Low FODMAP Hummus 3 Ways / Can You Eat Hummus on a Low FODMAP Diet? / FODMAP Friendly Hummus Recipes
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Low FODMAP Hummus 3 Ways / Can You Eat Hummus on a Low FODMAP Diet? / FODMAP Friendly Hummus Recipes

October 2, 2019

Hi I’m Michelle the irritable vegan and
today I’m sharing three recipes for low fodmap hummus sometimes people are
surprised to hear that they can still enjoy hummus on a low fodmap diet
although you need to be mindful of portions and make a few simple
ingredients swaps homemade hummus is definitely worth the effort
I’ve created classic, grilled red pepper and peanut and lime versions the base recipe of each flavour is the same just with extras added in to create a different
feel to each batch now I don’t recommend you make and eat these all in the same
week but I hope that you’ll keep coming back to this video and be inspired to
try each one whenever you need your hummus fix I really hope these recipes
encourage you to experiment and include safe portions of hummus into your weekly
meal plan let me know which is your favourite in the comments below we’ll
begin with a classic hummus recipe the first thing we need is canned chickpeas
add to these ground cumin salt freshly ground black pepper a squeeze of lemon
juice and we’ll replace the usual crushed garlic with garlic infused olive
oil and a little fodmap note about garlic oil here I’m in the personalised
phase and can tolerate moderate amounts of garlic so this Aldi brand is fine for
me if you’re in the elimination phase or don’t tolerate garlic well then you’ll
need to make sure that your infused oil is free from any garlic pieces or
sediments as with any fodmap friendly recipe containing canned legumes you need to start by draining and thoroughly rinsing the chickpeas a good way to
determine how long you need to rinse them is to keep going until the bubbles
stop foaming on the surface of the chickpeas we’ll be making two portions
of hummus so we’ll need 84 grams or half a cup of drained chickpeas add the
chickpeas to a food processor along with 1 tbsp of infused garlic oil 1 tbsp of
tahini 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice 1/4 of a teaspoon of ground cumin
and a generous grind of salt and pepper to taste I also added one tablespoon of
filtered water to help my food processor along if you own a decent blender you may not need to do this so only add water if necessary
blitz everything together until creamy you may need to scrape down the side
several times until everything’s well-mixed if you prefer a very smooth
texture you can remove the skins from the chickpeas before blending this
recipe is for two portions and lasts up to three days in a covered container in
the fridge making only two portions at a time means you can leave a day in
between portions if you feel you need it so it’s ideal for people who are still
experimenting with their thresholds or are worried about FODMAPs stacking if you’re fairly tolerant of garlic oil you can add an extra drizzle over the hummus
before serving next up is grilled red pepper hummus we’ll be using all the
same ingredients as for the classic version but we’ll be adding in 150 grams
of red bell pepper we’ll also add a quarter of a teaspoon of smoked paprika
1/8 of a teaspoon of dried chili flakes or chili powder and a tablespoon of
tomato puree you can substitute this for two sun-dried tomatoes if you prefer to
make sure you’re not duping yourself out of a full portion you need to weigh your
pepper after it’s been cut and deseeded cut the pepper into quarters
and grill or broil for approximately 10 minutes
until the skin blackens if you’ve been watching my recipes for a while you’ve
seen me do this before but we need to peel the skin from the peppers the
easiest way to do this is pop the hot peppers straight from the grill into a
glass jar close the lid and leave them to cool for 10 minutes once they’re cool enough to handle the steam from inside the jar will have loosened the skin making it
quick and easy to peel off to save you time this can be done a day or two
before and the peppers stored in the fridge until you need it add 150 grams of the bell pepper to a
food processor then add all of the ingredients of a classic hummus except
the water add to this the smoked paprika chili powder and tomato puree blend
everything together until well combined once again this recipe serves two not
only is it delicious but the extra ingredients also make it a more
substantial portion this means it’s easier to eat it as a main meal rather than
just a side or snack if you can tolerate spice then add an optional sprinkle of
dried chili flakes before serving and finally something a bit different to
tickle your taste buds peanut and lime I use peanut butter powder but regular
peanut butter is fine I add some freshly crushed coriander seeds and spicy lime
pickle and the reason I’m not showing you the brand is because this particular
one contains garlic be sure to check the labels before you buy to 2 portions of
classic hummus add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of lime
pickle blitz everything together as usual and taste for seasoning I prefer
to add the crushed coriander seed after blending depended on the tartness of
your lime pickle you may feel you need sweetener I added 1 teaspoon of maple
syrup to taste for an added crunch top with chopped peanuts before serving so
there you have it three delicious fodmap friendly hummus
recipes for you to try serve it with your favorite fodmap free veggies and
potato wedges on the side my favourite dunkers a radish carrot and cucumber
sticks and homemade potato wedges as mentioned before these are not designed
to all be eaten together in one sitting but to provide inspiration for your
hummus cravings in the weeks to come [Crunch and chewing sounds] and here’s bonus recipe number one the
red pepper hummus is particularly good stirred through a fodmap friendly
portion of pasta I topped mine with sliced green olives
and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and bonus recipe number two the peanut and lime hummus makes a deliciously tart topping for any rice or noodle bowl
serve garnished with a slice of fresh lime and a sprinkle of chopped peanuts
add your favorite fodmap free veggies a portion of rice or noodles and dig in as
always thanks so much for watching and I’ll speak to you soon byeee [Music]

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  1. Looks delicious. On the spelling/pronunciation, my non vegan mother in law used to pronounce it โ€œhewmossโ€ (excuse the phonetic spelling). I think itโ€™s hummus.

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