Meet Festival Foods Mealtime Mentor Jenni

October 3, 2019

I’m Jenni. I’m a registered dietitian and one
of Festival’s Mealtime Mentors. My mantra is that there is always a balanced plate
with room for dessert, emphasis on the dessert. When I’m not working, I love
spending time with my family so my husband and my son Theodore and then we
also have two dogs. We love being outside whether that’s camping, backpacking,
hiking, gardening and I also love to cook. My mom is probably actually the biggest
influence in my cooking life. She is an excellent cook and I’ve been cooking
with her since I was a little girl so since I could probably stand and be
safely in the kitchen, I was in the kitchen with her and I love learning
from her and trying new foods whether it’s with her or on my own and exploring
new flavors and cooking techniques is what drives me in the kitchen. My
favorite snack is popcorn whether it’s just lightly salted, caramel, kettle corn.
I’m all about any sort of popcorn. My go-to dinner recipe is probably a stir
fry because I usually have all of those ingredients on hand in the kitchen so
brown rice, some sort of lean protein, whether that’s chicken, sometimes I use
tofu, and vegetables whatever’s on hand. It’s kind of a kitchen sink recipe. I
always have ice cream in my freezer. It’s one of my favorite desserts. My favorite
Festival item is the craft beer Pick 6. My husband and I love trying new beers so
that’s a great way for us to do that. We also really love beer and board game
nights so we always stock up on beer before we get together with our friends
that play board games. My go-to breakfast is plain Greek yogurt with some berries,
whether that’s fresh or frozen, and then I like putting muesli or granola on top.
If I wasn’t a dietitian I would probably flip houses. I love working on home
improvement projects and my husband and I have touched pretty much every surface
in our current home. My favorite part of this job is recipe development and
getting to try new foods and introducing all of these new flavors and cooking
techniques to all of our guests. Our biggest recipe fail is probably what we
now call poop pizza. It is a veggie packed pizza, had a ton of vegetables in
the sauce and the sauce looked kind of disgusting so that recipe did not make
it to our recipe center. I would love to spend a day in the kitchen with Alton
Brown. He is one of my food idols. He has this really unique way of looking at
food through like the eyes of a scientist and I think would be really
cool to just learn from him and pick his brain.

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