Jammer and Poli Talk Strawberry Nutrition

October 4, 2019

Hi folks, I’m Jammer and in case you haven’t
noticed I’m a strawberry. Oh is that what you are? I had no idea. That’s my friend Poli
Polinater! I’m what’s known as a nutrient dense food.
Did you just say you’re dense? Yes. Nutrient dense foods like strawberries
are those providing the greatest amounts of vitamins and minerals with the fewest calories. Okay Mr. Dense, what kind of vitamins?
Why we’re loaded with vitamin C and we’re an excellent source of potassium and folic
acid, which helps the body metabolize protein. Oooh, well I’m loaded with vitamin bee! (Get
it?) Yeah, because you’re a bee.
Yeah yeah… because I’m a bee… Listen to this Poli, strawberries might also
help fight cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses.
Whoa, ok Dr. Jammer, that is pretty impressive. Why we’re fat free, low in calories and we
can be eaten on the run! Whoa! Ok, well where do I get some?
Florida strawberries are available now through April in the produce section of your local
supermarket. Hahaha, vitamin bee… that is a good one.
Good, good.

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