How to make Lettuce-Beans Gravy | No Onion High Nutrition (2019) | #foodnvoyage #lettucebeansgravy

December 26, 2019

Hello Food-N-Voyage Subscribers Today I am going to show you how to make Lettuce Beans Gravy You must be thinking why I have combined these two vegetables. I will tell you the reason as we proceed further to make this I am going to show you how to make this gravy now Take a pan on medium flame and put olive oil. 1/2 tablespoon olive oil Add cumin seeds and let splutter Now we are adding garlic cloves Along with this, we are adding dried red chilies I have used 4 garlic cloves, because this will enhance the taste of the gravy Now I am adding chopped ginger and 2 pinches of asafoetida powder Mix well until garlic turns golden brown We will add vegetables once this is cooked well Now this has cooked well We are adding chopped beans now Having beans in winter and rainy season is very good for health Ensure that you cook beans well If you wish you can add little more oil for beans to cook well I am using 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil here Beans is cooked well so we can add tomatoes now Since we are making gravy, we require tomatoes for the liquid consistency. Like I said before, beans and lettuce together are a good source of energy Both these vegetables boost our immune system Consuming these vegetables during winter and rainy season is very good for health since we are prone to more diseases in these climates Especially we catch cold and cough very easily in these climates So try including these vegetables in your winter and rainy diet schedule After all, its going to do only good for your health Lettuce belongs to cabbage family that is why i keep mentioning cabbage In case you are not able to get lettuce, you can use cabbage instead Consuming both lettuce and cabbage in winter is good for your health These are also called winter foods and superfoods Do include this in your diet regularly I am going to add little water now for the liquid consistency before that I am adding required salt and mixing well Now add water and let boil for 5-8 mins until tomatoes turn mushy Now tomatoes are cooked well Now add dhaniya powder at this stage and mix well I have used 1/2 tablespoon We have used red chilies already, so red chili powder is not required. But you can add in case you want to make this spicy I have used kashmiri chili powder 1/2 tablespoon We have not used onions at all in this preparation Its better to avoid onions since the prices are high and its safe for our pockets too Now we are adding lettuce to this gravy add this in batches Your pan will be over crowded if you add all of it. so add lettuce in batches As you keep cooking lettuce, you will notice that this shrinks and reduces in quantity That is why I add this in batches This applies for cabbage also So always cook in batches Our lettuce beans gravy is now ready This is best to be consumed in winter and rainy season like I said This is completely cooked now Either you use Lettuce of Cabbage, both are superfoods and good for health especially in winter we have used tomatoes to make this and tomatoes contain 95% water So this makes the combination high nutrition gravy Do try this gravy as a side dish for chapathi, paratha, pulao, biryani If you liked this recipe, share your feedback in the comments If you enjoyed this video, do like and share Do not forget to subscribe our channel Thanks for your support

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