Glowing Skin के लिये Vitamin E का उपयोग || Usage of Vitamin E For Healthy Glowing Skin
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Glowing Skin के लिये Vitamin E का उपयोग || Usage of Vitamin E For Healthy Glowing Skin

October 12, 2019

Hi friends, today I will be giving you complete information about Vitamin E oil What is Vitamin E? How we can use Vitamin E? And what are the uses and side-effects of Vitamin E? Vitamin E is part of many skin care creams and lotions especially in anti aging creams and lotions Besides this, the use of vitamin E supplements is used in the treatment of heart disease, eye problems and also in the treatment of cancer Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant Free Radicals, which spread disease in our body and also speed up ageing are cleaned up and eliminated by Vitamin E It is useful because it is an anti-oxidant, as well as an excellent moisturiser Vitamin E oils and Vitamin E capsules are easily available in medical stores and you can buy them online also My advice is that you purchase one strip of Evion Capsules (by MERCK Pharma) and then break open the capsules one at a time, to use the oil externally on your skin This is cost effective and the oil contained in the capsules is pure also If you add a drop or two of Vitamin E oil in your oil or moisturiser before applying it daily then it will benefit your skin tremendously One thing you must keep in mind that some people are allergic to Vitamin E oil that is why you must rub a small quantity of oil on the side of your neck and leave it overnight If there is no adverse reaction by day time then you can use this without any problem The other very important thing to note that if you wish to consume Vitamin E orally then you must do so only after consulting a doctor Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin Meaning that if you consume too much of it then it starts accumulating inside the body and then side effects may begin to manifest such as Bleeding, Anaemia, Stomach Upset/Ache, and Diarrhoea etc. Now I will tell you the uses and benefits of Vitamin E Firstly, it is used as a moisturiser Vitamin E is used in moisturisers to keep skin soft and also to treat dry skin Secondly, if vitamin e is consumed in the form of capsules or if it is applied directly to a wound then it accelerates healing of the wound Thirdly, according to some research Vitamin E prevents damage to skin by UV rays of the sun and also protects it against cancer Fourth – Vitamin E reduces itching in the skin When due to any reason you get allergies, eczema, fungal infections, scabies, psoriasis or dry skin in which the skin itches a lot then if you consume vitamin E capsules along with your regular medication or if the oil is applied directly to the affected skin then it can be helpful in providing relief from itchy skin particularly in eczema and psoriasis consuming Vitamin E capsules is very beneficial Fifth – Many people have benefitted by applying Vitamin E oil on both old and new scars which means that it helps in healing scars to a significant extent But those people who have an allergy to Vitamin E oil should not apply it directly onto their skin Sixth – Vitamin E is used in pretty much all anti-ageing creams The moisturising quality of Vitamin E, when combined with other agents in the cream is very effective in combating wrinkles and fine lines Vitamin E protects our skin from getting sunburnt and also helps in healing sunburnt skin faster Those who have dry skin Those people, during day time, before getting out in the sun should add a drop or two of Vitamin E oil to their sunscreen and apply it to get even better sun protection If you are already sun burnt Then you should first apply a cold compress to the burnt area and then apply Vitamin E oil to the skin, to accelerate healing of the burnt skin Another great use of Vitamin E is that it strengthens our nails and also prevents them from breaking/cracking and getting yellowed which is referred to as Yellow Nail Syndrome Those people who suffer from dry skin around their nails which keeps peeling off should massage their nails, as well as the skin surrounding them with Vitamin E oil before going to bed and then this problem will resolve itself soon Friends, I hope you have enjoyed my video and after coming to know the various uses of vitamin E you will know how to use it to moisturise your skin, as well as use it to effectively treat your dry skin, as well as other skin conditions.

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  1. Hiii mam meri beti 2.sal 8 mahine ki hai skin black ho gai hai fir se white karne ke liye upaye ya koi Whitening soap boliye plz mam

  2. Mam , I' m from Kerala, I got red stretch marks on my thighs after having some corticosteroid tablets…for removing stretch marks my doctor gave some vitamin e tablets and evion cream…is this effective for reducing stretch marks

  3. Mam mere thyroid h.. Sath me hb. bhi kam rhta h.. Kya m iron and calcium ki tablets le skte ho without any prescription

  4. hello mam मेरा सवाल है जिट केयर नाम की मल्टीविटामिन केपसूल ले रही हूं क्या उससे मोटे होते हैं मुझे थायराइड भी है थैंक यू मैम ओर ऐक बार thank you aap Hamesha mere sawalo ka Jawab Dete Hain Uske liye bahut bahut dhanyvad और सही जवाब देते हैं

  5. मैं एवियन केप्सूल खा रहा हूँ सुबह और शाम खाना चाहिए या नहीं plz reply?

  6. I have combination acne prone skin can i use vitamin e oil on daily basis.. My skin doesn't glow that is why i am using vitamin e

  7. Ma'am appne lag bhag har topic pe video banayi hai aur Mai appke remedy aankh band karke follow karti hun aur mujhe fayda bhi hua hai lekin ak video turant banaye ki Purane naye taken(stitch k nisan) kaise jayenge🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏mere comment ko andekha na karen

  8. Hlo mam please help
    Mam me dhoop me kam krta hu jiyada dhoop me kam krne se meri age 21 he lgti 26 ki he ise sahi krne ka koi madicn da koi cream btao please mam tell me

  9. I apply vit E oil for my face it suits me and I am happy with the result…. I want to no can it be use in day time also?? And is it necessary to u mix it with some cream?? Can v use it directly on face.

  10. Hello mam mam meri bhaiya ke chehre per Kali chaal haiKalicharan ko kya use karna chahie kya abhi tum aise hi Laga sakte kya thank you

  11. mery face pa pahly sa he chine pa ball aty hn to kia mn face pa laga sakti hn …
    Ar mery ball lamby hoty hn to grny lgty hn bohut ziydya ab ap he baten ka mn kia krun

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