How to Make Vitamin C Drops for Infants – Prevent SIDS

October 12, 2019

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Brand Spanking News today. We’ve got an awesome episode for you. I’m gonna show you how to
make high dose vitamin C liquid drops for your
newborns and infants. So stick around! (electronic music) For all you new parents out
there who are wondering about, you know, high dose vitamin C. You heard that it’s great. It’s wonderful, which it really is. But how do you get your
newborns and infants with high doses of vitamin C? This is an awesome question
that comes up a lot when I’m dealing with
clients with children. And today, I’m gonna show you
how to make it from scratch in your own kitchen. You don’t
need to buy expensive stuff. It’s really simple. So the formula you wanna use
for your newborns and infants when it comes to how much
vitamin C to give them is the one that I’ve taken
from Dr. Frederick Klenner back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. He has worked with thousands,
thousands of newborns, mothers, and expectant mothers. And has some of the most
vibrant and healthy children that were born from these families. And he did so with high
doses of vitamin C. So the protocol that he
used was for newborns, you start them off on 100
milligrams of vitamin C. 100 milligrams per day of vitamin C, newborn and through one month old. So at two months, you add
another 100 milligrams. So you’re at 200 milligrams at two months. 300 milligrams at three months. 400 milligrams at four months, on up to one gram or 1000 milligrams at ten months old. At that point, from ten
months old to one year old, they get one gram of vitamin C. That’s 1000 milligrams of vitamin C. So after that point, when
they hit two years old, they get two grams of vitamin C. Three years old, three grams of vitamin C. Four years old, four grams;
on up until they’re at 10 grams at 10 years old. At that point, you can teach
them how to take it themselves. They can either stay at 10, they can add a little if they need it. It’s really easy to teach your kids on how to take vitamin C. They have to take it to bowel tolerance; you can easily show them. They can feel what’s going
on. They know how that works. So anyhow, let’s get on. I wanna go over this with
you so let’s get right to it. Okay, so here is all the ingredients and everything you’re gonna
need to pull this off. One blue or brown one
ounce dropper bottle, one eighth teaspoon of
stevia extract powder, one half teaspoon ascorbic acid powder, two teaspoons sodium ascorbate powder, a small funnel that fits
inside your dropper bottle, and distilled water. Okay so first, we’re going to
take our dropper bottle here. And we are going to put the funnel in the bottle, just like so. Make sure you’re starting
out with a clean bottle. And so then, we are going
to take our stevia powder. And we just want one eighth
of a teaspoon of that. Here we go. So one eighth
of a teaspoon of that. And just so you know,
this works out so that every drop of this is going to contain 20 milligrams of vitamin C. So if you have a newborn
up to one month old, you want that equals 5 drops to make your 100 milligrams
of vitamin C daily. Then you just double
that for a two month old. And twice that amount, ten drops is just a little bit under a full dropperful, now if you got a once ounce bottle. Next step is our sodium ascorbate powder. So we’re going to have two teaspoons of sodium ascorbate. You wanna make sure that that’s level. You don’t want too much. We’re trying to make this
accurate here. So there’s one. And this is gonna be a lot of powder. You’re gonna think when you’re
putting in the water in there at the end, you’re probably gonna think, “Oh man, there’s like– the thing is half way full of the powder!” And this is true but when you shake it up it will all dissolve. Next we have our ascorbic acid powder. And if you have complaints
about ascorbic acid, and you think that that’s
not real vitamin C, go watch my other video on vitamin C and the myth of whole foods vitamin C. So we want one half teaspoon
of the ascorbic acid. There we go. We buy ours in bulk by a kilos. Keep some in the freezer and somewhere we can get
at it whenever we need it. Don’t worry about the brands here. You don’t need these brands. You just need to make sure that the stuff is actually
what it says it is. So as you can see, and I don’t
know if you can see that, it’s about up to the
middle with the powder. So right now, we are going to add in our distilled water, just up to the neck at the top, maybe just below that neck. There it is. And there’s a bout 500 drops total in this bottle here. So shake it, shake it, shake it. Just gotta keep shaking it. This is kind of almost- it’s a little bit under a
supersaturated solution. Store in the refrigerator. It should be good for
maybe about 4 days or so. If you’re wondering if it’s still good, you take the bottle and
hold it up to a light. You’ll be able to see; if
it looks a little greenish, that means that the actual
vitamin C liquid inside has yellowed slightly. Yellow means that it’s no
longer anti-oxidant-worthy. So at that point, then you
want to make a new batch. So keep shakin’, shakin’,
shakin’, shakin’, shakin’. Okay, that looks good. There it is. It’s delicious. It’s not too strong, that’s why we mixed the sodium ascorbate
and the ascorbic acid. The ascorbic acid can
be quite, quite tart. So what we did is we came up with adding the sodium ascorbate instead
just so it buffers it slightly, so it’s not so strong and sour, but still does a good job. So what do you think of this? Is this something that you could use? Is this something that you
think would help your family? It certainly has helped ours.
Our kid is barely ever sick. I think he’s only been
sick maybe three times and he’s almost five years. That’s pretty darn good. I have a lot of faith that this right here is why that occurred. I hope you’re doing this with your family. This makes such a huge
difference in life in general. You guys have a wonderful
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