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  1. Finally a diet video!! Hope you r healthy and I get motivated by your videos .. you can also try bae suzy diet if u want😊

  2. I try to start doing a diet but by the end of the day it's a bust I have no control lol I envy those who can do diets thx for the video

  3. I made my own diet while being inspired by her diet✊🏻😔 and ofc i added exercises to it. I bet u would have lost more if u exercised too. Also thanks for this video. I watched while i tried to eat my lunch slowly

  4. Please try salt water flush,you can loose 2 kgs in a warm 1/2 litre water mix 2 spoons of salt and lemon juice.drink before sleep and check weight in the morning.iam waiting for this video

  5. I gained a bit of weight again with these diets, I had so much cravings, so that I binge eated. I was nearly underweight, now I have normal weight again, if I want to loose weight again I just eat healthier and not restrict me, like I did at the beginning, I lost 20 kg in one and a half year. I eat/ate plain Joghurt or Skyr with fruits, a healthy lunch and for dinner scrambled eggs with vegetables, soup or just vegetables. Sometimes I switch dinner with breakfast. I think thats better for me than any diet. I can just suggest the Victoria Secret Models Diet, it's a bit like my diet plan and more sustainable and healthy than Kpop diets. Maybe you want to try them out, because I never had cravings or felt extremely hungry.

  6. Please don’t force yourself to do these diets for YouTube, friends,family or anyone. I’ve tried chaeyeon’s (DIA) diet and even cut my food intake to 1/2 a block of tofu and a cup of soy milk instead of 1 block a day because I wanted to lose 10 kg so bad and fast. That diet really messed my mental state up, and I still have a little bit of that mindset left now whenever I eat and it’s really uncomfortable. I don’t want that to happen to you, you’re such a sweetheart and a lovely person and would hate for you or even anyone to go through that. If you’re struggling, please switch content and make something else, we would still watch and enjoy so don’t worry. Have a lovely day angel :)))) <3 <3 <3 <3 have a lovely day too person reading this.
    – queen Nayeon, fancy era, 2k19

  7. just asking how do u cook that small amt of rice daily? do u coom all of them one time , refrigerate and use them for later days?.

  8. don't forget to add exercise routine besides dieting cus solar is an idol so she dance and moved around a lot! 🙂

  9. Sepertinya ini perlu diforward ke fancafe supaya mbak solar tau nih, thanks kak udah nyoba diet ala solar, jadi pengen nyoba juga 😊

  10. Let me share my diet story: february 2019 to october2019 i have lost 20 kgs. It's really a lot right. I have tired kpop extreme diet like less than 500 cal, etc. I had heavy routine on those days with my studies. But somehow i managed that. Now i am 46 kg s. I am in my normal weight. I did'nt face that kind of extreme weakness.( maybe sometimes). But now i am healthy. People should Keep their health good on their diets too. Now i understand that. 🤗🤗

  11. Hello everyone I want to share my diet with you guys because…. because idk so I ate 1200 calories per day with 3 litters of cold water in summer, and 2 litters of water and 1 litter green tea in winter.
    I ate literally everything I wanted like burger, rice, pizza (BTW I hate pizza) chocolate candies and take care sodium intakes just have 1500mg of sodium soooo yeah that's it I hope it can help you guys

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