How to Eat for Mass | Jay Cutler, 4x Mr. Olympia Bodybuilder
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How to Eat for Mass | Jay Cutler, 4x Mr. Olympia Bodybuilder

October 10, 2019

[music] [music] Hey, M’iqus. We have salad stuff, right? Okay. I’m gonna have salad with
my next meal, I think. The hardest part about me
training for a competition and trying to be like the Jay Cutler
people know as a bodybuilder, not as, like, just a fitness
guy, as a competitive bodybuilder, is the amount
of calories I need to eat. The consumption of food,
’cause it’s consistent. And I still can’t get enough. Like, I’m in a deficit
now on a daily basis, trying to eat enough food. I went to bed at 280 last
night and I woke up at 271. But that’s how much I lose. I mean, on the stairs
I’ll lose 7 pounds. Seven pounds every
morning on the stairs, seven pounds of water. The way I balance everything is
what I wake up to and what I go to bed at and what–when I get
to a point where I wake up at the same weight I go to bed at,
that’s when I know my body’s in a good holding pattern. Right now, it’s out of control. He has a pretty big
breakfast, actually. But today and for the last few
weeks, he’s been drinking his egg whites so two cups of
egg whites with one scoop of protein. Then he has three whole eggs,
three packets of grits, two pieces of Ezekiel
toast and coffee. That will probably
end soon though. No one understands how strict
it is, being on a meal time schedule where you can
only eat 2-1/2, 3 hours. The average person should
eat at least five meals. I think, you know, if you’re
eating every 3 hours, you have to be able to eat consistently. I can’t fall asleep until he
eats his meal ’cause then he’ll forget about it and he’ll wake
up, like, you know, 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning and then
eat it but that’s too late so I got to stay up and
make sure he eats it. And it’s not easy waking
him up if he falls asleep. Like when I’ve, what, 6, 7
times before I get up to eat at–I get up and ate about 3
’cause I ate at 12 and then I ate 3–every 3 hours. Do you want– Two toast. Yeah, I got that. Do you want the cottage cheese? Yeah, I do. I want the protein in there. Okay. Are you jumping in the pool? Yeah. There’s a towel
out there, right? Oh, man. When I worked construction in
my family business, I was forced to eat very quickly so now I
actually take my time and enjoy my food a lot more
’cause I’m not rushed. But I would only eat, like,
three major meals a day. I was in the pitfalls of
what everyone else did. But that’s–you know, and not
eat enough sufficient amount of calories on a continuous basis
so, for me, the amount of calories I can eat is just,
it’s off the text book. It’s hard because you follow,
like, okay, I have to eat on a diet and you can’t eat, you
know, everyone cuts processed foods and they eat, you know, no
fruit and they can’t eat certain things but with me, if I
cut that stuff I shrink. I can’t eat oatmeal and egg
whites and fish and, you know, plain potatoes and that
kind of–I can’t do it. I need to have, like, simple,
a lot of simple stuff in there like the grits and, like, six
sugars after I train and some fruits in there
and something fast. If I eat high carbohydrates that
are fibrous, like, high fiber, it burns. It doesn’t do anything for me. It doesn’t hit my
body hard enough. Ron, what’s up? Yeah, and then on both the east
and west side you have, you know, obviously, Teriyaki Boy,
which has the Jay Cutler Bowl. It’s famous for that. I’m always a big fan of N9NE
Steakhouse at the Palms. STK is also great at
the Cosmopolitan, I go there quite often. What’s the name of that
pizza place next to Kyzen? Joe’s? Joe’s Pizza? Yeah. Joe’s Pizza. Of course, yeah. It’s the best, In-N-Out Burger. I just came off the
In-N-Out burgers last week. No more In-N-Outs for 12 weeks. Most bodybuilders
love to eat. They crave, “Oh, I’ve got to
eat this, got to eat that.” I have zero cravings, I have
zero anticipation for any meal that I eat. I don’t look forward
to eat anything. If you ask me what
my favorite food is, I don’t have a favorite food. I don’t like to eat anything. There’s nothing
specific that I like. I don’t like to eat anything. I don’t look forward
to any meal at all. I’ve been eating. Today I eat heavy. We do have to go. [bleep] that, eat now. Well, dude it’s hard getting
back to eating anyway, you know? Right. I mean, I didn’t want to come
back to this shit, you know? That was the worst part of my
job, dude, eating, you know? I mean, trying to run on no
gasoline when you don’t eat, you know? How are you gonna have
productive workouts? I try to tell people, like,
you’ve got to put as much effort in as a diet as you do
into your weight training. Everyone goes to the gym, you
know, 4 or 5 days a week, that’s into it. But they don’t eat sufficiently,
enough to fuel that. I wish, you know, you could take
a pill and be able to just avoid cooking or anything like that. Cooking and eating is 5 or 6
hours of my day, no question. You know, and you see that,
living my life, if you follow me for a day or 2 or 3, you’ll
see that a lot of my day is of meals. Are you on your 16
time a day meal plan? Thirty-seven, eighteen
and a quarter, fifty-four. We work harder to
make his clothes. I got to charge
him a little extra. Number one, you’ve got
to focus on your food. That’s no question. So, you know, you have to make
sure you’re getting, you know, your protein and your
