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  1. is it possible to have 2 different hormone receptors in one cell that use the same signalling pathway? if yes, then how can the cell differentiate the signal of these 2 hormones?

  2. Thank you for this video! Well done and easy to understand. I have a final on Wednesday and this helped tremendously!

  3. Thanks. I´d like to know whether you have a video with the explanation of the AGS and GRS proteins role.

    Thanks again

  4. why cant GDP come again to bind with the G Protein and make it in active as it was before, as every molecule wants to be stable and G Protein is inactive and stable when bound to GDP and also it's present there in the vicinty.????

  5. I am noticing discrepancies among different sources (all legit textbooks) regarding which subunit of the Gs Protein the receptor initially activates.  Vertebrate Endocrinology 5th edition by Norris and Carr says the receptor activates the Beta-Gamma subunit.  Physiology Coloring Book (also a popular textbook) as well as this video say that the receptor activates the Alpha sub-unit.  Thoughts anyone?  Could this be important to distinguish for the sake of drug development and discovery?  Just curious….

  6. You mean proteins are hydrophobic, not hydrophilic right? Lipids are hydrophilic and attach to a receptor inside the cell.

  7. Thank you so much, this video really help me in study. I'm sick of reading textbook lol. 😄

  8. This is the best and most informative video out of many which r posted. I would definitely recommend this video to have a clear understanding of g protein couples receptor.

  9. fantastic explanation of the PIP2 signalling pathway. Really appreciate your thorough and comprehensive lecture. Thx Dr. Miller!

  10. watched so many videos, this has explained it very well.
    Direct me for cGMP and insulin growth factors pathways video plsss.

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