How to Pronounce VITAMIN in British and American English [ ForB English Lesson ]
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How to Pronounce VITAMIN in British and American English [ ForB English Lesson ]

October 5, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome back to ForB’s English lesson video. I’m Gabriella and in today’s lesson, we are
looking at the pronunciation of this word. We’ll be looking at this in the American and British pronunciation. So let’s look at the British pronunciation first. In British English, we usually pronounce the word like this: Vitamin. Vitamin. Now be careful with the beginning of the word. The sound is a “v” which we call a dental sound. You’re using the top teeth to pronounce the word “v” now this is a vocal sound so you’re using your voice. So “v”. If you are a Japanese learner of English,
for example, be especially careful because the “v” sound in Japanese is replaced with
“b” so in Japan people say “bitamin”, not “vitamin” but when you’re speaking English you need to use the “v” sound. OK, so let’s compare the British pronunciation “vitamin” to the American pronunciation. In American English, we usually pronounce this word like this: Vitamin. Vitamin. Let’s compare the two: Vitamin. Vitamin. Vitamin. Vitamin. Let’s practice. Please repeat after us. Vitamin. Vitamin. Vitamin. Vitamin. Alright! Great job. Keep practicing. Thank you very much for watching this channel. I’m Gabriella. Please remember to subscribe to ForB English and click the video and like if you liked it. Thank you very much and see you next time.

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  1. Hi everyone! Did you know how to pronounce "vitamin" in British and American English?
    1. Yes, I did.😄 2. No, I didn't.😝

  2. In my country we are supposed to follow british english right. Then idk why the fuck do we say "vytamin" instead of "veetamin" like wtf

  3. It only makes sense for us americans to pronounce it that way because it is a shortened word of Vital Mineral. And we pronounce vital like V-eye-tull. So V-eye- tuh-minn

  4. The place where I live follows British English.
    I follow half British and American but mostly American (Since i'm a mix)
    I pronounce it as VAI-TA-MIN they pronounce it as VI-TA-MIN
    And tease me every time I say that.
    Guess who's right
    judgemental BIATCs

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