Obese Woman Paid To Eat Quits
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Obese Woman Paid To Eat Quits

March 8, 2020

dot since then is a woman that we did a
story about a couple months ago and she is a six hundred pound woman who would
actually profits significantly from allowing other people for watcher eat
online so it was like itzkoff the airport right where you’re
literally seven further down if there are people are turned off by it’s
interesting is the one fetish that has like the best in the worst thing feeder pores house terrible to be it
sounds like a i don’t like something bad is about to
happen like the defendant through like a would shipping devices something right
heading south battery fraternal another head the other name for this is
guys who are interested in these kind of woman parts shortages which is like the best thing for a fact
not in terms of the turnout but in terms of light also the music that absolutely but the
f_b_i_ as my above and beyond chevy chase’s
because they didn’t want to see her chubby they wanted to see her not only
morbidly obese but at least a thousand pounds like a
member no with cares a lot of junk with buffet
unable enter prison serious the reason why she made headlines is because she
had a ball of reaching a thousand pounds dear member that yet style uh… you know people once sent
her their credit cards in the mail instead highlighted by chinese food and waiting
to keep that want to buy all the stuff and i want to get in for the camera and these are guys who were like which
accountants bankers people have families a steamy wife and two kids like he’s amazing to me this kinda stuff is
so fascinating you know what i love is that when ever so briefly a story like
the way get across the fact that normal people who do you do issues like baker’s
attorneys appetite breaking the bank was elected biggest
freaks of the world anything like that so that’s the worst example you’ve come
up with a normal guy but anyway uh… lol humanity i define love because this then or please see and they will like
their fetish first of all they will spend united bill baker themselves this any other credit cards they’re
going to do anything you like disgusted he was seated cheeseburger part of a
video camera and then the than that this is
everything like these there are public balloon that chocolate
shake profit at all all three or four and all of that but there’s little point so
that ok uh… first the reason why dot since it is in the news today is because
she finally got her head clearance decided this is really on healthy active
kids i’m gonna go ahead and delete my website and now dedicate my with a different
websites losing weight such as i lost eighty five pounds i’m really proud of
her that someone had been hysteria now uh…
to refer back to what you were saying about how guys have crazy fetishes it people in general have crazy finishes see it on the bizarre in forgettable
story about a woman in los angeles if you have to prosecute because she starred in pornography where basically she would will calm strike she would put amounts on the table and
you know so i i i know glass table and someone would film from the knee and basically just film her torturing
those mouse with her palms right with her for her leg and then in the end she would just nash
the mass and and this winter the guys on this is
actual point for some guys it’s amazing to me it was a woman who was having sex
with their dog and that was the less interesting of the two cases the steep prosecuted when he came
to those fetishes you’re right the mouse things makes this guys who turned on by
the very specific thing uh… a woman pressing a gastro wheeled shoes
or go shoot some ezola quality present shoes on it’s useless it’s gotta be
notions and other guys ally quality snowshoes
issues was obviously need possible pop up the battle and so there’s everything to the world how that
stuff gets an r_ head i have no idea right but how do you wake up one day
you’re like i’d like to see a woman crushing a mouse underneath the classroom would be also or prices or do you want to know what
that to you sporadic she took potato chips eleven almost straight
starving final and that’s the finest kind of points apart again and i’m i do that we come to a the fear for big brother
theodore nobody’s going to happen and it is quite a few that totally don’t get it started and and instead of
on site and read about uh… and there is so send your credit cards but and others like him she wanted to
check the liked it everything although it could get out of notebook acuerdo you
send me chuck insuring a accurate fasting so how can i stopped going to do that
because there were by the way if there’s someone who’s going to do it
should be feeding site on this show and not go to even think about it

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  1. For the love of god just stick ur penis into something and call it a day there's a shit ton of fetishes that are just so much extra for no reason

  2. @variedmusiclover You said:
    A lot of gay men…
    – Have anorexic mothers
    – Believe a woman >100lb is fat, regardless of height
    – Think corpses are sexy
    I don't see how this relates to the modelling industry, it's not as if most gay men are in the modelling industry and I don't think they'd give a crap about how attractive a woman looked.

  3. @TheSeedTwoPointO I saw Feed. It's just a cheesy horror flick loosely based on a fetish. It wasn't that bad. Dead Girl kept me looking over my shoulder for a couple of weeks though. It wasn't based on a fetish, but that was still…Geez.

  4. Surprised that anna feader dot com does not exist yet. My faith in humanity is restored. Perhaps I'll live on this planet just a bit longer.

  5. @xxdonaldqxxx Ha! You're an ignorant fool if you honestly believe that.
    1. There was a civilization here already.
    2. The people that to be renown for, "Settling" America, were some of the most Vile, Evil, people in existence. Rape, Pillaging, Murder; Children included mind you.

    Why don't you go thump your Bible elsewhere, say a different Country that actually embraces your twisted way of looking at things.

