitamins. Can you tell me the names of vitamins? A B C A, B, C, D, E, K. Right. Out of these, some vitamins must
be present in the diet every day. A and B No. Vitamin B is called B-complex because
it has 8 kinds of vitamins in it. Vitamin B- complex and C
you need to take every day because your body does not store them. Whatever you eat during the day, the body uses and throws out the
extra amount through urine. Why do we need vitamin B and C? Vitamin B is needed for
strong brain and nerves. You don’t need to take
any medicines for this. Everyone eats pulses. Some pulses are eaten with husks. These pulses have greater
content of vitamin B complex. There is a member of vitamin
B-complex called B12. Vitamin B12 also helps in increasing blood. People who are vegetarians, People who are vegetarians, generally have a deficiency of vitamin B12 and that is another cause of anemia. Are you allowed to eat eggs? It is allowed but we do not eat. No problem. Eat pulses with husks, flour with bran and use maida as little as possible, i.e. eat less of bread, biscuits, etc. Instead if you eat one chapatti,
it is more beneficial. we eat all this but we also eat food. When it is a holiday we make
chhola bhaturas at home. Yes eat that also. It
is allowed once a week. But eating it every alternate day is wrong. When maida is prepared
by crushing it so much, all its essential nutrients get destroyed. And that is why the flour with bran is considered to be more useful and having special qualities instead of sieved flour. No it is wrong. The flour should not be sieved at all. Barn is like wheat husk. It has iron, phosphorus, potassium. Your body needs very small amount of
all these but they are essential. They will not give you energy but help in completing the
reactions happening in your body. As I mentioned, vitamin B is water soluble. Your body retains what it needs and throws
out the extra amount by way of urine. Second is Vitamin C. All sour fruits are a source of Vitamin C. Tell me some examples. gooseberry (Amla) Yes amla is the best. People say orange but amla
is better than orange. It is also present in green chilli. Guava. There are guava trees
in most of the houses. Lemon absolutely correct. But
she does not like lemon Cucumber Not in Cucumber. Tomatoes have more of vitamin A Vitamin B and C are a
must in your daily diet. You don’t need to buy
anything special for this. Husked lentils, flour with barn are good. If you sieve the flour and remove barn, it means you are removing
fiber from your food. Why do you need fiber? Audio unclear Yes. It cleans all the toxic
elements in your body and removes them from the body. So if you eat finely crushed maida, it just fills your stomach
and gives no benefit We all want that we should have clear skin, beautiful hair and we grow tall. For this, we do not need creams
but our food needs to be healthy. So we have talked about vitamin B and C. You mentioned other
vitamins like A, D, E, K. Why do we need vitamin A? For eyes Very good. For eyesight and for good skin. If you eat vitamin
A, D, E, K every day and miss out on them sometimes, it is all right because your
body stores these vitamins. These are stored in the
fat cells of your body. So never try to remove ghee and
oil from your food altogether. If you do so to get slim, your body will not be able
to absorb vitamins at all. And as some of you mentioned, you don’t have regular
periods, which is wrong. Already you are not taking nutritious
diet, there is deficiency of blood and on top of it if there are less fats
in your body, you will face this problem. So vitamin A is for eyesight. If there is deficiency, what
happens in the beginning This is called night blindness. The
vision is blurred in the night. You don’t need to do much for this also. Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables Give examples. papaya Very good. What else? Mango Custard apple. It tastes very nice with poori. Pumpkin. Yes pumpkin. Besides, it is also present
in Ghee and butter. Vitamin A is also present
in all dairy products. Vitamin A is needed for skin and eyes. How could we forget carrot? Tomatoes too. But leave tomatoes as they are expensive. You will get it in sauce too. If you eat sauce, you will get vitamin A. Now let us come to Vitamin D. You get vitamin D free of cost in India. From sun rays. From sun rays. The cells in your skin prepare
vitamin D using sunlight. If there is deficiency of
vitamin D in your body, your stomach will not absorb
calcium from the food which results in weak bones. You are very young at present. You may not feel this now. No they have pain in their feet Do you have pain in your feet? Yes Yes tremendous Oh! This happens due to weakness
and also deficiency of iron You also have pain in your feet? You are younger than even her.
You are too small. She looks very pale too.
