How to Manage Your Vitamin C Status | Chris Masterjohn Lite #86
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How to Manage Your Vitamin C Status | Chris Masterjohn Lite #86

October 29, 2019

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  1. Hi, what do you think about vitamine C flush ? It is taking high dose buffered vitamine C (2 tsp) every 15min until diahrrea,

  2. Hi Chris, thanks a lot for this another excellent series. Which form of vitamin C do you recommend for supplementation? There is a notion that Ascorbic Acid is not a good form.

  3. Just wondered what you thought of the video I posted – saying supplementation shouldn't be used for most and antioxidants don't work as we think!

  4. Great Chris! Would the peel of a lime have the most vitamin C? It's bitter as hell, so I figure it's the best source.. 😜. I make lime-aid and put lime peels in the blender when I make it… Its really refreshing..

  5. Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C… Just a component… The whole vitamin complex has copper in its core… I think people need more of the whole complex… Looks like you have read up on Thomas Levy, and Linus Pauling… Great info.. I think that Morely Robbins has great info on vitamin C, and it's copper significance for health… and adrenal fatigue…. Keep up the great videos… You're my mentor!!

  6. People don't understand that high doses of synthetic vitamin C works as pro oxidant like ozone or hydroxide peroxide for example.. + Look at ALL promoters of high doses (10g or more per day) They all have white hair, age fast, wrinkly skin. They can't tan. They just turn red from sun exposere due to low melanin. It is all related to copper metabolism. High doses of synthetic vit C are strong copper antagonist. In my opinion it is good take big doses of ascorbic acid only short term to kill some bugs, viruses and for long term take just under 500mg.. Otherwise you will have issues with copper deficiency symptoms like I said.. Vit C from food is ok, because it contains copper in enzymatic form. Just eat some fruits and vegetables to have like 100-150mg of real vitC and you will be ok. Also how much vitC depends on your antioxidant/prooxidant status in the body. If you are healthy with healthy lifestyle. Low stress, no drugs, alcohol, junk food etc.. You need much less vitC than some stressed person who smokes, eats garbage food etc..

  7. I have a question about protein over feeding. In a theoretical context where a person is eating 150 grams of fat, <40 grams of carbs, and 150 grams of protein, they maintain their weight. Then they start to overfeed on protein where they are still eating 150 grams of fat, <40 grams of carbohydrate, but now eating 250 grams of protein (just a hypothetical scenario). Would this protein overconsumption have a minimal impact on fat gain, or would it significantly increase fat gain. Would the result be different between a sedentary individual and an active individual doing heavy resistance training? I have heard that protein is not readily stored as fat, but I have also heard that protein overconsumption can decrease fat oxidation, which leads to fat gain. I am wondering what your opinion is on this? Thanks for everything Chris!

  8. Thank you Chris! I live in the San Francisco Bay area and we are currently living under excessive smoky condition (unhealthy and very unhealthy level yesterday and today) due the Camp fire in Paradise, CA. I started drink the Cold Crusher juice from Urban Remedy and noticed that it helped me a lot feeling better when I felt symptoms from the smoke (sinus pressure, stinging throat and chest pressure). Now I know why this juice helped me and I will continue to take it until the smoke is gone. Thank you!

  9. Glad that you warned about copper deficiency, it’s also vit P and K as well since they are all part of a natural vit C molecule and taking just ascorbic acid can depleye them.

  10. I had tried taking Vitamin C before. Did not really feel any use from it. This changed since i went on a ketogenic diet. Now it feels great to take 1-2 Grams of C per day. And i really miss it, if i don´t. I do not understand it. Is it the carnitine, that is being used up while being in ketosis? Could it be, that my histamines went up, like it seems to be the case in people with a keto rash? If the Vitamin C lowers histamine levels i should feel better taking it. I also developed some kind of rash, that i never had before. Not the typical keto rash, that you find on the internet, but very similar. Is it, that my immune system is compromised somehow, through the lack of carbohydrates (under 30 Grams per day)? Could it be, that it fights the light oxidative Stress, that Ketones cause? I don´t get it. Guess there is no way to find out.

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