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November 20, 2019

– My name’s Mike. We’re at the Macro Mike HQ. Home of the best tasting
plant protein in the universe. Two and a half years
ago, the business started in my one bedroom apartment, and then now we’ve got a
production site which spans across 350 square meters and a warehouse which is pretty much the same. And we’ve grown from myself,
to 15 full time staff, in the last two years. I was just running the
business from a white board, which wasn’t really scalable. But through a mutual business, they put us in touch
with Integration Kings. And then from there we
developed the tech stack. Started putting systems in place. This is kinda taken us to the next level. – So we use quite a bit of a tech stack that all integrates together. So one side of the business with you know, the production
of all the products, we use a system called DEAR. We’ve also got systems like Zendesk, which helps us with all
our support inquiries. For payroll we use, Deputy. It just works absolutely
seamlessly with Xero. Pretty much a few clicks of a button, and I’ve done the whole payroll. And it’s so simple. It’s five minutes with the staff to say, “this is how you do it”. And they’ve learned the whole process. It just keeps the onboarding
process, so minimal. So we use Deputy as well
for all of our rostering. It’s super handy in the fact
that you can just literally duplicate the shifts
from one week to the next in a click of a button. It’s just seamless. We don’t have to send emails. They just get them all
published to their phone, and it’s perfect. – Putting this systems
in place has enabled me to get to where I wanted to be. And then also far succeed it. It means that I can just
get on with what I do best, which is pioneering the business forward. Once you’ve got those systems in place, that will just take your
business to the next level.

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