She is anemic. There is pain and burning
in my hands and feet This burning is due to
deficiency of vitamin B complex. For vitamin D you don’t
need to stand in the heat. The morning sun is very effective. You don’t need to take vitamin
D in your entire body. If you expose only your arms in the sun, your body cell will be bale
to synthesize vitamin D Why is vitamin D needed? To absorb calcium. Have you heard of Calcium? It is needed for strong
teeth and strong bones. It is present in milk. In milk and green leafy vegetables which
are the richest source of calcium. You will be surprised to know that green leafy vegetables have
more calcium than even milk. And also corn that is available these days. It is also present in Makhana,
which you eat during fasts. Corn has so much calcium that one corn can fulfill your
entire day’s requirement of calcium. And corn is tasty too. We eat flour of corn Then why can’t you eat corn? Roast it and relish it with tea. Eat the flour too. But then you would seek curry too. Eat whatever is available
in the season. It is not necessary to
have apples and grapes. You get this easily in all these things. Corn is very rich in calcium. Milk and green leafy vegetables
like spinach, bathua, chaulai also which can be
prepared in several ways. Audio unclear which can be prepared in several ways. Why is vitamin E needed? It is needed for skin. And second, for the health
of your reproductive organs. Reproductive organs are the ones which
help you reproduce when you grow up Vitamin E is usually present in dry
fruits like almonds, walnuts, pistachio. But if you don’t want to eat that or you
do not get that, then eat groundnut. Groundnut has the same
qualities like almond. Audio unclear Groundnut is very nutritious. If you get bored of eating
groundnut, eat its chikki. It has jaggery also. You get both. It is not very expensive
also and is very tasty. Eat a small piece after your meal. Basically your body absorbs these and you should know what product
is rich in which nutrient. And if you get bored of
eating the same thing you can keep some variety in your diet. So this is about Vitamin E. Now we come to Vitamin K. Vitamin K is made by the
bacteria present in your body. Besides, you get vitamin K in meat and egg. It helps in clotting of blood. Clotting of blood means solidification
of flowing blood when you get hurt. Generally after you get hurt, the blood should stop
within 2 to 8 minutes. But if it does not happen, go and get yourself checked. There may be some deficiency in your body. So this is about vitamins. Besides this, there are minerals too. Like we talked about calcium and iron. Besides there is zinc. Zinc is required in very
small amount in the food. What is Zinc? It is also a type of mineral like iron. We have never studied about it. I know but if you are anemic there may
be deficiency of zinc too in your body. Zinc is needed in very
small amount in the body. But it is a part of more than 50
enzymes that are present in your body. Do you understand
what is enzyme? The liquid that is secreted from
your glands is called enzymes. That help in digestion of food Hope you are able to understand enzymes.
You have read it no? Zinc is part of more
than 50 enzymes. What will happen if you don’t eat zinc? You will not feel any weakness but whatever you have eaten
will not benefit your body. Though you would be eating food there
would be sensation in your feet or sometimes in hands or fingers. This is a symptom of deficiency
of vitamin B- complex. Sensation in fingers is a result
of deficiency of vitamin B-complex like she mentioned about
burning in the soles. So these are small things. As someone mentioned that we talk
about only filling our stomachs. Felt hungry so had 2 biscuits. Who would make chapattis and eat. We may not like the vegetable
that has been cooked like gourd We eat everything. Very good. Just have less of tea
after your meals. Audio unclear It is natural in your body. If you put your hands in water for long
you will feel this in your fingers Only for half an hour Even that is too long. You are not a fish that nothing will
happen even if you stay in water for long. What happens is when you
put your hand in water, some water from your body goes out and that is why the skin in
that portion gets crumbled. This is called osmosis. I don’t know the Hindi term for that. It is called Osmosis in English when
the water from the body goes out. And it becomes normal after sometime. Audio Unclear It just takes a little time. Audio Unclear That is allergy. There is something around you
which your body is not accepting. It is reacting against it. Thinking it to be an enemy,
your body makes some secretions to protect you against it. What I am telling you is called allergy. The body becomes red, there
is itching and rashes. Sometimes water starts coming out from
these rashes when they grow big in size. These are all symptoms of allergy. Different people may be
allergic to different things. Some people are allergic to chocolates,
some are allergic to perfumes and some to even cats. I am too allergic to milk and perfumes.
I get cold. There is immunity in your body and its reaction to certain
things leads to allergy. And as soon as you remove that thing
away the allergy will disappear. Audio unclear you must pay attention
to these small things. Use an iron pot so that you don’t
feel the deficiency of iron. And as you mentioned that the men in the house
get preference in food so you ensure that whatever
you get is nutritious And it is necessary to have
important nutrients in the food. My brother likes macaroni and chow mien But having these things
every day is not right We refuse him Anyone wants to ask any question?
