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Motivating Morbidly Obese |Debra Stefan Fitness

March 10, 2020

How do you motivate the morbidly obese to get out of their own way and start moving? In this video you’ll witness the whimpering drama by a 440 pound woman Obesity disabled by her own reluctance to move her body Hey! Thanks for watching. It’s Debra Stefan here at my private fitness and weight loss retreat in sunny Southern Nevada where we do all the right things all at the same time to form new lifestyle habits that you can take home to get results that just don’t happen on your own. Good morning everyone, it’s Debra at the fitness and weight loss retreat here in sunny, Southern, Nevada And I’m here to report to you the progress of our favorite person at large, a person of size… Missy! And for those of you have been following her progress Keep posting your accolades because she’s doing great and we want you to share in all the progress So stay with us on this there’s more to come There you go walk it! Walk it! Okay… You got a 10-second rope pull of a 20 pound tire and then we got a 40-foot walk and sit Okay, let’s make sure that … I’m keeping the camera rolling because we don’t want more than 30 seconds of sitting. It’s not called for. All right? So … I’ll tell you much time you got. I want you to do your yoga breathing and inhale nose, exhale mouth. It’s the best time of day, you’ve got the most energy. This is our opportunity. Let’s get this going here. Five seconds! Four, three … two… up and at ’em one more time. Yeah, let’s get it girl! Here we go!
Up tall. Pull that rope! Okay, there you go! Next station. Hustle it. Yes! There we go; okay! We’re gonna sit. Okay you’ve got another 30 seconds. Cameras still rolling… So I can use the timer for the 30 seconds. It’s all about the rest and work interval; that’s how fat is burned. That’s how stored fat is burned by getting out of breath doing something intense. Then resting briefly, enough to just catch enough breath to go at it again with a substantial effort. It’s got to be intense and it’s got to make your work. There can’t be a long break of sitting and resting. Because it just doesn’t give you the results. 5, 4, 3, 2, launch! Woo hoo! There we go, bend and reach. Pull that old tire! There you go! That’s it, that’s it. On a roll now. The tires not, but we are. Got it, got it, got it! (whimpering continues) There we go, tire is preset for the next go-round, gonna have a little 30-second sit and catch breath! Positive self-talk now. Now is the time for you to praise yourself; give yourself a positive self-talk The more you do these efforts the easier, they will become. Positive self-talk. Get your mantra, your most motivating mantra to yourself. Keep it going. Look at that tire, know you’ve got it. Conquered it. We’re gonna keep conquering it. Every pull. Every walk.
And FIVE … four, three, two … and she’s launched again! Here she goes. She’s on it. Bend and reach. Grab that wicked rope. Pull that old tire! Working the waist, working the arms, working the shoulders, working the legs, working the lungs! Total of 40 feet on the walk from chair to chair. And a well-deserved sit and rest, okay! Another 30 seconds. Woo hoo, YES. All right. Nose breathe. Nose breathe: inhale nose, exhale mouth. Positive self-talk, here’s where it really counts. This is where it really counts. When you start to get fatigued And the going gets tough, the tough gets going. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Get the tough going. Gonna get the tough going. And FIVE! 4 3 2 1- there’s no holding on Missy. Come on get the tough going. Up you go. You’re supposed to be winded; you’re supposed to be breathing deeply. But you don’t want to sit and rest and catch your breath so long that the training effect subsides. Stand up! Five, four, three, two… There we go! You’ve got this. Another bend and stretch. Bring it to ya! Come on tire. Come to mama. She’s got it. Bring it on home. Keep bringing it! 40 foot walk. To that easy chair! There we go. You got it, you got it. Legs are working, legs are working. Now we feel some muscles at work, and it’s a good thing. What’s that? What is it? (muttering… I need more than 30 seconds. I’m sorry…)
All right. Right now 45 seconds, okay 45 seconds. I said you got last time that’ll work this time. Okay Look at that mountain get that inspiration You’re strong as a mountain Get your mind strong as a mountain your body will be able to do all its full potential. No, self-limiting beliefs allowed in your mind. You look at that mountain, you become that mountain. Mountain of strength. Mountain of inspiration. Mountain of motivation.
You’ve got a lot to motivate other people with because you’ve been climbing the mountain. Whatever you would tell somebody else in the future to encourage them that they can do this … I want you to tell it to yourself right now. Tell it to yourself. Here we go. Get your mind ready.
And FIVE, four, three Two, ONE. Up we go … All right, bring it! Bring it, bring it, bring it. Get it, get it, get it! You got this! Well done; well done. The more you PROVE to yourself, What you can do, the more you realize that you don’t even know what your best is yet. we can never say that we’re trying our best, because we are yet to see our best. The best is … Yet to come. Thirty seconds more; I’m giving you the whole 45 this time. That’s it; control your breathing, yoga breathing,
inhale nose, exhale mouth. Positive self-talk, this is a moment to really prepare your mind. And five, four, three Two and go! Pulling all your dreams to you. You can bring them to you. Got to work to get them to you. Okay, another good pass performed and a well-deserved sit and rest. Let’s do the talk test now; while you’re resting let’s have a little talk. Into the camera for your peeps. Now, if you were going to tell somebody Some words of encouragement to get them to know that they could do this if you could do it. Put it into your words, Missy and tell them. Things… Often seem very, very hard and they are. But, You keep trying, You may have to go a little slow at first To get the rhythm. But At least Be proud of yourself for the efforts That you’re doing something and Just don’t stop doing Just always try to do something. It may be little right now but everything adds up Everything will help you in the end. I I mean this, This is hard for me to do And I had the first couple runs I couldn’t even do the back-and-forth Warming up to it helps And it just every day Things will get a little easier Let me ask you a question, Missy. Did I see you grab yourself by the scruff of the neck and give yourself a good shake in the beginning. Is that what you did to get yourself going? I just … I had to warm it up and I tried to tell myself in my head, you know, visualizing a lot and trying to motivate yourself Talk yourself into I can do this. I’m going to run here. I’m gonna place it. There it helps Like I said, if you’re just starting out You’re making a great decision to start. Just don’t stop. Just keep going; if you think it’s nothing you’re doing You are doing something And it helps. Everything helps.
Coach Debra: Alright, Missy. That’s an awesome motivational talk. I hear my bird in the background and she’s chiming in. She’s right with you there. Okay, so let’s do the victory pass because this will be the grand finale. All right guys, I’ve worked up to this one. I want to finish strong on this one. You can tell I’m sweating but It’s gonna feel so rewarding when I get finished. And then I know I did that.
Coach Debra: All right! And a FIVE four, three, Two… Launch it girl! Almost there, guys! Victory lap. Yay!
That completes FOURTEEN MINUTES.
A 14- minute session. How’s that for you? Feels good I finished y’all Feels real good Do what you can do Get to that finish line Doesn’t matter how long it takes you. You’re in the race to win. All right! Woo hoo! And if you know someone who needs this hope and inspiration… Share freely, and give it a like, subscribe. If you want to follow the continued progress of someone struggling to take back the ability to live life and succeeding. 373 and a HALF! WHAT?!

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  1. Debra is the real deal boys and girls.She lives the life she preaches .Just ask for her performance papers.I've seen them and the numbers descibe a 16-19 athletic male.
    She has made a significant differance in my life after an unforseen hospital stay.

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