Increase Your Digestive Power – HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) and Digestive Enzymes | Gabriel Cousens MD
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Increase Your Digestive Power – HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) and Digestive Enzymes | Gabriel Cousens MD

March 10, 2020

(Acoustic guitar) – So, the digestive
enzymes, hydrochloric acid, with age, people go lower. After the age of 45 people stop producing, slow down in their production of hydrochloric acid. At the age of 65, I think 80% of people are not producing hydrochloric acid. Well, what do you need
hydrochloric acid for? Well, yeah, B12, folic
acid, mineral absorption, iron absorption, calcium absorption, magnesium absorption. You need hydrochloric acid. Okay, that’s one advantage. The second thing is we need CH3 groups, okay, and you get that with hydrochloric acid. Methyl groups. And methyl groups are needed to repair the DNA in enzymes. Every cell has 90,000,000 methyl groups. Every cell. When we eat food, we lose about 18,000,000 methyl groups per meal. If you do live food you lose about 12,000,000 methyl groups per meal. And there we go. So, live food will cut it down by a third, but what we do, we have
the betaine hydrochloride or the one we sell has all the natural methyl groups in beet and is vegan, it’s how to get a vegan hydrochloric acid, you’re replacing the methyl groups, and therefore regenerating your system. That’s the key concept here. So these are the two concepts. One, so you can absorb
your protein, your B12, and folic acid and your minerals. And two, the use of
methyl groups, you know, that that will rebuild
and repair your DNA. Now, the other thing is same thing. The digestive enzymes that we have, and there are many good ones out there, I use Beauty Enzymes a lot. Dr. Howell is also very good, (He is) the father of enzyme research. And you take the hydrochloric acid and the digestive enzymes after a meal. The optimum time is an hour after a meal, but most people will never take it then. So if you are good enough
to just remember to take it after your meal you’re good. – [Voiceover] Every meal? – Yes. – [Voiceover] Every meal.
– Yes. The bigger the meal the
more enzymes you take, but the bottom line of what I’m saying is with age we lose digestive power. And you don’t want to do that because you want to be able to
assimilate your nutrients. – [Voiceover] What about taking food acids like vinegar and lemon
juice (speaker interrupts) – Apple cider vinegar can indeed stimulate hydrochloric acid. The trouble is it makes your body acid. That’s the down side of that. If I get too alkaline I’ll take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and I’ll bring my
alkalinity back into order. But I don’t recommend doing that because of the acidity problem. – [Voiceover] Talk about the quantity you put into your salad. – I’m talking about a
teaspoon to a tablespoon. And I’m telling you, it makes you acid. That’s what I’m saying. Literally, when I’m fasting I’ll go to a pH of 8 in my urine, and I’ll take one tablespoon (of apple cider vinegar). That’s it, resets the whole thing, and I’ll get back to 6.4, 6.4 to 6.8 immediately. And it will stay there, you know. So what I am saying is those things, they have a role, but I don’t recommend it so much because most people are
too acidic to begin with, and it does make you acidic. – [Voiceover] Is it the
same with lemon juice? – Not so clear. Apple cider vinegar is much more acidic. It is acidic acid. pH of 2, I mean it’s strong. Lemon juice… sometimes it’s going to make you alkaline, sometimes it will make it acid It’s really not the same level. But the hydrochloric acid
you need to do these jobs, the apple cider vinegar has been known to stimulate hydrochloric acid. Magnesium chloride is another trick to build your hydrochloric
acid as is salt. Good salt will bring
chloride in for the HCL. Those are all things that help, but again at a certain age you’re pushing the limit, and you’re better off
taking hydrochloric acid to get your kind of reliable results. – [Voiceover] What age limit? – 45 and up. – [Voiceover] But if you did eat salad, which is alkaline, and you put only a half tablespoon or half teaspoon, does it
make such a big effect? – Well in me it does, I’ll tell you that. It’s very powerful. It’s much more than Paul Bragg kind of talks about. That’s all I can say. You can check yourself, check your urine before and after, and see if it makes an effect. – [Voiceover] So what
you’re saying basically everyone, if you checked and found that it didn’t have that much of a difference, for him personally it
would be okay to take it? – Right, right. But again, it’s up to you. Getting acid, I mean, apple cider vinegar doesn’t mean you’re gonna
make hydrochloric acid. We’re just saying it helps stimulate it. And ultimately, how are you gonna know, if you get gas and bloating because you’re not making it, you
take hydrochloric acid and you are able to digest, and you don’t get gas and bloating, that’s how you know if it’s working. So, otherwise it’s just a theoretical discussion, okay? Last thing before we end, because we do need an end, it’s almost 4 o’clock, is again the other regular enzymes, I like Beauty Enzymes. It is a mix of protease, amylase, and lots and lots of lipase, which is good for fatty, you know, for fat digestion. Generally, the same principal, your digestive power goes down with age.

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  1. hi im from philippine i am suffering for almost 10 years because of my body odor,… i practice proper hyguine.can taking HCL and digestive enzyme and charcoal cure my problem? please help me doc

  2. PLEASE ANSWER!. I'm on 6 tablets (1 tablet=650 mg Betaine Hcl Pepsin) and I consume all of them at once before dinner (my biggest meal with proteins) I still do not feel a stomach burn. Do I dare to take more tablets? I have started to consume 1 tablet before my other meals which only consist blended spinach, fruits and some few nuts. At my third meal, which is oatmeal, I take 2 tablets. I have 4 meals per day. Overall I have been taken 10 tablets on one day. Is that okay?? Do I dare to take more? I'm very underweight and I want to include more grounded nuts and seeds to my diet. If I have two bigger meals with proteins on one day, do I dare to take 6 or more tablets before these meals? which means I overall get 12 tablets + the tablets from the smaller meals.. ?????????? I can't get any help from a doctor or other in my country, because the supplement Betaine Hcl does not exist in my country. I trying to cure myself from chronic candida overgrowth, digestive problems, leaky gut, allergies, etc..

  3. Can't take hcl with active gastritis (no h. pylori). My gastritis causes leaky gut and proteinuria. I don't know where to begin to heal this all 😢

  4. Just drink something protective against hydrochloric acid and get it all in your mouth and in your throat and then drink some hydrochloric acid


  6. If you want to increase digestive enzymes – CHEW YOUR DAMN FOOD WELL.
    Not just 3 or 4 times – at least 30 times… then you will not need expensive supplements that just weaken your digestive system.

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