Anybody? audio unclear Eat husked daal. Husked urad daal is very effective and eat fresh seasonal
vegetables like cucumber. Cucumber is rich in zinc and selenium. Selenium and silicon are also nutrients. You get 3 cucumbers in 10 rs so
it can be eaten very easily. It is very rich in nutrients. It also has a lot of water which is very helpful
if you have not had enough water during the day It is said that you must have
6-8 glasses of water every day. Even though water does not
contain any nutrients , why is it said that we
should have 6-8 glasses? audio unclear Right. If it is very hot
outside and you are sweating audio unclear And to clean away the
toxicant from the body Water is either used in all the
reactions that take place in your body. or is produced as an end product So even if water has no nutritious value, it has zero calories and as she said it cleans
the toxicant from the body and many reactions in your body
cannot take place without water. Moreover, your blood is made
up of two types of things. One is plasma and the other is cells. In plasma, 90-92% is water. Is plasma yellow in colour? Yes, plasma is yellow in colour
because it does not have RBCs. Have you read this? Yes in std. 8th or 9th It was in 8th std. OK then you would have also read
that there is a protein in RBCs. What is the name of that protein, which takes away oxygen and
brings in carbon dioxide? It is called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is made up of
two important things. On is Iron. See we are
talking of iron again. Anemia means deficiency of hemoglobin Yes when there is anemia, it
is deficiency of hemoglobin. If there is no iron in your diet then
it leads of deficiency of hemoglobin. And you fall sick Yes because globin part
is the protein part. And for protein you don’t even need cheese. All pulses are rich in proteins
particularly soyabean. Soyabean contains as much protein as meat. Meat has higher protein than pulses. Soyabean is such a leguminous/ daal
which has as much protein as meat. You must have noticed that
these days vegetable vendors keep the soyabean
cheese separately. Soya bean milk is also available. If you mix soya bean flour in the
wheat flour and make chapatis that is also very beneficial. When you get wheat grinded for making
flour, get soya bean grinded with it too. Mix flours of barley, soya bean and gram. It will change the taste of chapatis. She will stop eating macaroni and pasta. It tastes delicious. Earlier I used to eat Maggi every
day but now I have stopped that. You will yourself feel
the change in your body. She also eats a lot of maggi. Every day. Does anyone want to ask anything? audio unclear It may be due to wearing
of nylon or synthetic. audio unclear You must have not paid attention. Now check if it happens on
wearing cotton clothes also. It may be due to a particular
cloth or soap or oil. It could be anything which
is giving you that allergy. Pay attention now. Note what you had worn or applied
just before the allergy occurred. See what all you did just
before the allergy happened. You will be able to pin
point precisely after that. Anyone else wants to ask anything? Yes Khushboo ask. Usually girls get their
periods between 28 to 35 days but I get them earlier may be
because I eat sour things. No nothing happens because
of eating sour things. This entire process is under
the control of hormones. It is said that you should not
touch pickles during these days or visit temples. But there is
absolutely nothing like that. This is a normal process and if it does
not happen, you will be in trouble. We are told not to go to
the temple during periods All this is a myth. What do we say? Who made us? We say God made us. So
God has made everything. You have not brought this yourself and
neither did it start at your will. It happened when you reached
an age of 13-14 years. Some have it at an age of 10 years also. So all this has also been made by God and God is not giving you
any sort of punishment. Audio unclear As she said that less food is given
so that girls don’t grow up fast. Actually what happens is you will get worn out by the time you
will reach the age of 30-35 years because you don’t take nutritious diet. We look worn out even today. No. you look very sweet at present. But you will start looking 40
year old at the age of 30-35 because you did not get nutrients at the
time when your body was developing. The deficiency starts appearing
gradually as you grow old. Knees will start aching early. And it is not true that if you eat
good food you will have periods early. All this is under hormonal control. And as I told you it generally starts
in girls at the age of 10-15 years. Audio unclear No the hormones do not
depend on the nutrients. There is a small gland in
your brain called pituitary. We read this in psychology. There is a master gland above this
pituitary gland – hypothalamus. This is the secretion from hypothalamus which influences pituitary which in
turn will influence the ovaries. How does your body know that you are
10 years old and this should start? There is a biological clock in the body. As you look at the clock and
say that it is 5 o’clock and so its tea time or if you take tea at 5 o’ clock then you will automatically wish to have
tea even if you have not seen the clock. If you have food at 2 o’clock, then without even seeing the clock
you will start feeling hungry at 2. Audio unclear you can have it sometimes but
don’t make it your daily meal. I had chow Mein in the morning
and will have it now also. Very good But now we will not have it. audio unclear Radish contains zinc and micro nutrients. It has also has abundant water content. All raw things that you
eat, are rich in vitamin C. But not raw rice. It can give stomach ache. But I like it so you may eat that. It is
better than your maida. You should keep visiting yes, I will Audio unclear Any more questions children? I have severe pain in the
stomach during periods. take calcium. When there is contraction in
the uterus, it leads to pain. During bleeding, pressure gets exerted
on the uterus which results in pain. Have calcium and for that
eat green leafy vegetables. Try not to lift heavy weights. Because during this time there
is contraction in the uterus and the body is throwing out the
inner lining of the uterus. So we should avoid
lifting heavy things. Rest you can do everything – visit
temple, eat pickle, touch pickle. Nothing will happen. Lift the pickle on your head and walk.
