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Nirahara – Natural Cure for Obesity

November 11, 2019

0:29 Before entering into the satsang, Nithya Satsang,
today I wanted to say few words about Nirahara Samyama. Please understand. Come to the space of listening. You have something called ëmuscle-memoryí.
Means, your basic habits, way you respond, way you like things, way you hate things,
way you are addicted to it or way you are allergic to it. All these, please listen,
there are some things you are addicted to, there are some things you are allergic to,
some things you like, some things you hate. All the memories you need to live this life
stays with your muscle-memory. It stays in your muscles. That is why if you touch the
live wire, electricity, even by mistake, automatically your body jumps out. Medically, you call it
ëinstinctí or whatever names you may give. That component which has the basic survival
instinct and all the basic knowledge you need to run this life, is ëmuscle-memoryí. It
stays in your muscle-memory. The language you learnt and the way you respond
to situation; some people can tolerate anything but canít tolerate if their ego is hurt.
They will tolerate anything, but they canít tolerate if their ego is hurt. Same way, there
are some people, they will not bother about their ego; they can tolerate even if their
ego is hurt; but physical pain they canít handle. All these patterns are in your muscle-memory.
All these patterns are in your muscle-memory. Listen. But, there are higher intelligences which
you learnt in your past lives: ability to fly like a bird, ability to swim like a fish,
ability to live under water, ability to produce food directly from the air and the sunrays.
Please understand, I am talking knowing I am talking in a national TV. I am talking
responsibly. I am not promoting any superstition. All these powers are in your bio-memory. Ability
to fly like a bird, ability to swim like a fish, ability to live under the water like
a tortoise or crocodile, ability to produce food directly from air and sunrays just like
trees, all these abilities are there in your bio-memory. Then you may ask, ëDo you mean to say we
can fly?í Naturally, I am going to say ëYesí. With
the right technique and process, if you awaken those bio-memories, you can do. But as on
now, I have not successfully proved any technique or process which can make anybody fly. So,
once I establish, I will teach the science. Till now, but I am able to comfortably, very
successfully make at least few hundred people live without solid food; some people even
without anything other than water, just on water and air. By the divine grace, I received
the techniques and process to activate your Kundalini to such level, Kundalini energy
to such level where people can comfortably, without disease ñ that is the main thing
ñ without tiredness, without fatigue, comfortably able to live quite a long time. I have Niraharis
who are successfully living that as a lifestyle for more than ten months. They are going to
be completing a year, one year. Many, many of them have taken up this lifestyle. Many
people in my ashram do off and on, doing Nirahara. Understand, that is why I am sharing this
process, this technique with you. I tell you, it is a successful process, it
is a successful technique. Your bio-memory which carries the intelligence to produce
the food directly from the space, from sunrays and air, is possible. 7:27 The next question comes: ëWhy I should do
this? I am not that poor that I donít have food. Why I should do that? I am rich enough
to eat.í India is suffering with the swing of pendulum.
Please listen. When a society or civilization suffers with utter poverty, they donít have
money even for food, if they have suffered, the moment they get the money first thing
they will do is eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, till they become obese. Means, by eating they will
die, because their pattern is the fear, ëWithout food I am going to die.í That pattern will
leave so much of incompletion, just by eating they will die. I tell you, the whole India, especially the
middle-age and younger generation ñ when I say ëyoungerí, I am telling my age only;
see, 30-50, that group remembers their young age ñ all Indians, if you are between 30-50,
you remember either your parents or when you were born that time, we suffered even for
food. How many of you remember, raise your hand. How many of you say your family had
suffering even for food at sometime? I will raise the hand. India, now only India is moving
from that zone to the ëmoney is available for foodí, that zone. That is why we are
suffering and we are going to suffer with obesity. I tell you, one of the worst predictions which
is going to become true for India, I am making is, India is going to suffer terribly by obesity
just like USA; may be worse than USA, because our food was designed for hard work, now we
are going to eat and not going to work. Our food is designed for hard work. Rice, wheat,
all these are designed for hard work. We are going to eat, but we are not going to work
out. That is the biggest danger. And one more worse thing: we are not health-conscious.
In India, including body, everything only breakdown maintenance. After it breaks down,
we will plan for maintenance. There is no preventive maintenance. In Mechanical Engineering
these terms come ñ preventive maintenance and something called I think running maintenance
and breakdown maintenance. In India, everything, whether it is a road or a bridge or a vehicle
or a machinery or a body, Indian psyche is like that only. As long as it runs, run. When
it breaks, then we will see. When it breaks, let us see. I know one Swami who used to be 130 kg. I used to tell him, ëSwamiji, you should
do something. Go for a walk.í He used to tell, ëehh What is there. Itís
okay.í I used to tell, ëSwamiji, it will lead to
unnecessary heart problems.í He was already having diabetes. He used to say, ëNo, no, no. If something
happens, then we will see.í But unfortunately, he had a sudden heart attack and died just
at the age of sixty. Sixty is not the age to die. He died. 12:10 Wall Street journal also says, ëOBESITY IS
SEEN AS INDIAíS ECONOMY GROWS.í We are going to suffer obesity, listen, because
we saw money just now, and we suffered lack of food, the fear of poverty, fear of ëno
foodí for quite a long time; the stories of ëno foodí quite a long time. Obesity
is going to be epidemic in India, I tell you. Obesity is going to be epidemic. We may think, ëNo, no, no, I have money.
