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Kids Try Endangered Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

October 26, 2019

– Is there a animal in it? – [Man] No. – Okay. – [Man] Except for panda. (cheerful acoustic guitar music) – [Man] Do you know what
you’re trying today? – No. – [Man] We’re making this video
with Google Arts & Culture. – Whoa. – [Man] To learn about endangered foods. – Dangered? – [Man] When you think
endangered, what do you think of? – One of those, like Amazon tree frogs. – A panda, or a Bengal tiger or something. – [Man] Today, you’re gonna
be eating panda burgers. – Are you actually gonna, wait. – Like, foods that are in
risk of, like, dying out, but not the species, like the traditions and the meals, and– – [Man] Yeah. – Oh, my gosh. – [Man] What is that? – Cinnabon delights. – Yummy. – [Man] What’s it taste like? – Apples and joy. – Mmmm, the powder tastes good. – I’m gonna eat one more. – [Man] The majority of them made today are low quality industrial brands. – Oh, so they’re dying out because they’re being mass produced
instead of homemade? – But they’re so good. – I’m gonna tell my mom to bake these. – [Man] What’s better,
homemade or store bought? – Homemade. – Homemade, duh. – Homemade. – [Man] Is that something
you would want to make? – Well, we’re not going to
do it but other people can. Danish people can. – Mmmmmm. – [Man] So this is actually
a really ancient recipe. – Can I keep eating? It’s really good. – [Man] Yeah. – These are just lemon cookies,
how are they endangered? – They’re really good. – [Man] It’s from a
specific area and younger people are losing the
tradition of making them. – [Both] Oh. – [Man] Do you guys make food at home? – Technically, once a month. But, we have basketball practice. – I don’t like it. – [Man] Normally people
would make this for special occasions like weddings. – Why? – [Man] Would you ever
consider getting married? – No, because you know,
I’m going to be famous soon and I wouldn’t wanna worry
about having a girlfriend or you know, having kids. Just you know, living my own life. – Do you plan on getting married? – I don’t know, do you? – Nope. Children and
marriage is overrated. – [Man] Would you be sad if
people stopped making these? – I mean, I personally
don’t have a personal connection with these cookies. But for the people that do, yeah. – If they stopped making
sprinkles, I’d be sad. – [Man] I think sprinkles
are okay for now. – Is it, like– Ewww, wait is there something in it? Wait. – Are they tamales? – [Man] It’s a specific kind of tamale. – Usually there’s fillings. – It’s quite bland. – [Man] You guys gonna actually make one? – What? – Hi, I’m Cosmo. – Hi. – Can you pinch off a
little bit of the dough? – Yeah. And shape into ball. – Vanessa said it tasted kind of bland. – I know, I tasted the lime in it. – Sorry, yeah, you didn’t taste any lime. – Yeah I did, Vanessa. – It was just kinda–
– Do you cook at home? – Only in like, the microwave. – Just the microwave? What do you make in the microwave? – Corn dogs. – Corn dogs? – Yeah. (laughing) – All right, be careful. – (mumbling) I can. – There you go, all right. – There we go, it’s pointy! – Yeah.
– How often do you guys cook? – Not much.
– We never cook. – Not much? What do you like to make for yourself? – Cereal is what I make the most. – You think you’ll go home and make some? – No. (laughing) – [Man] Do you ever eat Mac And Cheese? – Uh huh, uh huh, I love
Mac And Cheese! (slurping) – [Man] So imagine in the future, kids don’t get to eat
Mac And Cheese anymore. – (gasps) – [Man] Imagine corn dogs don’t exist. – I don’t want, that isn’t– I don’t even want to just think about it. – [Man] All these dishes at one point was somebody’s Mac And Cheese. – (gasp) – [Man] People aren’t
making them anymore and they’re gonna be forgotten. – (crying) Aw. – [Vanessa] Burnt bread. – No, just bread Vanessa! – It’s burnt bread. – You did an amazing job,
she’s just inconsiderate. – [Man] Have you ever used a knife before? – No. Ah. – [Man] Oh! – Is that pizza in it? Eww, I don’t, what? – Oh, it’s actually super heavy. Oh my lord. – Is there dog food in here or that fish? – Fish mix? – Yeah, there’s fish
in here. There’s bacon. – Ugh. – Maybe some pork. – That’s not a good combination. – Oh my, the body. – [Man] Eat it. – (high pitched screaming) – Mmmmm, bacon. – This stuff is really
good, especially the bacon. It really adds to it. – How long did it take to bake this? 20 hours?! – [Man] Would you guys
even be able to make this? – No. – No, first we’re bad cooks. – And second we have school.
– And second it takes too– Yeah, we’re pretty busy and
we actually want to sleep. – [Man] Is it worth it? – Yeah. – [Man] Are you going to apologize for saying that it’s burnt? – No! – [Man] She’s right there. – Because it is burnt because that’s the way
that you prepare it. It’s part of the dish. – Vanessa, that’s so inconsiderate! I’m sorry about her, she doesn’t– knows nothing about food. – [Man] How was that? – Yummy. – [Man] Was that your favorite so far? – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. – Uh, cookie. – [Man] It’s not a cookie. – It’s not a cookie? – [Man] This is Columbian cheese bread. – Mmmmm. – Good, I would consider this a cookie. – It’s so cheesy. Yeah, it’s pretty good actually. – And that’s a shame if it’s endangered. – I kind of like it. It’s like a full balance
of sweet and savory. – Yeah. – [Man] Do you want to
see how to make this? – Mmmhmmm.
– Do you like that one? – Yeah! – What are you awesome at making? – Fresh pasta. – Fresh pasta, do you make the dough from scratch and everything? – Yep. – That’s awesome. Are you going to teach your
kids how to make pasta? – Oh, probably. – Do you know how many kids you want? – Uh, probably like two. – Two. – [Man] What are their names? – This has gone too far. – Why do you think it’s so endangered? – It’s specific to that region and the ingredients that they have there. – So is this the same? – Technically, no. – There you go. All right, should I go bake it now? – Yeah. (laughing) – [Man] Do you carry family recipes? – My mom’s fried rice and I love it. – [Man] What are you going to do to keep the food that you love
from going endangered? – Keep making it every year. – [Man] Is anything forever? – Uh, it’s hard to tell. Maybe matter and energy. – [Man] Are you forever? – No. – No, we’re all going to die. – [Boy] You guys should check out– – [Vanessa] Google Arts
and Culture to see more – [Boy] examples of foods
that are going extinct. – [Vanessa] You mean endangered. – [Boy] Endangered, endangered. – [Vanessa] Yes, there you go.

