Jaden Smith’s Vegan Diet Drained Him?!

October 2, 2019

Among the huge number of people who are now
deciding to go vegan, there is Jaden Smith. Despite allegedly saving the planet, can veganism
put the health of those who choose that diet at serious risk? Well, apparently, in the case of the oldest
Pinkett-Smith kid, it did. So stay with me to find out why Jaden Smith’s
vegan diet resulted in an emergency family meeting! The vegan diet won’t save the planet by
itself so that’s why about 250 thousand people marched through the streets of NYC
to demand international governments to take better measures to save the environment. Among the protesters there was Jaden Smith,
who also took to the main stage together with his sister, Willow, to remind people about
how important it is to change the planet to leave the future generations a better place
to live. By the way, since we are talking about him,
recently Jaden also gave us something else to talk about. And yes, it involves his struggle to save
the Earth but in turn, he put his own health in danger. A few days ago the whole Smith family met
on Jada’s talk show, “Red Table Talk,” what, by the way, happens very rarely. At least Will doesn’t appear there that
often. But, this time he showed up and the main topic
of that episode was nutrition. So the former “Fresh Prince of Rap” confessed
that he loved to eat and during the last family vacations he devoured about 4 or 5 muffins
for breakfast. But, that wasn’t the worst thing, because
after eating, he went back to sleep. For lunch every day he had a glass of Moscow
mule. Honestly, I had no idea what that was, so
I googled it and it turned out that it’s a cocktail made of vodka, spicy ginger beer
and lemon juice. However, at one point, Will realized that
he had no idea what it meant to eat healthily. At 50, he barely understood the meaning of
the phrase “you are what you eat.” That discovery led him and Jada to have a
close look at the eating habits of each member of the family, and that was how they discovered
that Jaden’s weight loss was alarming. It turns out that the oldest of the Smith
kids for some time was vegetarian, and then he tried to go vegan. However, Will and Jada had to stage an intervention
when they noticed that their son looked drained. And, Jaden not only looked much thinner because
he’s already been quite skinny before making that decision. But, what definitely set off the alarms of
his parents were the dark circles under his eyes and the grayish color of his skin. During the talk show, Jaden admitted that
he had a difficult time because he felt weak and had problems with sleeping. And, to make things worse, during a visit
to Australia he felt so faint and dizzy that he had to be taken to a hospital. Because of that, Jada and Will decided to
call a nutrition expert to educate their kids. For now, the whole family is hoping for the
best for everyone, regardless of the diet that everyone chose. So, do you think this was a good family intervention? What do you think about Jaden’s decision and
about veganism in general? If you’re not vegan, do you think you could
be? Let me know what you think in the comments
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