Is Gluten-Free making you fat? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon | Debunking gluten-free myths
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Is Gluten-Free making you fat? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon | Debunking gluten-free myths

March 9, 2020

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we are looking at gluten. Gluten free diets are becoming
more and more popular nowadays. So many celebrities are promoting them. “So right
this second we’re doing gluten free dairy free which is so hard.” There are plenty
of gluten free YouTube videos too with what I eat in a day
gluten free gluten free dairy free gluten free vegan or a mixture all of
those things in there and you guys have asked me in the comments about gluten
and gluten free diets so many times. So is it serious or is it just a fad? The
current market for gluten free foods are sitting at 4 billion dollars a year and
that is set to increase to 6.5 billion by 2025! The crazy thing is that even
though gluten-free foods are skyrocketing,
the demand for wheat is also increasing which is very interesting and I’ll
explain how that works later on in the video. Firstly what even is gluten? I
don’t know I don’t know I don’t know no one knows. 🤣As soon as I know I’m
sure you guys will be the first to know like I promise like it will be
everywhere! Gluten is actually the protein part of the wheat grain it’s
also found in rye and barley and it’s not really found in any other grains so
it’s unique to the wheat rye and barley the word gluten actually means glue and
it helps to bind together doughs and give them that stretchy feel. There are
lots of gluten-free flours available on the market now you’ll be able to find
them quite easily in most supermarkets and if we have a look on the back here
you can see this one is made mainly from starches so maize and tapioca starch
then flours rice and maize flour rice bran and thickener four one five.
Thickener four one five is xanthum gum and that’s used very often in
gluten-free flours to try and mimic the gluten effect. Now if I was to make a
bread dough out of normal flour and then make the exact same recipe out of
this gluten-free flour you’ll be able to easily see the difference. The one made
from the normal flour is really stretchy you can just pull it it’s quite elastic
and that’s the gluten in it that is allowing it to stretch. By comparison the
exact same bread recipe but with the gluten-free flour in it just pulls apart
it’s not stretchy because it doesn’t have any gluten in it. It does have the
xanthum gum in it so it has a little bit of stretch to it but it’s just not the
same. If you take the normal bread dough you can actually wash it under water and
wash away all the starch because the gluten is not soluble in water it’s not
going to dissolve. So if you just keep washing that dough under water after
about 10 minutes you end up with all these little bits of gluten and if you
keep washing away the starch eventually you’re left with a ball of gluten or the
stretchy wheat protein. Now if I do the same thing with the gluten-free flour
and run that under running water and just keep washing it and washing it
there is no gluten in it so you end up just washing everything away until you
have just an empty sieve. Now we can take the ball of gluten and I can now show
you what gluten does … if I put that in the microwave there’s still a little bit
of water in here from washing it so that’s going to create steam and the
gluten see how that’s stretching and making bubbles. This is what it does in
the bread too as the steam comes and the yeast creates gas the gluten
stretches and creates bubbles and gives it that texture that you get in the
bread … that airy holey structure to it now a strange that looks this ball of
pure gluten is the main ingredient in a vegan meat replacer that is very popular
in Asian countries particularly in China and in Japan. There is a product brand
called I think it’s Seitan (tell me if I’ve pronounced that incorrectly
I’m sure I probably have) it has all different flavors and varieties of vegan
meat replacer that’s made using this wheat gluten. If you want
to try making your own all you need to do is make the ball of gluten. Chuck 🇦🇺that
in the blender with some beans and some barbecue sauce and then you can add
whatever other flavoring you want like some powdered onions and powdered garlic
whatever you want in there. Make it into whatever shape you want it to be then
steam that for 20 minutes. Now it expands as it cooks so it’ll be bigger after
that and then once it cools you can use it just like normal meat. Slice it,
stir-fry it or crumb coat it … now I do realize that eggs are not vegan so don’t
roast me 🥚 you can use whatever vegan egg replacers you like here and then you can
fry it up. It feels softer to cut through the normal meat does and it looks like
chicken the Seiton has a brown color added to it obviously to make it look
more meat colored. It’s a little bit softer and tiny bit watery in your mouth
compared to meat but it’s actually not bad I thought it was going to be
horrible but it’s actually edible is actually pretty good. Now this is why the
wheat sales have continued to rise even though gluten-free has been on the rise
because the demand for vegan meat replacers has been taking off around the
world and gluten because it is quite chewy it gives more of that texture that
