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Is Blovelife Promoting OBESITY!? | Supreme Pizza Mukbang

March 8, 2020

hey Pacey one thing tasty mukbang tasty
must be tasty mukbang tasty must be tasty my thing
tasty tasty my Fang tasty my face tasty my face tasty my thing
tasty my face tasty mummy tasty my face my face everybody welcome welcome welcome to
tasty mukbang tasty my thing tasty mukbang tasty my vein tasty my
vein eats yo how is y’all doing today welcome to tasty mukbang eats
I hope the lighting is okay today I hope my head ain’t cut off I hope everything
is looking better today I know my lighting could be a little better uh but
I didn’t turn on one of my other lights cuz I just wanted it to be like a little
intimate so yeah today we have pizza this is a pizza that I got from Kroger
and I buy them and I freeze them this is the supreme pizza they were on sale two
four five two four ten dollars y’all so there’s five I was a peaceful pizza and
I love these pizzas y’all so we’re gonna say our grace and start eating father
God we thank you for this food we’re about to receive your blessings you love
your kindness your mercy and your grace all your provisions that you have made
upon my life in Jesus name Amen hallelujah so today y’all we have a
topic that we’re gonna talk about and I’m starting a new series on my channel
where I talk about one topic doing the mukbang and then that night after the
the mukbang will were air in the morning at 6 a.m. and then in the evening time
between I would say 6 to 10 p.m. I’m gonna go live and we could talk about
whatever topic that we talk about it could be something fun it could be
something interesting it could be something trendy if you have
something interesting that you want need to talk about doing
my mother bangs something interesting something fun just whatever leave it in
the comments down below okay and you can leave your comments to the topic that
we’re talking about today in the comments so that way when I go live
later on this evening like if you have any comments or anything that you want
to interject about what I’m talking about today make sure you leave a lot of
comments or your thoughts in the comment box below
so that way when we go live in the evening I could read those comments and
they might be the opinions of somebody else or somebody else my hectic question
so today what we’re gonna talk about some hottie hair came into one of my
lives somebody here came into one of my lives let’s take a thumbnail y’all okay
somebody had came into one of my life today we got some ice in our pineapple
my pineapple cooked y’all my famous pineapple cup and we are drinking some
18w root beer this is my favorite so tough root beer is my favorite soda I
also like big red but uh somebody had came into my life one of my lives and
they were saying that they have a problem we’d be love life be loves life
they say that they think that be love life promotes obesity and gluttony and I
pretty much gave my opinion in that live and let the person know what I thought
and so today I just want to talk about that whether or not I feel that be love
life and other muck mangas contribute too
gluttony so in this segment the evening segment segment when I go live is tasty
talks that’s the name I asked you guys that was in one of my lives what should
I name the segment and one of the suggestions was tasty talks and I really
like that if you have any other ideas let me know and make sure you are
subscribed to the channel and have the notification bill turned on so that’s
what that way when I go live a post a new video you will know about it and
also you can interact with me so that way you could also participate in these
conversations that we’re having live that is the first bite this is a supreme
pizza I have everything on it so the person said that they feel like beloved
life over eat they feel like she promotes gluttony they feel like she’s
promoting gluttony to children and I just want to say these are my personal
views and opinions nobody else has to agree with me this is what I feel this
has nothing to do with me being a mug banger and be loved life being a mother
anger and sometimes people feel like because people are considering be loves
life the queen of mukbangs that people are scared to give their opinion on her if it’s controversial or if it’s
something in disagreement to her I just want y’all to know cuz ya’ll accused me
of being a cloud chaser I’m not no cloud chaser I’m not a respecter persons I’m
gonna say when I want to say what I want to say how I want to say it don’t nobody
paid me to say nothing this video is not sponsored by B loves
life she got me on her payroll and whatever I feel I’m gonna say even if
it’s something that she might not like because that’s my opinion and it’s a
like a person but don’t like everything about them I personally do not feel that
B loves life and other mug bangers because then I know you’re gonna say
well what about this person well what about this person they eat a lot of food
I don’t feel like B loves life and other mug bangers contribute to overeating
obesity and gluttony I feel like you guys have to understand the perspective
of a McBaine and from the perspective of a mukbang the thumbnail and the picture
of the mukbang looks better when there’s more food and sometimes y’all think it’s
a lot of food because it’s close-up muck bangers are putting
their food closer up now so that you could see it and they could be in your
face it don’t necessarily have to be a lot of food it could just be close-up
which makes it look bigger some people do put a lot of food in
there mukbang and that’s because are you gonna click on a picture of a mukbang
y’all have to really realize this is a strategy this is a job this is an income
