How Obesity can be Controlled with Your Immune System
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How Obesity can be Controlled with Your Immune System

October 28, 2019

welcome everybody to wellness Wednesday I’m I’m your host Mike Warren with alternative health concepts and today we want to I want to kind of follow up to two weeks ago today I did a little short expose on sugar and how that really can be detrimental to your health that’s pretty obvious to most of us but still a lot of us don’t understand all the hidden sugars and everything else I want to go into another little area today that is related to that is related to our health and our well-being as far as weight goes or obesity sugar is obviously the number one cause obesity today we used to believe and we were told that it was fat and that we needed to go on a low-fat diet high carb and to be healthy but that’s kind of a typical standard American diet today or sad if you will and it really is sad because of what it’s done to us as a population we are fatter now than we’ve ever been here in the United States and unfortunately that is linking all around the world now and we’re still one of the fattest countries in the world today now sugar being the major cause of that we know today now that sugar is the cause not fat there are a lot of fat can be an issue they’re bad fats and good fats we learned a little bit about that talked about that before but today I want one of our staff writers put together a blog this week and was doing some research and it’s really amazing to me as you know we’re all about immune health that alternative health concepts and we have our product bio Pro Plus which can help rev up your immune system and get you back on track you can go to the link that’s right here on this page when you’re looking at this in review or if you’re live you can click on that and go learn about bio pro plus and find out the benefits for yourself and how it can help rev up your immune system well the interesting thing is that one of our staff writers found was there’s a direct link between our immune system and fat or obesity and there’s a lot of research and I’m going to be quoting today out of the Journal of endocrinology one of the papers that was done in a research paper that directly related fat cells or white adipose tissue they call it w80 for short and how they’re that this is actually an organ so we have a couple different fat’s in our body we have the white adipose tissue we have the brown fat you’ve heard both of those probably well the white adipose tissue is actually an organ it has all kinds of different attributes to it the amazing thing is there’s immune cells even within that so we know that our immune system is in our body and helps and it modulates our our whole body up and down our immune system does and it gets rid of pathogens coming in and it fights cancer cells it’ll it’ll do everything again as I’ve always said you’ve heard me to say many times before that our bodies are perfectly designed to heal themselves ok so now we come to this whole thing and I I wish I could take it a step further I wish I could tell you hey go take bio ProPlus and you’re gonna lose weight well we’ve actually had a few people say that but and now maybe there’s a little wiggle room here for us to maybe draw that conclusion but I don’t want to go there and that’s not what I’m going to talk to you about I want to talk to you about is that your immune system the is so important to your the way your whole body functions and now we know that there’s a direct correlation with our fat cells in our body which we all have to have some of you can’t have a body with no fat or you would you would not survive because our fat cells are the white adipose tissue its main purpose is to or energy and unfortunately when you eat more sugar we create more white cells or white adipose tissue which is fat to store that energy because sugar converts very quickly to energy but your body can’t use it as fast as you we usually consume it or as much as we consume so it wants to store it and that’s why we come back so we know that obesity is a major risk factor for metabolic disease and so what what with this study showed showed and let me read just a little bit it says with white adipose tissue or w80 inflammation emerging as is emerging as a key underlying pathology now it’s major role this white adipose tissue is energy storage as I mentioned it is an important endocrine organ producing many bioactive molecules termed a de pecans which not only serve as regulators of systematic metabolism but also possess the immuno regulatory properties and it went on to say that this white adipose tissue control has a whole bunch of different immune immune cell immune cells in it and different different types of immune cells from leukocytes to killer T cells regulatory T cells activated Mac macrophages different things like that and what it again what the body wants to try and do is take all these different parts of the immune system and keep our body in homeostasis well what this study showed that if if we get too obese then what happens as opposed to just helping regulate our immune system it starts causing massive inflammation and we know now that massive inflammation or any inflammation is what leads to degenerative disease of all types whether it’s cancer or HIV or any of the autoimmune diseases different types of arthritis anything like that all is immune or excuse me inflammation related so the higher our fat is in our body the more inflammation we’re going to be creating so that’s why it’s so critical to us all to keep our weight in check how do we do that we’ve talked about it a thousand times if we’ve talked about it once yet you got to eat properly you’ve got to eat good nutrition you’ve got to cut out the sugar or at least a huge majority of it we all eat way too much sugar and you can go back and look at the my previous video on that exercise we’ve got to do exercise but now we know that there’s a direct link to our immune system and the way our body reacts to weight so why not get your immune system operating at its optimal levels and that’s why I’m here today I want you to go look at our product I want you to go to alternative – Health – concepts calm and look at our product bio Pro plus and see if that might be a up lament that might work for you that might help you remember that we have an unconditional 90 day guarantee on that product so please go check it out find out what it can do for you you’ll be happy you did I know that you you’ll get over sickness real quick and and if you got the flu or anything else that’s still going around it’s still strong out there get some bio ProPlus and get rid of it quickly so any rate I wanted to just touch bases with you for a few minutes thank you for listening there’s a direct correlation between weight and our immune system and now that we know that what’s kind of interesting is the immune system is all encompassing it’s not just to help fight disease when it comes along it’s to help our body stay in that constant state of homeostasis and without a proper operating immune system we are going to be subject to disease and now we know we’re going to be subject to weight gain if our immune system isn’t properly working so so find out more about your immune system if you start there you can probably overcome almost any disease you can probably overcome any obstacle that you’re facing with your body inflammation sore joints on and on and on just the list is never-ending of all the different problems that weight gain brings to us and now we know that our immune system can actually help with that so I wanted to just touch bases with you on this wonderful Wednesday hope you’re having a wonderful day get well if you’re sick get back to work if you’re watching this at work and just have a great day and a healthy Wednesday love you guys all and so glad that you’re here and glad you’re part of this family if we can do anything for us reach out to us go on our website and shoot me an email I love to hear from you and we’ll get in touch with you I’ll get right back to you and maybe we can help you with some issues that you may be facing so until then until next Wednesday have a great week and stay healthy thanks for watching

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