meat has when compared to something like tofu or just using beans on their own it
gives more of a meat texture so that has just taken off and increased the demand
for wheat. Anyway I digress back to our bread if I have the two dough’s one made
with gluten-free flour and one made with normal flour the exact same recipe and
then I bake those in the oven you can see that the one made with the normal
flour has risen right up. Now they both have yeast in it and yeast has made
bubbles of air in there but the gluten has been able to stretch and hold the
shape of those bubbles and as it’s baked it kind of sets and then you end up with
those bubbles staying all the way through the bread. Whereas the gluten
free flower just wasn’t able to replicate
that. So using the exact same recipe you end up with a completely different end
product so you have to make quite a lot of alterations in gluten-free cooking in
order to end up with a similar end product. I’ll put a few tips on the how
to cook that website for different baking things and things you can do in
order to change the recipe to make it a little bit better if you’re making
gluten-free recipes. So because of the increased demand for gluten-free food
there is so much more available now but it is still heaps more expensive so for
example to buy gluten-free bread cost me three times the price of buying normal
bread for the same amount of bread 💵Wow. the other products I got were all the
least double if not one and a half times as expensive so the bread was the most
difference in price but I thought what would do is do some taste testing so
I’ve got Dave in because you know who loves to taste things. Hmmm, love the taste. The honest reviewer!
And I’ve got a little sign it says gluten-free Dave and gluten-free Ann so
that we can taste and then put it next to the one we think is gluten-free so
I’ve got a few different things to taste so let’s start with the bread to start
with this one … all right okay okay so bread mmm definitely bready 🍞 In this one
we’re gonna go this one is gluten free because I like that one better and I’m assuming the GF one won’t be as good. that one’s a little fluffier it is it’s
a lot more fluffy a bit more chewy in the texture. So we’re going for this one
as gluten free let me check if we’re right right. Gluten Free. One point for you one point for me. Yeah! Alright next I got one of your favorites yeah some crackers
maybe let’s taste this one first… hmm Those ones are good? Just thinking it through. These ones
obviously lacking the food coloring of the other ones but let’s give them a taste.
They’re actually not bad the texture’s not bad it doesn’t have anywhere near the flavor
punch of those ones mm-hmm this one has a far more flavoring added to it but the
texture of those. They’re alright. pretty nice
they’re definitely the gluten free ones. I’m going to gluten free as well
with those ones let me talk not too bad I think we can tell by looking at them
gluten-free 1 point each… easy to tell so far moving on let’s have a taste I’m gonna
break this one. Wow oh wow crunchy bit dry mm-hmm definitely come a
little bit of strength to it that one. it tastes like it has the feeling like I’ve
just put flour in my mouth mmm it’s that dryness with the extra. That’s
not quite what I was expecting. It’s still alright. This one melt in your mouth not
gluten-free. gluten-free wait I haven’t decided yet. You can choose. It’s really
hard to replicate the exact qualities of gluten in wheat in a recipe with no
gluten. I’m assuming we’re right but let’s check … 3 for 3 so far. This is
the best taste test I’ve done in years! Definitely months … too many debunking videos! Oreos. That’s similar to the last one
when you first bite into it it’s good it’s got the crunch and then you get
that floury aftertaste. That’s like a cheap cookie I know it’s probably
three times the price but that’s like one of those cheap cookies you get now
they’ve ripped off the real thing. Not so nice. We should try the real thing
though yeah we’ve already decided but just in case. These are called Weet-bix and
there are very well known Aussie breakie 🇦🇺 Aussie kids are weet-bix kids. I
like them crunchy with the milk just poured on do you like them crunchy or soggy? I quite like them soggy. well I’m gonna have to eat fast so they
can taste each one. Alright I’ll try this one here yeah it looks a little bit composty this one. It looks healthy. That one tastes like Weet-Bix Wow! That tastes like hay… if I was a cow I’d definitely be getting into that. Let’s double check, does that say gluten-free? It does.
GF Dave says this is gluten-free.. We’ve got all of these right. There’s one more to go. Oh this is my favorite mm-hmm pretty excited right now. mm-hmm
I like it, try this one. One time I was in Malaysia and I got some twisties and I didn’t check the
flavor and it was cuttlefish flavored twisties which was horrendous but I was
really hungry so I ate them. I think they’re gluten-free cos they’re a little
bit cuttlefishy. They don’t taste of cuttlefish. I think you’re a real fan of Twisties. Oh I’m a connoisseur
I should be their ambassador … twisties watch this video do me a solid.
Whereas I could take or leave twisties so both of them taste perfectly fine to me but I can tell. Well I’ll take them then.
But I can tell they’ve got a stronger flavor to them a bit like the crackers did
so I’d say these are the gluten-free but I’m gonna stick with my real twisties. So