people are getting paid big money for eating therefore they want to make their
mukbang more advertising are you gonna click on a picture of somebody with one
slice of pizza or are you gonna click on a picture with somebody with a whole
slice of pizza I mean with a whole pizza it doesn’t mean that that person is
gonna eat the whole pizza in real life some people may eat a whole pizza and some people may eat 1 2 1 2 2 slices or
4 slices if I’m really hungry I could probably eat 4 slices on average I could
probably eat 2 to 3 slices if I had something else that I was eating with it
like a salad or something our pilot just eat two slices this is actually two
slices because I just sliced my pizza into four so this is two slices so I
might eat one more big slice which will make four slices or I might eat a head I personally do not feel like the love
life contributes to gluttony obesity and overeating number one and then the lady
was saying that she’s promoting overeating to children listen people you
should have more influence over your children than anybody it doesn’t matter
who they watch who they like you have to if you’re gonna allow your children to
watch certain content and listen to certain music you have to make sure you
go back and you’re instilling a message to them about what they’re watching it’s
nobody else’s job to raise your children it’s nobody else’s job to be your
children’s role model to inspire and encourage your children in every single
thing that they do and say at the end of the day there is a message into
everything so if your children are watching muck burgers you need to let
them know everything is not what it seems these
people are not eating like this all day every day this may be one meal for them
they might eat like this and don’t eat again for two or three days some people
don’t eat every day some people don’t post mukbangs every
day some people might post a mukbang every
two to three days and on the days when they’re not Fehmi
they could be fasting they could be cleansing or they could be eating like
so you can’t take everything that you see on television and YouTube for face
value and then if a person everybody have a different body type
everybody have a different appetite everybody has a different makeup just a
different metabolism what be love can eat I can’t eat and I don’t try there is
no competition I ain’t trying to be like below that woman have a bottom
bottomless pit so you have to respect the fact that she can eat more and it’s normal
for her that’s what you guys have to keep in mind each and every person has a
different appetite of different metabolism excuse me
so what is normal for me might not be normal for you and even people who under
eat there I mean overeating it’s not the only thing that’s unhealthy not eating
and starving yourself is unhealthy not having a balance is unhealthy so don’t
just focus on one thing because that’s what you want to focus in on and
disregard everything else if be love life and other people have a different
metabolism where they can eat more and not gain weight then how are they
promoting gluttony and obesity if they are not obese nobody else is telling you
to go try to eat the amount of food that they are eating you are responsible at
the end of the day for putting whatever you put into your mouth and some people
can argue you might say that that person is promoting obesity but some people
will argue with you and say that they watch mug bangers eat and they eat less
because they’re getting the satisfaction from watching someone else eat instead
of eating themselves so there’s always a catch-22 to something where you see a
problem with something somebody else might not see a problem with it that’s why you have to be able to
respect other people and there are some other bigger muck bangers who eat a lot
of food and you may consider them to be gluttonous if you would like for me to
take a look at their channel talk about the situation from my perspective leave
it in the comments bar below because I don’t know every month banger I don’t
watch every month banger but if you have something there you feel like you want me to dress I’m
gonna try to cook this one in half because I’m not sure if I can eat the
whole thing soda making me burn but to eat its own
people because even at the end of the day the person that you do see that’s
obese and they’re constantly feeding their face and you think they’re
promoting obesity number one if they wasn’t on television because they are
obese they didn’t get listen you guys obesity existed before mukbangs obesity
existed before migraines and even if there’s a mukbang girl that’s obese nine
times out of ten you then mukbang girl was probably obese before they started
mukbang if they are going to eat like that anyway me personally I might find
something wrong with the way they’re eating but if they were gonna eat like
that off camera anyway then why not capitalize on making a living off of
doing something that you’re gonna do anyway maybe by them eating on camera
and making a living out for mukbangs maybe it would help them get financially
stable maybe it will motivate them once they start making a certain amount of
money and getting a certain amount of subscribers maybe it will motivate them
to start caring more about the way they eat maybe
they could afford now that they do mukbangs to get the professional help that they
need for their overeating I feel like with every negative there are many
positives and we need to look for the positives and also I feel like and I
know you guys are gonna come from me for this statement I feel like that we have
many opportunities to uplift and motivate and encourage people you don’t
have to always attack people and if you watch someone that you think is over
either and they’re overweight try to encourage them to eat healthier instead
