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Malnutrition in Guatemala | UNICEF USA

March 7, 2020

Marleni Aldana
and her three brothers live with their mother and father in a one-room shack
in the southeast region of Guatemala. Their daily meals
consist mostly of just tortillas and beans with very little protein, fruit or vegetables. Although they look
much younger, they are 10, 9, 8 and 5 years old. This is because
the lack of nutrients in their diet has caused their growth to be slowed. Our children are
not growing as they should. The whole development
of our country is at risk because our children are not healthy. Marleni s mom, Aramilda
Flores, brought her daughter to the UNICEF-supported Nutrition Recovery
Center of San Yuyo where the child received the care she needed to get better. I had been so sad
because I was so worried about my daughter. Thank God for the
health center because they helped her recover. They gave me food for my kids. Now Aramilda brings
her children to the center for regular checkups to make sure that
they are healthy and getting the proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals they need. Now Marleni is
healthy and happy. She plays and runs around. Children have the
right to have good nutrition because they deserve to have good health, and UNICEF is determined
to help these children and these mothers. We can give these children a future.

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