Why should I do this? Why should I not eat?í Listen. Food is not just related to your body.
Along with food you built hundreds and hundreds of patterns. Love is associated with food.
That is why every social function in India, social gathering in India, first thing – sharing
the food, and sumptuously, varieties. I just get frightened about the feasts. No, really.
When people call me for feast, I shiver literally. ëOh God! One more person is going to torture
me.í No, really. The pattern of food. Food is unfortunately associated with love
and it is so unfortunate feeding is shown as a symbol of love, because in India those
days that was very rare, food was rare commodity. When I say ëthose daysí, I mean the period
of the Moghuls and British ruling, not before that. When we were ruling, we know, when Vedic
Rishis were ruling, Vedic tradition was ruling we know ëAnnam Bahukurveetaí. We know how
to create food and share food and how to remain Niraharis. Food is associated with Love. There is so
much of sentiments associated unnecessarily with food. When you become Nirahari and break
the pattern of food, first thing happens to you is you break all those patterns which
tortures you. 15:26 Society starts controls you with food. See,
when you are young, if you donít want to listen to the ways of the society, first thing
what parents will tell, what family will tell, ëHow will you eat if you donít work? If
you donít listen to the society, you wonít have food.í Because, everyone wants to throw
everything of the society and go away to forest and live on their own. But first question:
Where is the food? ëAlrightí, because of the fear of food, once you start saying ëokayí,
thenÖover. You are bulldozed and road is made on you. They lay the road. Food is such a sensitive component of human
life. It is considered as the symbol of prestige, symbol of love. There are multiple things
associated with food. I tell you, we eat everything other than food when we eat, because there
are so many others things associated with food, only that goes inside. The way we cook,
when the prestige is associated with it, all high, rich items, which brings you the rich
manís diseases ñ diabetes, sugar. And same way, when it is associated with Love, then
naturally the person has to feed you large quantity; only then you will be made to understand
he loves you so much. No. Whenever I go to any feast, one, I am
afraid of the amount of the food they serve me and the varieties; two, I am more afraid
of the way they serve me and their expectation of how I should finish everything served.
Especially most of the devotees have the habit of literally living with me in their house.
They have either my photo or the deity, in front of which they put varieties and varieties.
That is always a safe method. You put it in front of my deity and YOU eat. I have no problem.
But when they expect this physical body to eat the whole thing, God! I tell you, almost four years, four years
in my ten years of public life, four full years, I was tortured by the feasts. Only
one fine morning, when doctors warned me, I put my foot down and said, ëNo more going
to devoteesí houses. No question of eating anything devotees bring.í Even after I stopped
going to devoteesí houses, they will bring it from all the way. And in the Sarvadarshan
they will stand. ëSwamiji, I myself made, eat little.í And that will be twenty box
per day. Even if I taste all that twenty box, what will happen to my body? No itís a big,
only then I put my foot down very clearly, ëAnything devotees want to give, please send
it to the temple. Anandeshwara will not have any problem.í 19:16 48% of the Indian population is overweight
and in that 48%, majority, I can say almost nobody does any exercise. 34% of them live
a sedentary lifestyle. 51% of the population is physically unfit and suffer from various
diseases related to food, diseases which caused by food. 33% of the Indians need to consume
medicines daily. 26% of the people are hypertensed and having blood-pressure. 30% of the people
have bad teeth. 17% has diabetes, sorry, 17% suffers with acute diabetes. 31% suffers related
to disorders of digestion of food. God! Food is associated so much with Love, other
emotions. If somebody snatches your plate, thatís it. Your Kundalini will go in wrong
direction. It will go down, instead of going up. No, how you behave, hmmm. You donít just
eat food; you eat so many things associated with food by society ñ Prestige, Love. Because
of prestige, good quality; when I say ëgood qualityí, I donít mean ëhealthyí. What
you think as costly food, many time, because you pay more money, donít think you get quality
product. Unfortunately, in human mind, cost is associated with quality. They think if
you pay more money, it is good food. No. Junk also is sold for high price because of the
publicity, advertisement costs. What you think as good food, but not healthy food, when you
make the pattern of eating that because food is associated with prestige. Then, because
it is associated with love, you eat large quantity. Neither your wife who serves you
or the mother who serves you reminds you, ëno, enough, Stop.í ëNo, no, no, no, no.
It is love. Please oh my son, eat little more. Oh, my daughter, eat little more. Oh, my dear,
please eat little more.í I tell you the wife who does not stop husbands
eating is killing the husband. May be she has a purpose. No, the mother who does not
stop the son eating has a purpose. And in Indian society it is also inauspicious if
you tell somebody, ëenough, donít add moreí. Best way of taking revenge on somebody is
to dump the food. And also, there is a habit food is God, so you cannot waste. If you waste
outside, only food will be wasted. If you put it inside, food and the system, both will
be wasted. If food is God; your body is also God. What about that? So, that is why you
think let God be with God! 23:41 Too many things, too many things are associated
with food. Food has become too loaded idea in India. Food is not just left to be a food.
