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Lo Makes A Giant 11,500 Calorie Hot Pocket 😱 | Delish | Whoa, Lo

December 25, 2019

– What’s up guys? I’m Lo, and I’m going to attempt to make a giant hot
pocket, which is going to be a little tough considering
I’ve never actually had one. I really cannot tell what
kind of dough this is. Have you ever had a hot pocket, June? – You bet. – Um, it exploded a little bit. (laughing) – Let sit two minutes to complete cooking and enjoy. (sighing) – Okay. – What do you think dough
conditioner blend is? – My hot pocket is not gonna have. – [June] No. – That. – I wanna tear it open with my bare hands. – Do it. – How hot can it be? – This is sad. How many, I only have
one pepperoni in here. – This looks worse than
my elementary school cafeteria pizza. – I see no reason in
making a giant hot pocket that tastes like a hot pocket, because that’s just supersizing the problem. – I don’t remember it tasting this bad. – My plan is to make a pizza dough. I hate making pizza dough,
because I hate letting it rise, and I’m going to attempt to make one that has not been proved and
just to roll it out right away, still use yeast and fold everything in it. Do I have high hopes? No, but maybe it’ll work out. Let’s get to work. I’m winging this, so I’m measuring flour, a packet of yeast, salt, ’cause we want it to taste like something, unlike the original. – [June] Do you think we should add some dried spices in the dough? – That’s smart. – Do want Italian seasoning at all? – Sure. We’ll use that instead of oregano. Adding garlic powder, I’m
gonna add like a teaspoon. Gonna do some Italian seasoning. It’s kind of already sticking together, it’s a little bit of a
cohesive mass already. Definitely gonna need more dough. I want it to be like this big. – That’s it? – How big were you thinking? – I was thinking a full sheet tray. – I’d rather more filling
than what they had. – Oh my god, hold on I haven’t
collected them all yet. – [Lo] Okay but. (laughing) – That’s gotta be enough. I believe a quarter
teaspoon of salt is 25% of recommended sodium intake. So currently, you have
200% of sodium already, so you want to keep the salt as is? – I mean let me taste it. It’s pretty salty. – Pretty salty? – I’m actually nervous
that this is not gonna be enough dough to be as
giant as I want it to be. – This machine is gonna be very sad. Very soon. Because that’s a lot of dough. (upbeat music) – I mean it already kinda
looks like a giant hot pocket. – I have a good feeling about this. – In tin off oven. – 20 minutes. (soft music) Actually, it kind of got
bigger in that 20 minutes. – Feels like cutting a piece of plastic. Actually stretching pretty nicely. It smells pretty good, I mean I think it’s all the garlic powder. If this is not flavorful,
then we’ve messed up somehow. – Shovel the pan through? – Yeah. Starting with cheese. A pound of cheese just on the bottom. Because we wanted to celebrate
the giant hot pocket, we did get nicer pepperonis,
I’m gonna see how far this gets us. – Oh yeah, I think you have
enough, that’s a pepperoni. You don’t even need these. – All right, so we’ve already
got a pound of cheese. I think we’re gonna break up
the meat with more cheese. – Do you want an offset? – That’s probably smart. – Wow you might need a lot of sauce. Yeah, spread that around. – I think a little bit more cheese and then more meat. June just added Italian seasoning. We just wanna attack them with flavor. (laughing) – I say that we start off
at 500, keep an eye on it. – Let’s try it. – We have much uncertainty
in this episode. – I believe this is
three pounds of cheese. – Wow. – One more layer of meat. – What do you think they put on top? Is this an egg wash? – It’s not shiny. – But it’s not cheesy. It doesn’t, it’s not a very
pretty thing to look at. – No. (laughing) The dough could just taste disgusting. – What? All right, how do we move this now? Not really. (laughing) Oh my god. (laughing) Wow. – What am I doing? – I think we need to definitely
water down the edges, and we’ll see– – We’re predicting it’s
gonna be 10 pounds. – It looks just like a hot pocket. (laughing) – What should we brush this with? We’re afraid that oil is going
to brown too quickly, yeah? – I find that egg wash actually
does a really nice effect of like trapping the moisture. – Got five vents that you probably missed before when you’re eating it, and just cut this slit. Snipping. We have a lot of extra dough, so I wonder if we only really needed. – Two?
– Double. – We’ll make a second hot pocket. We should save those. – Yeah, we should save them. – In case we fail. – There’s already parm in the dough, so we probably don’t need parm. – Yeah, parm browns way too fast I think. – I think we just have
to check on it a lot. I have no idea how long
this is gonna bake for. Oh my god. – Is it too heavy? Can I do a bicep curl with this? This might be right now, 15 pounds. – So as you can see, we
added a tray underneath, partly to catch anything
that spilled over, partly to make sure that
the bottom didn’t burn. (grunting) I forgot how heavy it was. I’m not gonna lie, the slit
kinda makes it look weird. It looks like the face
of a blowfish to me, like these are the eyes. – But did you see the original hot pocket? The original hot pocket looks
like that exactly though. – Oh true. I think to cover up our weird little face, I wanna sprinkle this with parm I think. – I love the face. (laughing) – I don’t think it’s gonna melt. (laughing) – Doesn’t really do much,
and it’s not really sticking, so maybe this was stupid. Maybe I’ll put it back
for like two minutes. (grunting) (laughing) It does not look like a hot pocket at all. I feel pretty good, I don’t
know, I’m mainly concerned about what the dough tastes like. So if the dough tastes good, I’m ready to call it a win. Oh, oh, oh, it’s bubbling. (laughing) It’s squirting. (upbeat music) – Smells way more like a pizza. – It’s pretty good. – Mhmm. – Um, it’s got a lot of flavor. It’s like the flavor of
a hot pocket on crack. All right, lets bring this up. It doesn’t look like it but just taste it. – I feel like it should be good. – You’ll eat the whole thing. – Yeah, I know, Brandon. – Good. – Oh my god, it’s so good. – So good. – Way better than a hot pocket. – Do you care that it doesn’t
look like a hot pocket? – No. – Thanks, guys! – Oh my god. – You are an animal. Brandon, manners. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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  1. Yay! You did what I suggested & tried the hot pocket on screen & then made one. Sweet. Sad you didn't enjoy it though.

  2. This was a major win indeed. 👍 It looked so good on the cutting board but I guess it was too heavy to move. Ha. Like Lauren, I've never had a Hot Pocket. I think I may remedy that this weekend.

  3. If it doesn't look like a hot pocket, and does not taste like a hot pocket and does not have some of the ingredients of a hot pocket, is it really a hot pocket?!

    Enjoyable episode, nonetheless. Jun was smiling a lot more this episode.

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