Nachos – Protein Treats by Nutracelle
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Nachos – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

November 20, 2019

alright guys welcome to Protein Treats
and boy do we have a treat for you today we are gonna make tortilla chips
together cheesy ones they’re a little bit like Doritos but they’re super
healthy they’re high in fiber they’re high in protein and I’m gonna show you
my little secret on how we put these together so let’s get started you are
gonna need a package of Mama lupe tortilla shells now I’m very specific
about this brand because for each entire tortilla shell it only has 7 grams of
carbohydrate and four of those are actually fiber so you only have three
net grams of carbohydrate for an entire tortilla shell then you’re also going to
need an olive oil spray so if you have one of those pump things you can use it
with real olive oil I’ve just used one right from the grocery store try not to
use a canola oil because those are those will actually help you gain weight
whereas when you’re using an olive oil those are the kind of healthy fats that
your body neads then we’ve got a scoop of natural Nutralean and you’re also
going to need about 1/2 a cup of nacho cheese mix and I’ve just used one from
the grocery store you can really use any brand that you want and this couldn’t be
any easier we’re actually going to cut our tortilla shells just like a little
bit of a pie I’m going to show you exactly how we’re gonna do it then what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna spray it with our olive oil and then just like
shake and bake we’re actually gonna mix our cheese sauce and our natural Nutralean together in a bag a ziploc bag and then we’re just gonna shake it so
we’ll show you how easy this is and all I do is I start out cutting it
and I’ll just cut it right in half because this is how we’re
actually gonna make our tortilla chips and there you go that couldn’t be any
easier and here is exactly what the size of the finished chip is like so it’s
perfect for if you’re gonna make nachos if you’re gonna do it just for a little
bit of a snack so now I’ve got my oven preheating at 350 degrees and I’m gonna
cook these for about 10 minutes once I get them all done up but in order to get
them so that they take the coating really well I’m actually gonna lay them
all out on the pan give them a quick spray flip them over spray them again
and then I’m gonna shake them in the bag you’ll see okay so now what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna take our nacho cheese mix and we’re just gonna dump it right in the
bag and then we’re gonna take our natural Nutralean and dump it in and
then we’re just gonna zip it up shake it a little bit so it’s mixed up
nice doesn’t have to be perfect but you want it mixed up pretty consistent once
you have it mixed pretty good then we’re gonna take all of our nachos that we
have here and we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna dump them all into our bag
and we’re gonna shake it just like shake and bake make sure you have the seal
really good on your bag and then just go ahead and shake it really really well and you’ll see what’s so nice about this
is because we used a little bit of the olive oil it all coats really quite
lovely they don’t stick together and it coats really easy you’re gonna be amazed
when you do this at home just how easy it is so now that we’re pretty happy
with how coated everything is we’re just going to open up our bag and we’re gonna
line our and we’re gonna line our pan with it and then we’re gonna cook it at
350 degrees for just 10 minutes one thing I should caution you about is make
sure you’re using a proper cookie sheet don’t use one of those stone hands
because they retain a little bit too much moisture and you’re not going to
get a really crisp chip so just use a regular cookie pan and you’re gonna be
perfect all right so here are our nachos I want
to show you how easy it was to make these tortilla chips and you can tell
when they’re ready when they start to curl up on the edges and they look like
they’re a little bit browned and that’s when you’ve got perfect nacho chips look
at that couldn’t be any easier now make sure you check the link below because
we’re gonna do super nachos and we’re gonna load it all up with veggies and
cheese and bake that again in another episode for you so thanks guys

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  1. I love your recipes, just starting out, but why are you using a cooking spray full of propellants in them. Yikes! Can't be the healthiest choice.

  2. I have not seen that brand of tortilla chips here in Wyoming. Also how many ounces are in the bags of protein powder?

  3. I have been trying to find a recipe that will allow me to bake my chips instead of deep frying them. Thank you! Now that you have shown me how easy it is to make them, this will become the go-to snack for my household.

    What other flavors besides cheese can I do for the chips? Again, thank you!

  4. Wow just find your channel your amazing can't wait to get my own place to try all these healthy recipes.

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