of just telling them oh you overeating oh you promoting gluttony why don’t you
say I really would love to see you eat more healthier mukbangs we’re still
gonna watch you let them know that no matter what journey they decide to go on you are going to support them let them
know that you and then the thing that I dislike about I’m gonna just call them
trolls the thing that I’ve disliked about trolls on YouTube years you have a
problem with a certain thing you search out for people that fit their
characteristic and you taught them but if they weren’t obese if they weren’t
eating a lot of food you wouldn’t be watching them you wouldn’t be supporting
them so that’s the only reason why they were getting a view from you is because
you hate people that are overweight and hate is just as much of a problem as
overeating is because people want to say gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins
is hate on that list a sin is a sin you guys and when a person is eating and
overeating they’re only affecting their self in their life but when you hate you’re affecting yourself your life and
the people around you and the people that you’re hating so that’s what I feel
I don’t think that be love life is promoting gluttony I feel like she eats
what she canyons I don’t feel like she over eats I feel like she just happens
to be one of those people that could eat a lot we have to all know our own body
bodies our own appetite and don’t force yourself to eat anything that you cannot
eat I do not even if some people might think I might be overweight I’m not like
a big person and I’m not small small I could stand to lose a few pounds but
I’ve always had an up-and-down weight with issue I’ve never been like just too
big but I don’t force myself to overtly
overeat or eat anything and yeah sometimes I go to in three days without
eating not intentionally but sometimes it just happens and that’s been
happening for years so just cuz you see me eating three slices of pizza today
doesn’t mean that this is my first meal in two or three days
I didn’t eat nothing yesterday it wasn’t intentional so sometimes what you see on
camera has also other factors behind it that you don’t see so you cannot judge
things just for what you see and then some people were saying where Bella’s
life says she eat two or three times she eats twice a day well you’re supposed to
eat three meals a day so is she filming – my brains a day and
like she said she’s space it up one early in the morning and one late in the
evening how many times a day do you eat she just happens to be recording two
times a day so there you have it that is my thoughts
on whether or not I think be love life is promoting obesity and overeating and
number two you if you have young children you make groceries stop buying
junk food stop buying cereal stop buying frozen foods if your child is overweight
nine times out of ten you are two because they are eating what you’re
eating and they’re eating what you’re buying beloved life is not going to the
grocery store and making no groceries she ain’t going to the camera stop
beloved life is not going to the grocery store and making your groceries oh she
ain’t standing over your children feed near you are in control or what your
children eat because you purchased the food that they are eating so if your
child is up there overeating it’s because you purchased the food and you
haven’t taught them proper eating habits that is your responsibility if you want
your children to be healthy which I do feel like obesity and children is out of
hand in the United States of America we are the biggest obese country in the
world and it didn’t have anything to do with mukbangs
we were that before mukbangs even came about so take your health control but
what you eat into your own hands and don’t try to put the blame on somebody
else because you want to stuff your face and overeat every single day
that’s what tasty got to say about it okay and nobody paid me to say what I’m
saying that’s what I believe I believe if you want to be healthy then you will
focus on eating healthy and being healthy so let me know what you think
about this conversation in the comments bar below we are gonna go live tonight
to talk about this conversation so if you want to be a part of my live stream
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comment and I can read your comments in my new video oh by the way I want to
give a shout out to people I want to give a shout out to people who have left
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lives again he lives the girl in this game he lives girl a little girl there’s
a girl and the other comments are haters so we’re not gonna congratulate them in
this video thank you guys so much for tuning in today I will talk to you guys
later I love you so much my tingle tots and my
machi buddies mmm mmm I know hey Pacey month a tasty
mukbang tasty Monday tasty my bang tasty whooping tasty Mustang tasty mother
tasty my bang tasty my 350 my face tasty tasty tasty my baby kiss my birthday
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that I’m gonna be I think I’m gonna be 52 years old I don’t remember I stopped
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short story of the story is is that I didn’t get no gifts people usually
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years I did you know didn’t have no birthday party and nothing nobody
celebrated my birthday or gave me a birthday party because it was Christmas
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birthday is Vanessa birthday so guess what y’all just let’s say her a happy
birthday Indian by that time it was dark everybody was gone everybody was drunk
everybody was wasted everybody was fool oh okay y’all it’s my birthday on a
serious note be there or be square okay