And many time, see, all our pleasures are just to prove our powerfulness. When you give
fifty items and serve, it is like you show, ëSee, how big guy I am. What I can do, do
you see?í When you do Nirahara Samyama, the right Kriya
and process, and awaken your bio-memoryís capability to produce the food directly from
air and space, first thing will happen, all the psychological patterns you carry, mental
patterns you carry, sufferings related to food will break. That is the first thing.
First thing, break patterns related to food. (HINDI) 28:08 Understand, with this Nirahara Samyama, Kriya,
first thing, you will break all the psychological patterns related to food. You will complete
all the incompletions related to food. Because society started controlling you in the young
age based on food; how many of you remember it is based on food you are forced to go to
school, go to job, do many things which you donít want to do? Raise your hand, let me
see. Yes, even I can raise. With that pattern only my parents used to always
keep me, try to keep me in the house, because I want to run away at the age of twelve itself.
And I did. I did. When I was twelve, I ran away. Just few months before I met the person
who brought me back. I ran away to a place called Vadalur. In Tamil Nadu, there is a
great saint Vallalar; because the family always used to talk about food. ëIf you run away,
if you become sannyasi, what will happen to food? What will happen to food?í I know one
place in Tamil Nadu where they give food every day without missing: thatís Vallalarís place.
I heard about their Annadaana. I thought ëthen I wonít have a problem about food; I will
go and stay there and do my spiritual practices.í I ran away. Finally I, even then, where I
ran away? I ran away to a place where I am given food regularly. So, understand, even when you refuse to go
to school, they tell you ëif you do not go to school and study, you will not have job,
you will not have food, you will have to beg for food, you will die without food. So you
have to study, settle down in a job to earn and eat.í To settle down with the ways of the society,
the first thing, fear created in us is food. Once you bend for that, first weapon of the
society uses to turn you, over. Then all the other weapons are thrown on you. And the first
weapon society uses to control you is food. Understand, because of these reason, every
one of you will be carrying some or other incompletions with food. You need to complete
that. You need to complete that. Nirahara Samyama is the space for completing all your
patterns with food and awakening the extraordinary bio-memory, ability to produce food directly
from space
and ether and air. (HINDI) It is food, it is food which is the first
and foremost, which is the first and foremost pattern, pattern and incompletions you will
be suffering with. So, for Nirahara Samyama, first thing you should start doing all the
food-related incompletions you carry in your life, complete with them. Complete with Annapoorni.
Understand, complete with Annapoorni. Complete with all the patterns created based on food
and do this Kriya, Nirahara Samyama Kriya. Naturally, the Nirahara Samyama Kriya will
awaken your bio-memory to produce the food directly from space. I do it very systematically,
scientifically-proved valid method, step by step. First, only the solid food is removed
from your life. You are brought to liquid diet. Then, slowly, slowly, slowly the liquid
is reduced. Continuously, you are medically observed. Only then, after a thorough medical
observation, may be after six months, you are allowed to live as Nirahari, you are initiated
into Nirahara. 34:11 So, itís a four-level process. First level, two day, just forty-eight hours
you try. Second level, seven days you try. That seven
days level only, all the food-related patterns will come up: irritation, agitation, feeling
poor ñ ëI canít even eat or what? Then why should I work so much? I went to this
Swami. He made me not even eat.í Hatred related to food, everything will come out. If you
can continue, continue, continue to complete with all that and stay in your decision to
awaken your bio memory. The third, third phase is eleven days. You
will almost cross psychological components and incompletions related to food, psychological
patterns and incompletions related to food. Then, ëThe Samyamaí, the fourth level, your
bio-memory will be awakened to be without food; your bio-memory will be initiated by
proper kriyas to directly assume, directly create energy from water and sun, space, nature.
Then you will be able to live this lifestyle. From July 1st, through Sadhna TV and Lotus
TV, I will be teaching the science of Nirahara Samyama and the Kriya, I have developed a
special Kriya for Nirahara Samyama which you can be doing. (HINDI) 37:54 It is intelligence in your system, intelligence
in your bio-memory. It is your birthright. That is all I can say about Nirahara Samyama. The essence of todayís satsang: Nirahara state is your birthright. Food is
not your birthright. Now I am seeing Government passing a law, ëRight of Foodí Bill. I tell
you, right to be a Nirahari is your birthright, not just food. The science of Nirahara should
be taught to every one of you guys. (HINDI) I have done enough of medical research and documentation
on the science I am talking ñ Nirahara Samyama. Even people with so many diseases got healed
completely. Anemic people get healed by not eating. Can you imagine? Gastric trouble gets
healed by not eating. Stomach ulcer gets healed by not heating. Of course, obesity getting
healed is usual. Many things which you think will be aggravated by not eating as per the
Allopathy, completely gets healed by this Nirahara Samyama; because it is done with
a proper Kriya and right context, right understanding.

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