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  1. I have been trying since June 2019 to get money refunded to me for a charged that was placed by google play on my debit card after I had canceled the service. I contacted customer service 3 times and the last time I called I was told that if the merchant was unable to resolve my issue to call customer service back and they would take my issue to the next level to resolve it. However, when I call both of their customer service numbers they are automated and refer you back to Google’s website, then hang up on you! How can I possibly call them back when I can’t even get through to them? 2 months ago, I wrote an email to the CEO regarding my issue and put it in my drafts folder to send and the next day my email was gone. The email I sent to the merchant has been removed from my sent folder. I don’t know what’s going on. I wrote my compliant on Google’s page last week hoping someone from Google would address my issue, because another customer had an issue and posted it here and they gave her the email of someone who could help her. But when I checked back, there no reply to me I don’t know if Google picks and choses who they want to assist but that’s bad business. I’ve been a Gmail user for 15+ years and I can’t get a resolution over $94.99 that was Google’s fault? I very disappointed on how this issue has been handled. Google please stop ignoring your customers issues.

  2. It triggers me how he served the birdie. In badminton, you have to serve underhand, otherwise it's illegal and the other player gets a point.

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