as you can see we could easily tell the difference between all of those foods
we’ve both got all of them right, which ones are GF and which ones weren’t. So taste wise and texture wise it takes a lot of work to try and
replicate a recipe that has gluten in it and make it gluten-free but perhaps
because it doesn’t taste as good maybe that’s why a 65% of Americans
think that gluten-free products are healthy. So if it tastes bad it must be good
for you. That’s the logic ok and 30% of Americans
currently trying a gluten-free diet. To lose weight. Yes because they think it’s
healthy … eating gluten-free will help them lose weight. As you saw before
though with the bread you can’t just swap gluten-free flour
for normal flour you have to actually modify the recipe to get an end result
that looks this close to the original one so let’s just have a look at a few
of the products and see what difference nutritionally changing the recipe makes
to the end product. If we start the twisties they’re not good for you anyway
sorry Dave but a packet of normal twisties has four teaspoons of fat in it
and a packet of gluten-free twisties has six teaspoons of fat in it. So it’s got a lot more
and the reason for that is gluten-free products tend to taste very dry in your
mouth. A way that manufacturers overcome that dryness is they add more
fat so you’d think you’d add more moisture but fat actually gives that
moist mouth feel so if you think about eating a really fatty steak it tastes a
lot more moist than a totally lean steak that tends to taste quite dry … it’s the
fact that gives you that moistness in your mouth. Probably more important is
something like bread that people might eat more regularly. The gluten-free bread
is higher in fat and has less fibre and less vitamins and less minerals in it
than the normal bread does. The cereal which normally has virtually no fat in
it and a good amount of fibre, when compared to the gluten-free one it has
two teaspoons of fat in every serve and only half the fibre of the normal Weet
Bix. Studies across all gluten-free foods have found that is pretty much the
case most gluten-free foods are higher in calories higher in fat lower in fiber
and lower in vitamins especially B vitamins than their non gluten-free
counterparts and there was one study done that showed that people who are
consuming a gluten-free diet therefore tended to have higher calories
and actually gain weight than people who were not on a gluten-free diet. So should
anyone be on a gluten-free diet? Well there’s one group of people
who definitely have to be on a gluten-free diet and that’s people with
celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where your body sees
gluten as foreign so if you eat gluten it sends out an immune response
to attack the gluten and unfortunately while it’s doing that it also does damage
to the gut. Our gut is pretty amazing if you take just the small intestines and
spread them out into one long tube rather than all curled up it’s actually
seven meters long and about three centimeters in diameter but it has the
absorptive area to absorb nutrients into the body of about the size of a tennis
court. Now if you’re good at maths you’ll have gone hang on a minute that doesn’t
add up … if you take a cylinder that’s 7 meters long and three and a half
centimeters in diameter and you flatten that out then you’ve got a rectangle
seven meters long by the circumference of the circle which is 2 Pi R which
turns out to be nine point four centimeters … put that into meters 🧮 and
then you times the length by the width and it has a surface area of only zero
point six five eight meters squared so how is that even possible? they’re
completely different numbers one is way bigger than the other. Well the inside of
the intestine is not smooth instead it’s ridged – like a ridged pipe all the way
along it has these ridges and folds and that increases the surface area somewhat
but the really tricky thing that increases it amazingly is it has these
little things called villi or little bits that come up about a millimeter
they’re only small all over the surface of the whole small intestine … a bit like
a shag carpet or who looks a bit like this with all these different villi
sticking up. Now in someone who has celiac disease when the immune response
happens and it damages the gut it damages all those villi and they get
flattened down. So now the surface area for absorbing nutrients is greatly
greatly decreased back down to that small little area so they often tend to
be malnourished because they can’t absorb the nutrients that they need. So
before diagnosis people with celiac disease can often have vitamin
deficiencies and be underweight and I’m wondering if that’s where the confusion
has come in although it doesn’t really make sense because once you’re diagnosed
and you stop eating gluten and the gut repairs then you can start absorbing
nutrients and then they tend to put on weight which is a good thing if they’re
underweight and malnourished they need to put on some weight and absorb some
good nutrients. Now you’d think the increase in the amount of gluten-free
products is a dream come true for people with celiac disease and in certain
circumstances it is but there’s a downside to it … for people with celiac
disease even eating a tiny amount of gluten so something as small as this
crumb of normal bread which I’m struggling to get on my finger … something
