Homemade Vegan Mac & Cheese Powder
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Homemade Vegan Mac & Cheese Powder

August 31, 2019

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  1. Came across your channel only a while ago & all I could think was “where have you been all my vegan-life ?” 😹 Now I can show my non-vegan family & friends how easy & delicious vegan food is!

  2. Wow! That is super easy and so basic and I bet it tastes delicious! Thank you so much I am new to your channel and love you to bits! Have an awesome week

  3. You’re basically a genius ! Side note as someone who will be making videos including recipes this is inspiring very clean and well made !
    This is legit incredible 😂

  4. I've had a vegan cheeze powder recipe, for a while…mine doesn't contain lemon pepper. I will fix that, for sure. This powder is also great for a quick cheeze sauce to top steamed veggies/baked potatoes/oven fries……you name it! Thanks so much for this video.

  5. YES!!!! Ketchup and pepper on Mac and cheese is the best! I have NEVER found anyone else that eats it like that too 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻
    No chickpea sighting today?
    🐶 👀 😢

  6. Thanks for the recipe I'm working on it now it tastes awesome. I didn't have regular paprika so I substituted it for smoked paprika.

  7. What a strange world we have become when our taste buds are so maxed out that we have to add garlic and onion to everything. You added garlic and onion, then lemon pepper has garlic and onion in it, ketchup has garlic and onion in it. Dear, this is not macaroni and cheese. I am so glad I grew up when I did.

  8. YES!!! to the vegan mac&cheese powder! NO!!! to the ketchup! Eww. Nope. Never. This is a great recipe to make ahead for people who can't cook…like my husband! 🙂 Thank you!

  9. is it just me or does Nutritional Yeast taste and smell kinda like chicken??
    meybe is just the one i use… well i dont anymore it smells to much like chiken…. yuk.

    Can i use Beer Yeast instead?

  10. Just made this. Happy with the results, zero effort and lots of flavour. I grated in lemon zest as I didn't have lemon pepper. My only suggestion would be adding a ml/grams option to your website. For us international viewers, trying to convert to the right serving size was quite tricky

  11. I'm definitely making this tonight (I already mixed up the powder, now I just need to test it out). I'm so excited! Mac and cheeze always takes me back to my childhood, and this version is super healthy and inexpensive.

  12. If you, like me, love spice hot food for like breakfast and every meal thereafter, you could add a some chipotle chili powder, then heat is already there. Chipotle is smoked and dried jalapenos that has a great smokey heat to it. You can buy it already ground to a powder, or buy whole dried chipotle peppers and grind them in a coffee grinder yourself. Just whatever you do, don't get this stuff in your eyes! There was some of the powder left in my coffee grinder that wouldn't come out so I, ah, blew in it to get it out. Do you know what is right next to your mouth when you blow, your eyes. So yes, sadly, blowing into the grinder bowl does get the last of the chipotle powder to come right out. On second thought, maybe it is a better idea to just buy it already ground.

  13. Omg this is fantastic! What an awesome idea! I just made this (with GF flour) and its so yummy😋
    I added Gardein crumble to it for additional protein. It reminds me of Hamburger Helper lol

  14. This recipe is AWESOME Sam,thanks so much ❤️
    I quiet often read the comments to see what other ideas people have come up with to use your recipes,I always learn something,and then I see it…the comment that HAS to be written by someone who just can’t help themselves,the one that makes me roll my eyes and also makes me hope you know how much you are appreciated,and can scroll past the negative people that turn a simple recipe into a rant about what THEY think about EVERYTHING….including God?!…..it’s a recipe…….enjoy 🤗

  15. OK, made this last night and OMG OMG OMG OMG! I made the powder before the water even came to a boil. Then made impromptu cashew milk (since all the plant milk I had on hand had vanilla in it) in my smoothie maker, and then blended in the powder and had that ready before the pasta was finished. 3 minutes to boils the water, 10 minutes to cook the pasta, and 3 minutes to cook the sauce and DINNER! wow!
    Next time I am going to chop up some broccoli and add it to the pasta 4 minutes before it is finished to make this a one pot meal!

  16. I'm so stoked to make this! I have tried so many vegan mac n cheese recipes.. this one looks the easiest (no blender to clean – YAY!) and hopefully super tasty. 🙂

  17. KETCHUP?!?!? SERIOUSLY??? And while you're doing THAT thing, there are people out there saying "NO!!!!" to pineapple on pizza. Just saying. Meanwhile, I'm one on the barbecue-sauce-added-to-mac-and-cheese contingent. We're small, but mighty!

