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Lose Weight Fast | How To Lose Belly Fat | How To Lose Weight Fast

March 7, 2020

I’m going to teach you how to lose
weight and belly fat with the help of science this is going to be a two-part
episode this is episode 1 which is all about dietary advice and episode 2 it’s
going to be all about different exercises and if you do merge the two
together while the results they should be incredible now I’m really happy that
you found this video because it means that you’ve decided that you want to
make a change you’ve decided that you want to be healthier and you’ve decided
you want the health benefits you see the problem with that is that it’s not just
the image that you can pinch known as subcutaneous fat the more dangerous fat
is the fat around your abdomen and the fat around your internal organs known as
visceral fat now we know that high mass of visceral fat can increase your risk
of heart disease can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and at women it’s
even be shown to increase the risk of breast cancer
now this diet comes from a study done in Oxford and if it’s done correctly you
can expect to lose Northpoint 5 to 1 kilograms every single week which is
amazing but here’s the bed after six weeks the individuals also saw a
reduction in their visceral fat this sort of fat is a dangerous fat we just
spoke about the reduction was about 14% they also saw a reduction in their blood
pressure they also saw a reduction in their cholesterol and they also saw a
reduction in their waistline 5 centimetres to be exact that’s pretty
amazing right and this is without any additional exercise so it’s just dietary
advice so without further ado let’s learn the diet ok so here’s how it works
you’re going to be eating measured portion sizes of different types of
foods and to measure those portion sizes you’re going to be using your hand which
matches your size really really well also if you really want to start to work
you need to stop eating snacks and also you need to stop being takeaway food and
fast food too so each day you should aim to eat the following three fish size
servings of starchy carbohydrates like potatoes pasta rice and many more don’t
worry about remembering what I’m saying as well I’m gonna leave it all in the
description below full detailed explanation of everything I say and all
the different food groups now with the carbohydrates you can also
have proteins so you can have two palm-sized
of protein per day this includes things like meats my fish like chicken my soya
brothers and many more you can also have to cut handfuls of vegetable or salad or
anything like that but please remember potatoes are not
included in that list potatoes bring the carbohydrate servings and to cook your
food you’re most likely going to be using some fats or some oil which is
fine to do but you need to stick in the serving limit so what is the serving
limit you can have two servings of fat or oil or butter and one serving is
basically the tip of your foot it’s also important that you have fruits you need
to be having two fish size servings of fruits every single day so that can be
fresh fruit it can be frozen proved it can be canned fruit in natural juice or
water all of these are fine now remember the sin in this diet plan from the study
snacks were completely stopped so a good idea is replace those snaps with the
fruit and it’ll also probably help you from deviating from the diet plan now in
addition to all the foods I’ve mentioned you will also need some dairy in your
diet so what can you have well you can have half a pint of skim milk or half a
pint of semi skim milk and this will be enough for you tea your coffee or your
breakfast cereal now if you’re not a big fan of milk instead you can have two
small pots of plain yogurt or two small pots of diet yogurt and whilst we’re on
the topic of dairy that reminds me to tell you all about cheese if you really
do like cheese you can incorporate it into this diet however it’s gonna be
matched up with the protein family we spoke earlier so it’s going to
substitute a serving of that remember the proteins I said you can have two
palm-sized servings per day this includes things like meat like fish like
soy products but cheese is slightly different one portion so one serving is
the equivalent size of a matchbox and by matchbox I mean the small size that fits
in your pocket not the ones you use for cooking they’re like that big there are
many diet plans out there and to be quite honest I think this diet from the
study it’s actually very easy to follow and it’s not too difficult because
you’re not actually removing any food group you just stop snacking well then
everything else is just portion size technique which yes to begin with it
might be quite difficult but you will get used to it and you can do it but
saying all that before beginning a diet plan it’s always a good idea to check
your weight status first because you may already be at a healthy
and you may not need to lose anyway and the easiest and quickest way to check
this is to check your BMI so what I will do is I leave a link to a BMI calculator
in the description below it’s really easy to use all you do is add your
height weight and gender and it calculates your BMI and tells you your
weight status the results of this study from a simple diet change have been
pretty incredible but please do remember this is a two part episode and in the
next episode we’re looking at simple exercises everyone can do at home which
have been shown in the same study that after six weeks they were used to
waistline by two centimeters so check it out I will leave a link up here and in
the description below we’ll just imagine for a second if you do incorporate the
exercise with the diet change the results should be pretty incredible
please remember I know that the licensed diet pills may seem like a quick-fix
solution but the contents are unknown unproven and untested so what does this
mean well it’s reported that two and three people actually suffer from
serious side effects from unlicensed diet pills so please stay safe if you
want more information about these I did make a video not long ago for the MHRA
all about them and I will leave a link up here and in the description below for
you so check it out I really hope my tips helped you in this week’s video
please do let us know how you get on and also if you have any of your own tips
any of your own advice please leave a comment below – because I’d love to read
it and I’m sure everyone watching this
video would – always remember you’re awesome and I will see you next week
it’s always a good idea to check your way status first because you waiting
what Oh Briggs is it coffee break time yes okay
so here’s how it works you’re gonna be eating many important porcelain trying
to spill it off of me ah thank you so much I really needed this try not to
spill it thanks Alex see you later and that my friends is
Alex bricks pharmacy student I think is in third or fourth year it’s a very good
guy very good friend of mine and even brings me coffee and this will be enough
for you tea your coffee or your breakfast cereal but if you’re not a big
fan of milk then instead you can have two small pots of semi skimmed yogurt
you don’t have so much okay hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video
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  1. Im 14 and i weigh 60Kg im trying to lose stubborn belly fat and need help, this vid has a diet reccomended for adults but do you think i could use it and would i have to change anything in it?

  2. I wanted to loose weight because some people bully me at school for begin « the fat girl » so I wanted to do sports and to loose weight,but when I saw this video I was so happy but when the « the diet is only for adults » that means I cannot because I’m still a kid and I’m a 12 years old girl 🥺

  3. omg I'd turn into a blubbery cow if I ate 3 fistfuls of starchy carbs a day. Yikes.
    A fistful of cheese has so much more fat than fish and chicken, and much less protein. Cheese should be in the fat category, imo, if one is also consuming starchy carbs. Cheese won't make you fat if consumed with protein and/or veggies, but when consumed with starchy carbs or sugar, it'll blow you up like a balloon.
    Veggies is what is going to flush the crud out of the abdomen and I don't eat nearly as much as I should.

  4. one of the best ways to lost fat is to do compound exercise, you cant deny that. I have recently posted a blog on everything you need to know about compound exercises, have a look: https://fitgladiator.com/advantages-of-compound-exercises/ let me know your thoughts about it

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