as small as that can cause the allergic reaction which can damage their gut! So
they have to avoid it and they have to make sure they don’t have any
cross-contamination. I’ve got a friend in Sydney who has celiac disease and she
like most people with celiac has little heatproof bags to put her bread in in
the toaster so she doesn’t get any of anyone else’s bread crumbs on her bread
so there’s no cross-contamination there. I know my friend also says she has
trouble now when she goes out to cafes and restaurants because there are so
many people who were ordering gluten-free to lose weight that chefs
aren’t being super careful about that cross-contamination, whereas if you go
back 15 years the only people ordering gluten free were people with celiac
disease so they took it very seriously and made sure a bit like someone with a
peanut allergy you’d make sure they don’t get even a trace in there and
that’s how careful people with the celiac disease need to be. The other
group of people who need to avoid gluten is people with gluten sensitivity.
Now gluten sensitivity is not celiac disease it is different. They don’t have
that immune response they don’t have all the villi disappearing they still have
normal gut absorption but they do get some gastrointestinal symptoms if they
eat gluten and they can range from things like stomach
cramps, diarrhea, bloating some people say they get foggy head as well.
you wouldn’t get just that though if you didn’t have the gastrointestinal
symptoms when eating gluten. Now this one’s a bit harder to diagnose with
celiac disease there’s a blood test and then they’ll do an endoscopy so they put
a camera down your throat down your esophagus, through your stomach into your
small intestine and they’ll have a look there with that camera and see the villi
they are very small so they’ll often also take a biopsy which looks pretty
brutal but that is taking a little sample and then they can look at that
under the microscope and see if those villi are there or if they’re flattened
out. Now of course if someone hasn’t eaten gluten their gut will have
repaired so that test is only helpful if you’ve been eating gluten for at least
the two weeks before the test if someone tells you that you need that test make
sure you’re not eating gluten-free before it. So if you think you might have
celiac disease go see your doctor and they can certainly test you for that. Now
if you think you may have gluten sensitivity then try a gluten-free diet
for a couple of weeks then try a challenge day and add gluten in. Only
do that if you had two weeks symptom free if you’re still getting the
symptoms that wasn’t the cause of them. So if you had two weeks symptom free do
a challenge day add it back in and see if you get that response again then you
may be gluten sensitive and that may be the problem. The reason why I
say it may be is because when they’ve done studies with people who say they’re
gluten sensitive and they do a double-blind challenge which means the
person giving you the tablet doesn’t know what’s in it and you don’t know
what’s in it, half them a placebo half of them are actually gluten, of the people
who are given gluten and this is people who said they’re sensitive to gluten
only a third of them actually had a reaction. The rest of them didn’t have a
reaction at all so that can mean … one you could say well it was just a placebo
effect they eat gluten and they feel bad but those symptoms are pretty bad
symptoms so I would say that’s unlikely it’s probably more likely that they’re
actually reacting to something else in the wheat. So if you look at the
fodmap diet wheat barley rye are all under the fructan section so they
could be having a reaction to that. They could be having a reaction to various
other things in the wheat other than the gluten and it would be good to be
able to pinpoint that but to be honest if you are just avoiding gluten and
having none of those unpleasant symptoms and it’s working for you and with a
challenge you’re getting them back then you should be okay to keep going on that.
Other than that if you don’t have gluten sensitivity and you don’t have celiac
disease you don’t need to be on a gluten-free diet and in fact it’s not
going to be healthier for you it may make you gain weight. I hope you’ve
learnt something new today I’d like to say thank you to my patrons for all of
your support every single month I really appreciate it 💕 it encourages me
to keep making videos for you and it supports me to be able to buy expensive
gluten-free products and ingredients and all of those sort of things. I would also
like to say thank you to all my subscribers if you’re not one of them
you can join them by clicking subscribe and then clicking on the 🔔 and
clicking all notifications so YouTube actually lets you know when I upload a
new video. BLOOPERS. That makes nutritionally… nutritionally and 30% of Americans are
currently currently let’s try that again I have to change the recipe completely
blah blah … it is just very unique as far Do you want me to do it? as you
something that gluten. Gluten is good for your glutes and as Germans say gluten
Morgan! Last time or this we’re gonna nail this. If we don’t get this we’re not doing it. Not doing it at all. Cancelling the whole video?!
wow wow wow. click here to watch some debunking videos, here to watch some
recipes, make a great week and I’ll see on Friday 💝

