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HOME REMEDIES TO CURE MALNUTRITION IN KIDS II बच्चों में कुपोषण का घरेलू उपचार II

March 10, 2020

Welcome to healthcare at home. I have seen parents often have complain about
one thing, that their kids dont eat food and they dont feel hungry. For that also we have a solution. And that
is also very simple. What you have to do is, take one onion and slice it like this. I have
sliced the onion and will put it in marter and will crush with pastel like this. Basically we have to extract juice out of onion. Take a muslin cloth, put the crushed onion in muslin cloth. Now what we have to do is press the cloth like this and extract onion juice by pressing the cloth. Now that we have got onion juice, add 4 to
5 drops of lemon juice to it. We added approximately 5 drops of lemon juice. Now mix it and give half teaspoon juice to
the kid 3 times a day. Kids make fuss for so do one thing. Take medicine dropper and pour 5 drops in their mouth. If you give this juice 3 times a day to the
kids, then their hunger will increase. And they will start to eat food properly. So isnt it a very simple solution and that too easily available at home. And if you have any other problems then do
mail us on the email id mentioned on your screen. We will also try to find out that how can
we give solution to your problems at home. Anyways we wish that you stay healthy, be busy
and stay happy always. Thank you.

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  1. I am writing this message to request you to please share a video for writer's cramp. My fingers, wrist nerves and sometimes forearm pains while I write. As I am suffering from this problem since last year and I have tried allopathy and many other remedies but nothing worked. However, I have now become a big fan of your remedies and requesting you to share the solution for the same.

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