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  1. I like you and Blove and I feel if you don't like them don't watch them…And Belove cant make you do nothing its your own chose….I feel life people are Jealous because Belove is rising to the top and she's meeting a lot of stars….That's How I Feel…Love You Tasty….💞💞💞💯💯💯

  2. hi beautiful good morning great video the pizza looks good and also this was a good topic too thanks for sharing this it was a good one i enjoyed it so much shoutout to you hope you have a great day beautiful peace

  3. This is weird u always seem to be talking about other Mukbangers talk about yourself. Blove is far from obese so what is your motive?

  4. Nice talk, mukbangers should not be responsible for obesity period, including Ms. Blove and yourself Ms.Tasty! People have to blame everyone and everything! They should only blame themselves for putting it in their bodies and watch what their children are watching and eating.

  5. Hello there My beautiful Tasty Mukbang Eats, how are you doing my dear, that pizza looks so delicious, you can fax me a slice lol, but you are so right, people shouldn't put a label on someone if they don't see them every day, they don't know how they eat everyday, we just do mukbangs for fun, and because we are hungry, because we haven't eaten all day, so good topic Tasty, and thanks for sharing your opinion, have a blessed day sweetie!😁👍🙏

  6. Actually if people ate like Belove (not the amount) eats they would loose weight! She eats a lot & from what I understand she always has, she eats more than her family but she eats almost no carbs & lots of veggies so NO!
    Obesity can come from just eating, there are a list illnesses that can make you fat, and no one should be that influenced by anyone. What you said Tasty.

  7. Hey we are a new subbie! We’re also a new supporter for your channel thanks so much for visiting our channel and checking out our video we also clicked the notification bell 🛎 for your channel too we would definitely love to support each other’s channels 😊❤️

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  9. Belovelife does promote Obesity , health is important. She is not God. But God has us to use goog judgement. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Eating like that can hurt you. I am in my sixty's. We do help one another . presentation means alot sis.

  10. I think that people on this platform YouTube or any other platform whether they be obese adults can do whatever they like that’s why YouTube trying to separate the children from the adults

  11. I’m a big person and some days I eat healthier and some days I eat unhealthy but both ways it’s my choice and so I think people need to stop trolling because their opinion is just that they opinion 🤷🏿‍♀️

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  13. Beloveslife isn't the only mukkbang out here!!. If you're going to call out beloveslife make sure you call everyone else.

  14. I agree Tasty. I started watching Mukbangs and it kept me full when I started Keto. People have to be responsible for their on actions and children if that comes into play💜

  15. If You On Here Commenting Something Mean Do Me A Huge Favor And Don’t Cause If You Had Watched It Until The End Then You Would Have Known That She Ain’t Coming For Nobody She Is Just Addressing To A Recent Comment That Was Said On Her Live That Is It That’s All !

  16. Crap needs to stop. MrsB is an amazing person period. She is not telling people to over eat she definately isnt promoting obesity. Wow really!!! People make their own decisions. They choose what to eat. Parents choose what their kids eat. So stop blaming. This crap is getting ridiculous if you cant handle MrsB dont frikkin watch. Thats it thats all period. She works hard she loves everyone. Grow up she isnt forcing anyone to over eat thats your choice. Im out.

  17. I feel people are responsible for there own actions me personally I don't do alot of the mukbang challenges due to my own weight issues I know my own limitations!!! Do I think Bloveslife should have been the only one called out in the title no I know some people consider her the Queen of mukbangs but there are alot of over weight mukbangers out here but again that's just my opinion. I do hear what you're saying and appreciate you speaking on this issue I've been feeling this for awhile now. I myself am about to start doing healthier mukbangs I just decused this with my husband today. I just feel that the title alone was off. And please don't say I'm taking up for Bloveslife I love and admire her but that's that! My thoughts are You're message was good but I feel it should have been addressed to the whole mukbang cummunity ❤️ #SkyRaysEats

  18. As for me and my channel I'm changing things up. I've never eaten massive amounts of food but the quality of the things I've eaten on my channel has changed drastically. I'm coming with more fresh veggies and healthier meals. Yes you're correct parents should explain Mukbanging to their children because most people don't eat competitively all day everyday. But for me I'm changing it up. I'm not doing challenges because what's the use if I can't compete but I'm enjoying watching everybody else attempt to complete them. I don't eat alot of food at all hands down most mukbangers beat me there LOL. But I respect what your saying and I believe that if people would have watched your video at least past 15 minutes they would have known that you weren't coming for Bloves life. Enjoyed your video.

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  21. I guess all mukbangers do including yourself!! You can’t be that dumb with them crazy ass eyes 🤦🏻‍♀️

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