carbohydrates, your fats, you know, your good fats, whatever,
but, I mean, for products alone, I mean, most people are gonna
buy a protein powder, you know, a multivitamin. They might, you know, then they
might launch into pre-workouts and, you know,
branched chain aminos. And then, of course, the number
one fat burner, if you’re trying to lean out. But, you know, I don’t suggest
using a fat burner year round. Pre-workouts and protein, yeah,
of course, you know, you can use those year round. You know, you’re talking three
or four products, I mean, it’s necessity. It’s something that, I mean,
I think it’s an advantage, you know? If you want to do things
right, you’ve got to have the advantage, right? So you have to try to find ways
to budget and be able to, you know, fit that
extra stuff in there. There’s nothing better
than chicken on the grill. Ten ounces of chicken. You know, I grew up on a farm
so, I mean, I knew food values kind of early. We were never allowed
to eat very poorly. And I was in Massachusetts so
the meat was–that I was getting was very good quality. I mean, I attribute a lot of
that to what my success was because I was buying, like,
you know, cows and, like, chicken breasts from,
like, a real farm. I eat, you know, 100 grand
worth of food probably between eating out and eating on a diet. I mean, I’m in Vegas, I go
out–I eat out a lot too, you know, when I’m not training. So I mean, that might not just
be for myself but just saying in general on food, it’s my
biggest expense probably. You know, I kind
of do my thing. I like to stay at
home and prep my food. I like to weigh everything,
like, I weigh–this is 10 ounces of meat, 12 ounces of potato, I
mean, obviously now is a crucial time ’cause I’m in training so
I take it much more serious. When I train, I don’t like to
eat out that much unless it’s catered to what
I–whatever my diet is. This is filet steak, right? I can tell the difference
how it cooks. I wonder if that other
stuff is filet or not? It looks more like
flank steak, huh? Just water’s good, I think. Thanks. I hope it hasn’t
grown in now. My God. Bad? You know, I never had hair on my
back until I started shaving, you know that? Ever. Really? That was a zit. I went over the zit. You have a zit back there? Yeah, huge. Everyone has zits. I’ve never had
a zit, dude, ever. What are you talking about? I used to have bad
zits too, you know? When I eat potato chips,
I got zits, you know that? Did you tell them about– I tried some potato chips
’cause they were local where I lived and I remember– Did you tell them about what
you used to eat at your mom’s house when you would go visit? Yeah, I used to get zits,
dude, when I was, like, 12. What did you eat? Tried some potato chips. They were very greasy. Tell him what you would eat. Tell him what you would ask your
mom to make you every time you went to her house. Chips and dip. Chips and what kind of dip? A whole bag. Sour cream and onion. I used to eat ’em for
breakfast, sour cream– Sour cream? Well, there you go. Yeah. Ask Mo’ about the pizza
she ate the other night. Did you have pizza? Yeah. Good for you. See? Someone has to have it. Listen, it’s tough, man,
because you–it’s like, at some point, like, you want to go
eat junk food and you think to yourself, like, what
would Jay say, kind of. Would he be like– He would say, “Do you
really need to eat that?” Honestly, if I’m on a diet,
though, I’m, like, thankful that someone can go and eat
some junk food, you know? No, of course,
I’m not saying– Listen, man, I’m not,
you know, I’m not a saint. I’ve eaten to lot–
plenty of junk food. I mean, there’s no question, you
know, I’ve been in cheesecake and desserts and all that stuff. I like burgers, you know, that’s
something I do eat but, like, having a turkey sandwich
and some potato chips is great for me. That’s like, phhh. A turkey sandwich with
some cheese on there. You know, I like cheese so, I
mean, for me, it’s like, I don’t really sit there and crave,
okay, well, I would like to have sugar this and sugar that. I mean, I don’t get a craving
for–I eat Snickers bars once in a while. You know, there was a time
when my macros and my nutrition was normal, where I ate on a
specific diet, day in, day out. And now, you know, I’m just
an out-of-control eater where I just eat everything
different on a daily basis. So the consistency has to be
important as the training. I think I had the best advisors
from the day I started pretty much. From, you know, 6 months in,
I started working with Chris Aceto who’s a major player
in fitness, trains a lot of top, top guys, put–made a lot
of guys professionals, you know, brought me to Olympia. Won my first Olympia with him. So I think it’s good to hire
someone that has some knowledge of some nutrition. You might as well do it right
because the nutrition is almost more important than
the weight training is. Stack ’em is the show. Come on. Let’s go, Jay, come on. Suck it up, suck it up,
suck it up, suck it up. Mentally, you have to be,
I think, a little crazy. People approach me and they
say, “Jay, what’s the secret? What’s the secret?
What’s the secret?” I don’t like to eat anything. If you ask me what
my favorite food is, I don’t have a favorite food. I don’t look forward
to any meal at all. You’re a living legend, that’s what’s amazing
about what I do. Jay Cutler! And I tell you, Jay Cutler’s
the greatest of all time.

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