Making Vegan CHEESE from TOFU…Vegan Feta, Mozzarella & Nacho Cheese Recipes
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Making Vegan CHEESE from TOFU…Vegan Feta, Mozzarella & Nacho Cheese Recipes

October 2, 2019

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  1. Yes!!! These are the kind of recipes I'm looking for! My family was vegan for 6 years but got away from it through some hard times. We're ready to take the plunge back to it for health etc but I've forgotten EVERYTHING. This is so helpful. Simple recipes simple ingredients and it looks like the real thing. Thank you thank you!

  2. As a mom of kids with nut allergies this video made me very happy. I cant wait to make the mozza and nacho cheese. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Only my second video watching you and you've got me for life. I am 59 and trying to turn veg/vegan. You have soooooo much energy exuding from you and that makes me WANT to try all these recipes. You are extremely funny and entertaining. You don't have to be boring to be a veg/vegan. I think I've seen the light. Thanks, Frank. P.S. Did I miss where the recipe is for the nacho cheese? Can you use that for a mac and cheese? Can you use regular tofu or does it have to be silken?

  4. I love this – I recently moved to a more rural area so I definitely don't have access to as many options at my local grocery store. Thanks!

  5. This is great, more things to do with tofu.😊. I am just concerned about those allergic to soy otherwise great substitution for nuts.

  6. WOW these are so easy! Can't wait to try the Feta and Mozza. I also appreciate the tofu because it is wayyy cheaper than nuts. Lovin your pin-up girl look here and your nail polish!

  7. This is the first time in ever, that I actually want to try and make vegan cheese. Great recipes and so simple too! Also, your lip color is gorgeous! Can you share the brand/shade?

  8. I really appreciate this because I'm trying to stay on the no oil vegan path. All processed cheese have oil that I can see. I'm leaning to make my own sour cream and ranch dressing. I enjoy that they are less processed and less expensive. These are the 3 cheeses I would use the most. Thanks again!

  9. These look amazing! So do you 😉 I absolutely love your energy in all your videos. What's your European background you mentioned?

  10. Looks awesome and tofu instead of nuts is amazing and affordable!!
    Question – I really wanna make the Feta and I have all the ingredients but only UNrefined coconut oil at home and in stores here – is it possible to use it or will it be really really coconuty…?

  11. I know this is going to sound SO STUPID but around the 1:55 mark her hair in the microwave had me SO CONFUSED! I thought it was one of her employees having a weird fit holding something and she continued talking about cheese 😂 Love the video tho! Can’t wait to make some cheese

  12. So happy to see this video! As a nut free vegan it is usually really hard to find cheeses I can actually eat. Thank you for posting! ❤️

  13. If you put that mozzarella into a piece of plastic wrap, you can hold both ends and twist until it forms a ball, then drop into ice water for a minute until cooled and remove the plastic wrap.

  14. I loved this video! I will definitely try the nacho cheese for sure! Even when I was vegetarian I had a hard time finding it appetizing but I am ready to give it another try… especially because I loooove tofu!!

  15. Hi Candice, I loved your vlog n hope I can make th cheeses. I wish I could have vegan paneer cheese, with a lovely curry. This is a game changer for th vegan movement. Thankyou for your activism with making vegan food. Love n light gaynor fairy xxx

  16. Okay im mad now lol where the heck did you buy mustard powder. Im also in canada but im in BC. Superstore? Walmart? The only mustard powder superstore has is this colemans mustard powder but isnt it spicy?

  17. If you could make a vegan corned beef with a similar texture (using vegan magic) I would die! It's the only meat dish I reallyyyyyy miss, and I can't think of any substitutes with a similar texture :'(

  18. I've tried a couple of cashew mozzarella recipies and they've all had an odd taste, almost sweet. I can't put my finger on what i don't like in those recipies but I'm excited to try the tofu version.

  19. Well i am going to try all of these. I make pizza every week so he to see the motzerella. I did not think i would ever taste feta again. Thanks. The best thing about using tofu is the high protein content. I make maynaise with tofu. The dressing of my salad is the protein content. Awesome

  20. Thank you so much for making these I am allergic to all tree nuts and am mostly plant based but love cheese. Do you know an alternative oil for coconut oil I’m allergic to that also?

  21. Thank you for showing you can do this with plain ol' Tapioca starch. I've had such a time looking for agar agar and finally gave up when Amazon wants 12 bucks for a small bag. I'll just do your recipe instead

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