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October 11, 2019

From a technical perspective, traditional gels are water and
carbohydrates simply mixed into syrups, often containing
added flavours and preservatives. It’s a bold statement, but it’s true:
the GEL 100 is completely different. It relies on a strong hydrogel network, built by combining alginate and calcium. The hydrogel matrix is filled
with carbohydrates and electrolytes wrapped in convenient packaging. It contains six natural ingredients and relies on a unique blend
of fructose and glucose, which enables a very high uptake
of carbohydrates per hour. The scientific guidelines
suggest a relatively high intake of carbohydrates per hour. Most athletes must adjust their intake
due to practicalities. So, we suggest that you target
two to four gels per hour. You can always combine it
with the Drink Mixes to meet the scientific maximum intake
and your hydration needs. The GEL 100 is now a keystone in many of the world’s best
endurance athletes’ nutritional plans.

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