Mexican Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 16 | Kids Try | Cut

November 20, 2019

– [Both] Yes. – Wow. I never knew it was this… Okay. (playful guitar music) – Okay. – I’m scared, so I’m gonna do this. – That smells like pizza. Oh. Oh! – Well, it’s an animal. – Crocodile. – What? Dinosaur? – I’m only taking one little bite of this because I do not like this. – Because it has red peppers on it, and red peppers make you throw up. – Okay. – That’s good. That’s very good. – So I’m wondering what
state this is from. – Italy? Greece? Spain? – Canada? – It feels Mexican. It should’ve been put beans. – Oh man, am I blind? – Bleh. – Ooh. Wow, what’s this? – I do not like it. – This is not animal. – My grandma. Grandmas are wise old elephants. They never lie. – What’s that stuff inside it? – Oh man, it’s yummy. It’s delicious. – I’m ready for the next thing. – Oh, don’t fall on my, okay. You look at me. Don’t fall out of my hands again, okay? (giggling) – Why? – I need to go potty. – [Boy] Yeah. – What is this? It kind of looks reddish-orange. – Mmm, mmm. Smells like candy. – Aw. – It’s… Good, I guess? – No. – I don’t really like
it as much as Filipino. – I put a little of this in the soup, put a little of these in the soup. Put more of these. And last piece, okay. (humming) Mixing up the soup. – Huh? – Okay. – Mmhmm. – Okay, but the soup
dropped all over my pants. (giggling) – [Girl] It smells good. – Leche flan? I love it! I love eating leche flan. – It tastes weird. – I’m going to slice it. – I’m going to– – I mean four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. – I like it so much I ate it all. – Can I spit it out? – No, no, no. No. – No! Oh no. Blaine, give me back another one. No! No! Oh no! – Adios! – Adios means bye. – Adios, amigos. (adults laughing) – Gracias, mi amigos. Hasta luego. Ha-cha-cha. – Hasta la vista, baby. (adults laughing) – Hey, it’s Marina and
I’ve got some great news for all you Kids Try fans. We’re launching a new
channel called Hi-Ho. Hi-Ho’s gonna be our new channel with videos of kids for kids. Thanks, guys! See you on the Hi-Ho channel.

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