  18. I sent the link to The Zombie Vegan on the page where they were comparing different vegan mac & cheese boxes! (I'm in the no-ketchup camp, but… to each their own! LOL!)

  19. my partner and I watch A LOT of vegan utubers….but you are the only one who make us laugh every time!!! keep that shit up gurrrrl! P.S. Have you ever done or considered doing stand up comedy? because you're totes hilarious! xoxoxox

  20. I’ve commented many a time about how you are the number 1 blogger I go to for a vegan recipe. I know I can trust your recipes, without fail. Thank you for always providing the tastiest, usually easiest recipes with everyday ingredients.

    I had a question. We’ve tried making vegan hot cocoa for our little one by melting vegan chocolate with soy milk, and it was not his thing. Do you have a favorite pre-made vegan hot cocoa brand or a favorite recipe for instant cocoa mixes?

    Thank you so much!

  21. That looks so good! I always crave mac and cheese but it's hard when daiya cheese is like $5 a bag lol, I'll be trying this tomorrow!

  22. Definitely need to add this to my kitchen cupboard, I've not had mac and cheese since going vegan in January! That's a sin, right?! I can't get lemon pepper easily in the UK, but I'm thinking that adding some pepper in to the dry mix and maybe a quarter tsp of lemon juice in to the cooked sauce, might work? What do you think?

  23. OK!! I made this last night and it really was amazing!! I added a little bit of whole grain mustard when I was cooking just because I always added it to my non-vegan mac and it tasted great. VERY worth making! I hated making vegan mac before mostly because it meant boiling carrots+potatoes/using a blender. This is so easy and perfect

  24. a superfast, tasty recipe! we buy shaped pasta like farfalle and rotini in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging. this recipe makes it as easy for the kids to make mac and cheese as making it from a box. thanks!

  25. This is quite good. I like that the ingredients are less expensive than the cashew recipe I have and this is much faster to make. It needed a bit more salt for my taste and a sime Dijon mustard. Served this as mac n cheese and chili cheese fries. Keeping this recipe. ☺

  26. So I had to share this with you… My husband loves making homemade popcorn, but I wanted something savoury (he usually makes kettle corn). Long story short, I remembered you saying that lemon pepper seasoning gives a cheese like sharpness, so we mixed lemon pepper, nutritional yeast, and a little salt and YUM!!! It was so good. We sifted the lemon pepper seasoning so we didn't get too much pepper. I learn so much from your videos. Thank you!!!

  27. This was a good recipe. I made tempeh bacon and sprinkled it on top then I sauteed asparagus with lemon pepper on the side. It was all pretty decent!

  28. Yes I love mac and cheese with ketchup!! I am a newbie vegan. My vegan daughter and her vegan hubby told me about your website. Awesome!

  29. So you're uber cheerfulness took a little getting used to, but I love the fact that your recipes are practically fuss-free. Anything to make my life less stressful has my vote. Keep up the great work. Now, have you tried anything with the new Ninja Foodi yet??

  30. Out of curiosity, would this delicious cheese powder make a good flavouring for vegan cheeses? I've been experimenting with various nut-based cheese recipes and really like the texture I get with using peanuts, but the flavourings I've tried have all been a bit off.

  31. This is delicious. I need fast easy food for when I get in late from evening training so thank you 😊 Great video quality too, I have recently started on YouTube do I know what hard work it is!

  32. I just came across this channel looking for a tofu scramble and I can help but watch every video. I’m addicted and can’t wait to get into the kitchen!!!!

  33. Add a bit of ground mustard powder and it will kick it up even more. For some reason mustard powder gives it a cheesy flavor. I can't wait to try this out! I love your personality and bubbliness! You are awesome! 😊😊😊

  34. Where I live I can't find lemon pepper. How can I replace it? Is it the same if I just add lemon peal and pepper powder? Thank you!

  35. I never had mac'n'cheese before in my life. Now that I can't have cheese I thought all hope was lost. Thank you for proving me wrong XD
    I made this today (came out a little too thick, I need to get those measuring cups) and it was soooooooo cheesy 😀 I missed the taste of cheese. It was so good 😀 though I think without ketchup it was a tad better XP

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