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  33. This is nice and thorough. Chefs not taking gluten intolerance seriously shows a lack of training. Not the fault of people trying out a gluten-free diet. Losing weight isn't everyone's goal, many people have unexplained bowel problems and pains and trying out 'fad' diets is the only thing that might help find out what's wrong when doctors are no help, and gaining weight is not the worst thing in the world is it?

  34. Thank you Ann for explaining this for us. I love learning new things, this about gluten I did not know. Have a great week 😊 all the best from Norway ❤

  35. A couple friends of mine have gluten allergies so if I cook stuff for them I will make sure to use a gluten free alternative, such as making the crust for a pecan pie with almond or coconut flower. I always have to change the amounts of some of the ingredients in the crust to get the desired end result though and it still does not taste like normal crust. I completely agree with the idea that gluten free alternatives taste different but at least not all of em taste bad (my one friend with the gluten allergy really liked the one pecan pie my mother and I made for him for Thanksgiving)

  36. I try to cut out more gluten and simple carbs because of my hypothyroidism. Rice and oats are gluten free but I have to be careful not to eat rice too much or alone because the sugars. But if I’m going to eat bread, pizza dough, etc. screw it! I’m going to make an exception for those foods and instead just eat them a lot less.

  37. In the US there is an overload of glyphosate (Roundup) that wheat is drenched in, even cross contaminating non-gluten and "organic" crops. Nobody seems to take this into account, but it's a factor, for me, anyway. The stuff is vile and it's everywhere, and it's killing off insects and birds and damaging the water table. I can eat wheat grown, processed and packaged from France and Italy fairly well, with fewer symptoms, but I can't touch the stuff here in the US.

  38. This was actually very informative cus I didn't even know what celiac was and how bad it can effect people. And the knowledge that Gluten free diets don't actually help lose weight was actually shocking and reinforces my belief that people legit do no research their diets before trying them.

    You ma'am have gotten a new subscriber.
    Also the gentlemen who joined you was a hoot.

  39. god i hope this video isn't fatphobic. too scared to spend 20 minutes watching a video that seems kind of fatphobic!

  40. So these gluten free tards who do not have a serious allergy to gluten are just doo doo heads who think they know what’s good for them when they in deed do not

  41. I mean, to me it always seemed obvious. If a product is "Sugar free" but still tastes sweet enough, chances are it was swapped out for something as bad, if not worse. Same with "Gluten free" versions of starchy products, or "Lite" versions of fatty products. For most companies making this sort of product, the health of the consumer is not the concern; the selling of the product is. If they can make a trend seem healthy or good for dieting without stating it as such, then they see it as a win because they are appealing to a demographic directly that craves specific things, so keeping their customers means they never lose business. To keep the business, they make the food trend of the year seem palatable and make money off fads. It's almost sinister in my opinion.
    On that topic, "Diet" food and "Health" foods are not the same either. "Diet" food is trying to slim you but a lot of the time it is just replacing ingredients for others which are not going to make you healthier on the inside, it will just make you look thinner or put on less weight. It's probably not great for you long term as you may find you are missing vitamins and proteins you didn't realise you were lacking. Same with vegan foods or ___free food. Don't be caught out.
    If I want to have a healthier diet, I just make my own food from scratch. I make vegetable meals where I can physically control the added sugar, salt, fat, meat, milk, gluten, bla bla bla etc in the dish. If I make enough, I can freeze it down and make microwave meals for the week in just one or two cooking sessions. Trust me, if you want a proper diet, you will be better off not trying the expensive substitution foods and stick to making homemade healthy recipes you can search for online…. They are a lot tastier too.

