How to Fade Scars, Plastic Surgery Scars Improve With Vitamin C Serum Part 1
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How to Fade Scars, Plastic Surgery Scars Improve With Vitamin C Serum Part 1

March 8, 2020

– Hi, my name’s Kay. I had surgery recently
for basal cell carcinomas. I had one here which was
taken out and stitched up immediately, I had
one you can see now, just on the corner of my
nose, which they took out and stitched up, and then
I had, there was one, sort of the inside of my nose by my eye, and they took a flap of skin,
or two triangular flaps here and twisted the skin up to
cover my eyelid, and the inside, the top of my nose here by the eye, and then other flap,
which will be gone now, which would cover this
part of my nose here. Started using the DHAA because
I had to soften the scarring, the scar tissue, because
it’s really thick, and it was really easy to
use, because it was soft and oily, and I could rub it in, and just kind of made
everything more supple. It’s reduced the scar
tissue, the colour’s come back and the scar tissue’s been reduced, and it’s looking way better than it was. It was easy to use, it’s
really quite supple, not greasy, but easy to apply. Actually, it’s interesting because, I was just tipping the bottle
up and putting it on my hand, and using that to apply
it to my face, and then at the end I’d just rub my
hands together and even my skin on the back of my hands
has improved remarkably. I’m still using it, and everyday, every time I see someone I
haven’t seen for a week or so, they’re like, “Oh my goodness, “what a difference it’s
made,” so I’m still going. Yes, I could’ve started using
it earlier and probably it had had a bigger difference,
but I’ll still carry on, and day by day, it’s still improving.

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