Latvijā D vitamīns ir jāuzņem papildus/Vitamin D supplements are essential in Latvia
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Latvijā D vitamīns ir jāuzņem papildus/Vitamin D supplements are essential in Latvia

October 8, 2019

Regarding Vitamin D; the first thing that I would like to stress is that it is not only a vitamin, it is a hormone which performs multiple functions in our body. Previously, if we thought that Vitamin D is important for our skeletal system to maintain strong bones, then science has now progressed and we know much more about Vitamin D. We know, that Vitamin D is required for a strong and healthy immune system. Research conducted in the UK in 2017 revealed that those people who have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in their bodies are less likely to suffer from respiratory viral infections, including the flu. Another large category of illnesses where Vitamin D is important are auto-immune diseases, where the immune system attacks itself. For example, the immune system destroys the thyroid gland when you suffer from thyroiditis. There is evidence that Vitamin D plays a role in preventing this disease. Vitamin D also plays a part in the development of cancer, research has provided evidence of this. I would like to stress this again – Vitamin D performs multiple functions, not merely calcium absorption. Regarding the level of Vitamin D that we should strive to attain, firstly you should get some tests done and find out the total Vitamin D level in the bloodstream. The optimal level is 45 – 55 ng/ml. If previously the acceptable level was 30 ng/ml, then now we have discarded this old information and we strive for 45 – 55 ng/ml. In the Nordic countries, such as Latvia unfortunately 85 – 90% of the population has low levels of Vitamin D. This is simply because we are located in a northerly latitude. In summer the sun has very little significance. In Latvia the slanting sun rays unfortunately don’t provide any Vitamin D. For this reason it is very important for us to take Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D supplements can be taken in the form of oil capsules or in liquid form – in the form of oil drops. No manufacturer should be singled out as better, the most important thing to bear in mind is that we should all remember that Vitamin D should be used daily and a sufficient dosage should be taken. When it comes to dosage, then the dosage is determined by your weight and from the Vitamin D level that has been determined at the outset. But if the Vitamin D level in the bloodstream has not been determined then the preventive dose that could be recommended expressed in international units would be 2000 SV, this should be taken up to the time that the results of tests have been received. Vitamin D deficiency is not only related to age it is not only recommended to be used by the elderly, it should be taken by everybody teenagers in particular and particularly up to the age of 30 as this is the time when you should absorb the maximum amount of calcium in your bloodstream. You can eat multiple kilograms of cottage cheese but if you don’t have sufficient levels of Vitamin D then nothing will be absorbed. If you take multivitamins, often this is only an advertising trick, that multivitamins also contain Vitamin D. Unfortunately there is a very small dosage in them and you should carefully check the amount of international units in one capsule, because to simply get the preventive dose you should take three, four capsules per day. Regarding our food intake, then the level of Vitamin D is rather low. Our gastrointestinal tract only has a certain capacity of Vitamin D that it can absorb from our food. Consequently, even if you eat multiple kilograms of salmon which contains Vitamin D unfortunately this will not ensure sufficient levels of Vitamin D. When it comes to the sun, I’ll repeat this again – the sun in Latvia is not the most optimal for us to absorb the required amount of Vitamin D.

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