  42. I think people are confused. When recent diet fads like Keto are all about reducing carbohydrates, maybe people are confusing gluten and starch for carbohydrates generally, so they assume cutting gluten is the same or as healthy as cutting carbs. Just more misinformed people trying to get slim quick.

  43. Finally someone is bringing attention to this disease,, as someone with celiac disease, I can 100% say that it SUCKS. It is so incredibly hard to find some where with good tasting and completely gluten free food. There have been far too many times where the food has turned out to be contaminated and I start getting those god awful stomach cramps. If you don't have a gluten allergy then PLEASE don't eat gluten free… It's making people be less careful with our food which causes such extreme pain to us 🙁 The food tastes like cardboard already, don't add more suffering for us by making it not even gluten free

    (edit because I wasn't very clear-)
    You can eat gluten free even if you don't have some sort of gluten intolerance if someone in your family also has it! But please don't just be some rich guy trying to be 'healthier' or 'trendier'

  44. I waited for 15min for you to mention Celiac Disease, I was getting ready to slam this video so hard. While I wished you had mentioned it much earlier, I am very glad you did. My Mom has suffered from Celiac for 40 years long before anyone knew what it was. Only in the last 10 years has awareness become mainstream enough that now its fairly easy for her to find a variety of foods to eat. When she does indulge in something with gluetin, depending on the amount, she can become very sick. This is not a fake disease, its not just a fad, this is a very real affliction.

  45. "Normal flour"… you mean wheat flour? Cause rice flour, corn flour, etc. are also perfectly normal.
    Is wheat demand really increasing because of a (relatively) small number of people wanting meat replacements? I do know quite a few people who eat plant based/centred diets, but most of them rarely eat fake meats I think. I would've thought maybe an increase in wheat demand could be due to 'Westernisation' of food in countries that formerly didn't use wheat as much? Or the general overproduction of food, cause making too much and throwing half of it away is cheaper than producing a smaller amount? Idk tho.

    Issue with using the "exact same recipe" with different ingredients… well, it's not the exact same recipe, is it. Of course it's gonna turn out different.

    Huh, what's that last thing you tried? Twisties? They look like peanut curls to me, which I think are always gluten free anyway XD But idk what they are supposed to be lol.
    I had've had some gluten free choc chip cookies once that were pretty decent. Yanno, for store bought choc chip cookies lol. Didn't try them side by side with some gluten ones, but eh, they were nice cookies, not gonna complain ^^
    I feel sorry for people who have to eat gluten free, cause most of the gluten free stuff seems to be pretend healthy aka tastes bland stuff -.-

  46. Low carb "breads" have the same problem. Most common flours (wheat, rice, oats and etc) are relatively high in carbohydrates, so all sorts of things are substituted. They do not make good bread.

  47. The gluten-free diet movement is so bad and so good at the same time. It means more gluten-free foods for people who can’t have gluten, but also causes them to be made fun of cause people think they are just on a basic white girl diet and not on a medically necessary diet.

  48. I have celiac disease and the great thing about these gluten free diet fad is that more gluten free foods can be found in markets. It gives a lot more options for me and my family

  49. i feel like the checkout would've covered something like this back when it was still airing 🙁 thanks for this, ms reardon

  50. A few years ago when the gluten-free fad was new and HUGE, I was working as a waiter in a restaurant and sooo many customers wanted gluten-free bread instead of the regular. But often those same people would be ordering ales and other foods (e.g breaded meats, wheat-based sauces and desserts) without caring if they had gluten in them or not, even when I pointed it out 🙄 That really did make me feel like I didn't need to be careful about cross-contamination. Yikes!

  51. Could you do a video on activated charcoal recipes. There are a few on YT (charcoal smoothies, ice cream etc.) but are the health benefits actually legitimate ?

  52. I was so amazed, intrigued and appalled with all the information until that "as Germans say Gluten Mogen" .. I lost all my composture. Love it XD

  53. People like sssniperwolf is a example of people who need things like gluten free bread because she is allergic

  54. This is good and all but for some people it is healthier to eat gluten free because of diseases that they might have. I know someone who can't eat it because of they're disease(can't remember the name) and gluten effects me really badly because of the disease that I have.

  55. People with Ulcerative colitis also react negatively to gluten! I know because I have it. I know not everyone with this disease react the way I do but I'm sure there are others who do

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