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  1. I see that the tricky use of defamation towards researchers who are breaking out of the corporate status quo and opening people's eyes to the physical evidence – has actually started long time ago and it's not a recent thing. Good that more and more people every day are starting to think for themselves and not believing in the corporate propaganda present in massmedia. Way to go Dr. Matthias Rath and your team in the Research Institute.

  2. Cardiologists now acknowledge the bigger threat than cholesterol, Lipoprotein(a) can be reduced by Vitamin C. Is it true or not? If true the Cardiology community owes an apology to Dr. Pauling.

    If Vitamin C does not reduce lipoprotein (a) simply show us the data to that affect.

    Why should patients take Crestor when they can take Vitamin C, Lysine, Proline, Niacin etc.

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