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March 10, 2020

My name is Linda and I’m a Community dietitian for the Trust This week we are promoting Bapen’s first ever Malnutrition Awareness Week running the first week in October. The reason why this is important , unfortunately it is no estimated that more than three million people in the UK
are now malnourished at any one time. For example it is estimated that 93% of people in the community another 1.3 million are over the age of
65 are at risk of malnutrition. We also know that 25 to 34% of patients admitted to hospital are also risk of malnutrition. Similar to some 30% who are admitted to care homes are at risk of malnutrition. Within our Trust we have
a number of mental health units and the statistics show that are present up to 20% of those admitted to a mental health
unit there also risk of malnutrition. We also know that the cost of treating someone whose malnourished is up to two to three times more expensive for caring for someone who isn’t. I am just going to show you today a screening tool that can be used for someone you are caring for. MUST is a 5 step process and to use it first of all we estimate someones BMI. So this estimates their weight for a height and can give someone in the risk of being underweight, malnourished or overweight. So first of all we need to know someones weight or height. You can ask the person this or you can use some tools such as scales or a height stick to measure this. If you manage to get their weight and then their height you can then download the tool and you can score someone as 0,1 or 2. Say for example someone’s weight in kilos is 56 and their height is 1.6m you simply go up and go across and see where the 2 lines meet. Step two then is to calculate weight loss score, to do this you may know someones previous weight Step three is the acute disease score, where if someone has been acutely ill We see this more when someone is acutely ill, they would be admitted to hospital. Step four is where you add all your steps together that means this person will score one which means medium risk. Then go along to the management guidelines If there are some concerns you should re screen within a month or two to make sure there has been no changes.

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