Nothing will happen. It is said that the pickle
gets rotten but it doesn’t. You should try this once. I have often done that. so did it get spoiled? No All these are superstitions. All this has been done by God himself. Girls in our house are not allowed to carry their
plates to the kitchen while they are in their periods. No no..There is nothing like that. You all are normal. In fact you should be thankful that all your body parts are functioning
properly in accordance with age. It would have been abnormal if you
didn’t have it till the age of 18 years. It would have meant that some organ of
your body is not functioning properly. May be hormones are not working. Any organ, from pituitary to hypothalamus,
might not be working properly. There could be a problem
in the ovaries also. So all this is normal and be grateful
that you are absolutely fit. Aunty, one question. When we have pain during periods
is it fine to take some tablet? When you have a headache,
do you take any medicine? No I don’t take any medicine. But can you sleep when
you have stomach ache? You have to do all work, attend
school and work at home too. So if you have severe pain,
you should take medicine. It will not have any harmful
effect on your body. Audio unclear There are several medicines
that you can take. I will tell you their names. Atleast then you will be able to work, attend school, help your
mother at home and study. This pain is basically due
to deficiency of calcium. Eat corn. You may also eat calcium Sandoz. You get iron in the
government hospitals also. Do you also get calcium there? Yes Then you must take it. But we will have to go there
and get the slip made. Then it is better that you eat corn. Search for a vendor nearby and eat corn Audio unclear There are many of them on the main road Girl, you must get your check- up done. You are anemic. You are very pale. Any other question? Corn reminds me of peas. In winters, every house
gets peas in abundance. Green peas are rich in protein and iron. Have half or one bowl of
roasted peas in the morning and put some lemon juice on them. You can add black cumin also. Cumin is also rich in calcium. We put cumin in every thing. The turmeric that you
use is anti- cancerous. You must have heard about cancer. Tamarind in very useful. But we are refused to have tamarind. No. It is very useful. Don’t eat in raw but use it sometimes like add
it while preparing white grams. Put it in sambhar. All these are really useful They eat tamarind everyday. No, not that. It is very unhygienic. It has artificial colours in it. No there are no artificial colours. Your finger becomes red? I eat green tamarind Okay from the tree. That is raw tamarind. It is fine to eat that When I go home, I shall get it for you too Sure. I would love to eat fresh tamarind There is a lady know to me.
Her periods don’t stop . It is due to hormonal problem. She always has some problem or the other There could be some problem
in the ovaries also She has the problem of back ache also Whenever there is a deficiency of iron,
back pain and sensation in the hands begin. There could be a connection
with vitamin K too. Usually there is very little
vitamin K in vegetarians. Vitamin B-12, which also has a
relation with blood, is also low. If at that time you get check up done and come to know of
deficiency of vitamin B12, then it becomes necessary
to consult a doctor. Vitamin B12, Vitamin K and iron prevent
deficiency of blood in your body Why do I have periods so early
whenever I eat lemon or mango It is normal. It is not necessary that they
should happen in 28 days only. Anytime between 21- 35
days is considered normal. They should not happen at
intervals of 15 or 10 days. That is dangerous. Audio unclear Has it been happening since long or
it has happened only once or twice? It happened only last time Then it is okay. What happens is whenever you
are in stress or tension then you may either have menstruation early or you may not have
it for a whole month. If you do a lot of
exercise or physical work then also you may not have
it for one or two months. Usually athletes, who run a lot and have
less fats in food, do not have it for 4-5 months. So it is necessary to have some amount
of oil and ghee, not much, in your food.

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