GOLD drop from dirty AR solution using vitamin C

March 10, 2020

filtering dirty AR solution saturated ascorbic acid (vitamin C) solution ascorbic acid is added
and solution is heated after settling overnight solution is decanted distilled water added and set to boil (palladium in the small beaker,
precipitated with Vitamin C) boling for 10 minutes decanting more distilled water is added and heated HNO3 added and heated to boiling acid decanted, replaced with fresh
conc. HNO3 and set to boil boiling for 5 minutes diluted with distilled water gold is settling to the bottom of beaker
in the form of very fine orange coloured dust decanting after distilled water wash HCl added minute ammount HNO3 added sulphamic acid added to de-NOx AR dilluted with distilled water saturated SMB solution added
and set to boiling decanting tranfering the gold
to a smaller beaker conc. HCl added and set to boiling adding distilled water distilled water wash decanting and drying

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