No Other Diet Consistent With The Genetical Structure
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No Other Diet Consistent With The Genetical Structure

October 8, 2019

Last one, the sister has to ask a question. If one do not have access to the African Herbal
Bio-mineral Balance could one achieve health without disease and how?
I wish there was another way, but when I told the judge that, she asked the doctor that
was placed in front of me, a man with that much credentials, Dr Victor Herbert could
not argue that the point that I made that every food, every substance given to the African
American once he was taken away from his mother was poison. He could not disagree with that. There’s an
article out in the magazine, what’s the name of it?… that says, what am I gonna eat cause
you didn’t bring my food with me. [Music] You see, no there is no other diet. Not Ying
Yang, not Macrobiotic, not allopathic or homeopathic, nor Ayuvedic. Because I, look let me say something
in closing. There is no one on the planet that suffer more with glaucoma than Arabs,
why they eat lamb and barley. There is no one that suffer with kidney problem more than
an Indian. If you go and check all of the dialysis machine around the world you will
find that eighty percent are Indians. Why? They eat ghee, clarified
butter crystallizes in the kidneys. So you see, tell me what you eat and I will tell
you how you think and the state you are in. No diet there is no other diet. There is no
diet on the planet consistent genetically with the black man but the African Bio-mineral
Balance. Thank you very much.

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