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HOW SUPPLEMENTS ARE MADE? Pharmaceutical Quality – Olimp Sport Nutrition

December 27, 2019

Hello guys! how are you? I’m Alejandro I am Gero I am Fran We are in Olimp Laboratories to know them from the inside and to show you briefly how do they work So please, come with us! Well, we are in the production sector We just passed by a cleaning process to be able to show you everything we can, right? Correct! Now we are going to show you from the inside how the quality Olimp products are manufactured We are once again in the production sector ready to show you how the tabs are made as well as different kind of powders like amino acids, BCAA, shots… It’s incredible, right? For me it’s already awesome to see the quality and hygene of this place Absolutely! let’s check it out! During the process of mixture, as you can see here They are mixing all aminoacids thoroughly with constant movements previously programmed in this computer As you could have notice, the technology here is cutting edge Let’s see what’s next! Let’s go! Wow! such a nice smell! It smells like the product, like bubble gum Basically here they are putting the mixture into the package To check that everything is fine and to go the next stage Correct! Look, here even… Please come with me Here they control everything, that there aren’t heavy metals Or any other kind of impurities Otherwise everything would stop And what else? There we can see that everything works with absolute precision and speed To be honest it works incredibly smoothly And after this process, where do they go? They go to labelling and to the warehouse So they close it, put the label and ready for selling To the warehouse Well, now we are in the level where there is no need for strict sanitary and hygienic measures But why? The product is packed and closed and there’s no possibility of contamination It’s amazing because here the process is almost finished They label it They put them into the pallets boxes And they send them to your home To your home Your home! Here we are in the labelling process
Do you remember the previous room? From this little tunnel the product goes directly to labelling With the design We are going to explain you, like this! And here we have the labelling phase As you can see, the product goes through this machine And it ends up here right after being labelled millimetrically to look identical between them Almost ready to be sent to your Crossfit box! Are you with me? It’s incredible! Let’s pass to the next process after the labelling.
The scanning! But for what? To be able to identify the product in any part of the world But how? Like this! The objective is that every jar will have an individual code known only by the laboratory and it will be stored in the box as a global product Can you imagine to use your hands to do this? Here a robot makes everything! A full box of aminoacids Ready for it’s distribution And they save a lot of time as the production is very fast so they don’t lose time High quality High control and cleaning standards Absolutely amazing Each box has a unique code that will tell us all the products it contains Over here, as you can see the machine is closing each box and then it is checked manually leaving all this information in the code as well All computerized and mechanized The magnificent robot has sent the pallet ready to be tagged For what is this sticker? The objetive is to create a big unit that cannot get lost Instead of checking very single product The unit has grown and it is complete Ready to be stored And where is this box going now? Now it is going to storeroom, where the rest of the pallets are stored To the warehouse! And this code we put will help to identify the pallet when it will have to be distributed The pallet you just have seen it’s now ready to be sent to the warehouse where it’s possible to store a maximum of 12000 pallets but there are no problems there because each pallet is identified with its own code and you can know at any moment which is it’s content and location We are now in the first floor Where all the “magic” happens right after the robot has packed each product in each box Here they close the boxes and add a tracking code to be able to know where is the product during the shipment to big distributors, little ones, or even to individual customers like you! So here everything is really organized They know where every product is placed thanks the efficient registration system that avoids misplacements Furthermore, the level of oxygen in specific places of the warehouse It’s really really low to avoid oxidation or fires So everything here is protected to ensure you receive your order, at home Thanks for being with us during the visit! We were able to show you many interesting things but there is a lot more behind that we couldn’t show you Thanks again for being with us! We are OLIMP, you are OLIMP! Thanks!

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