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  1. Omg I've never been so excited for pirichittus/picchirittus before
    Proud Sardinian here
    They are actually so good and they used to be made for special occasions (like weddings) and specific times of the year like a specific holiday and that's why we're kinda losing the tradition of making them
    But they are still made in bakeries and such and people still buy them in a big quantity (but this kind of bakeries are like homemade food)
    Anyway if you're lucky you get to cook them with maybe your grandmother
    Lotta fun

  2. “Is anything forever?”
    “I don’t know, it’s hard to tell. Maybe matter and energy?”

    Am I the only one who heard this response?

  3. "We're not going to make this but other people can; Danish people can." Yeah, this is how the pandas are going extinct.

  4. Vanessa…..smh…maybe I just don’t like this generation’s teenagers, man I didn’t like teens when I WAS one. I was just expecting the cute kids…😑

  5. I think its more sad when goberment tries to erase a language,like my language, catalan, its going to extincion.

  6. I am from Denmark and i always buy pancake balls in the store. I can’t make them homemade, with i think most of us from Denmark can’t😂

  7. I'm sorry were TF do you get your information from?😂 æbleskiver are in no way endangered at all, its a Christmas/winter food and we eat a metric f**kton of them every year with marmalade and powdered sugar. like its not been Christmas before ive eaten at least fifty of those bastards within the month! stands selling them or GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE AT EVENTS pop up every winter and you can get them at the hardware store from a tent with gløgg (mulled wine).
    Sure we don't make them as much as we used to from scratch, but that's because the ones you buy in a two kilo bag for basically nothing, are a completely acceptable substitute and you can only make like seven at once in the otherwise useless kitchen gadget the æbleskive pande. theyre fine trust me on that one 🙏

  8. I don't like that girl that looks like a boy. she's wiping her hands on her brother(?) talking over him talking non stop …

  9. Okay that little girl with black hair who liked kalakukko melted my heart. I come from Savonia in Finland where that dish is from. Now I feel like eating some kalakukko.

  10. “ can u imagine if in the future no one ate corndogs”
    “No no no I can’t even think about that”
    I almost died

  11. for the corn tamales some people were saying “ why is the leaf thing green instead of the orange-yellow color” so it’s actually called “ hoja de plátano “ which is sometimes ( kinda expensive) used to make tamales to give them more flavor than just the normal kind of outing

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