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Gundry MD – High Protein Diets And Weight Loss – Know This!

March 10, 2020

Hello, Robert Urban here suggesting that
when it comes to high-protein diets and weight loss, you need to change your
point of view. I know I did. When it comes to high-protein foods or for that matter
any protein in any food, that very protein
may be a problem for several reasons. Here’s why. #1 Your body cannot
make protein, but it can efficiently recycle the essential amino acids of
protein. #2. Most Americans eat too much protein. #3. Protein is
the new sugar, because excess protein is flat-out converted to sugar. #4.
Excess sugar, whether from protein or carbohydrates, fosters insulin
resistance and all the many problems that go with it like metabolic syndrome.
#5. Plants alone contain more than enough protein. So…I challenge you
to consider whether or not your protein consumption is right for you. Dr. Stephen
Gundry MD, has a revolutionary new diet called the Plant Paradox Diet which is
codified for you in his book the “Plant Paradox.” In the book you will discover
how much dietary protein you should eat and much more. A link to the book is
included at the start of the description below. Subscribe to my channel as more
health videos are coming. Remember this – It is likely you’re eating too much
protein, way too much protein which is acting like excess carbs or sugar even
when you want to avoid those carbs or sugar. Get the book. Click the link. Change your perspective on protein. Lose weight and gain health. Best wishes,
Dr. Urban

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