  6. @invaderjay Let me clue you in on some facts. What existed here before the settlers was hardly a civilization. The people that lived here before the Europeans arrived were no more noble and also were no less violent than the settlers. However the so called noble savage did practice.human sacrifice in some areas and torture was commonly accepted when enemies were captured.Raping women and killing children was also common between warring tribes You watch to much TV.

  7. I think TYT has done stories on this lady for the last two years. Something tells me that she isn't going to quit. She will keep saying that over and over to get a little bit more of fame.

  8. @nietzscheprime We're all animals buddy. Even you and your non-American Family members. There's people of all different sorts from every Nation. So yes, there are people like this from your Country as well. Just the same, not every American has some strange fetish like this. I honestly never understood the whole being proud of something you didn't do or can't control. You were born outside of America, big whoop.

  9. @Rissako What's BE? It's a body expansion/inflation fetish that is not to be confused with WG which is weight gain. BE and WG may cross paths, but they aren't the same. People who are into BE usually focus on one part (Google breast, butt, belly, or body expansion and you'll see what I mean) while WG is more just the fattening up of someone. It's usually tied into those who are into the feeder fetish. o_o;;;

  10. they already did this or a similar story awhile back. Maybe this is a new take due to her new website, but she or another such woman quit before.

    Disgusting stuff feeder is.

  11. I have a very specific strange fetish. I don't know how it works/psychology behind it for other people but in my case its based on a specific fantasy story- its not just about the act itself but the "story" I like to pretend is behind it.

  12. You mean the eating one? Because it's enitirely consensual. It's ok to not like things but banning something consensual is the definition of Authoritarianism.

  13. obviously you dont reproduce watching porn, so how does hating it make me asexual? I'm not against sex, I just hate how much the porn industry has damaged it and how it corrupts people including children not to mention it destroys relationships and sets negative standards for women and young girls plus it encourages rape and molestation so if you support all that then fine thats your choice, but I dont.

  14. the world is made up of sick people, if those are the kind of people you want to marry and you want your kids to watch it then go ahead, support it.

  15. that's what's wrong with this shit. I actually like thick women, but there is a definite line I will not cross when it comes to them losing their "human" shape and becoming obese. this woman was obviously killing herself with food, and clearly quite unattractive because of it. they're just obsessed with something really unhealthy.

  16. That woman who tortured and killed that mouse with her plumps should be torture and beaten to death by her own plumps just to see how she likes it.

  17. Hi, have you tried "Belly Fat TorchMax" (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a helpful free video. This made it possible for Ellin to burn her abdominal fat. I hope it helps you also.

  18. The penalties for animal cruelty are nowhere near tough enough. The sentence for rape and child abuse should at least double, sex trafficking is the worst crime, breaking a girls will by beatings and gang rapes then keeping her prisoner and selling her repeatedly sometimes for years -this should be an automatic death sentence.
    but all non violent crimes should be dealt with with fines and community work programs unless someone has physically hurt someone they should never get prison

  19. If a girls been really naughty she should make one of those fetish videos where she gets completely naked and pops balloons with her thighs tits and butt.
    Ana should also make one of those videos.
    Ana if we all promise to still respect you and give you lots of thumbs ups will you please please do a naked balloon popping fetish video for us? you believe in democracy and im sure 99 percent of people who have ever seen you agree with me.
    So please Ana -get naked -get bursting those balloons.XXXXX

  20. Not to bothered about the balloons but im down with ana geting naked! i rekon it partition time! Whos with me?

  21. most of this is based around the domination fantasies dominatrix etc. the eating everything is, its basically about a really greedy women etc. the crushing things under heels is to. each to there own i say but really wrong to torture an innocent creature for sexual gratification.

  22. Whenever I hear feeder it disgusts me. Fetish for people to watch someone strive for a fast and early death. Please click my name or photo and watch my video!

  23. bankers ARE freaks, i always thought im the only one thinking of them as absolut weirdos, but aparently its common sense…:D

  24. i googled it, its a band. but most weired was feedinglanadotcom where a young girl writes about her experince whit thermo-wtf eating and cooking, i dint understand a wort but i find it amazing how people focus an weight and food nowadays like there are no other cares in the world…

  25. I think Donna was influenced by her partner quite a bit. I saw her on Strange Sex, and got the feeling that her goal to "weigh 1000 lbs" was more HIS goal.

  26. That is such wonderful news; a super morbid woman finally deciding to lose weight like nobody's business.

  27. No, chubby chaser is the wrong word for them. They are feeders or encourages. I love TYT , but sometimes I find that man kind of obnoxious .

  28. How interesting to hear about this on TYT in my personal opinion I think she went to far by going for 1000 which is unhealthy and I say she has the right to do as she please with herself though I don't know what your talking about with this "feeder fetish" do you mean people with a fat fetish like myself it's basically the attraction to a(guy,girl or both) gaining weight or a woman or man who weighs more then normal between you and me the way you say feeder fetish make it sound kind of like that rat crushing fetish where it sounds dangerous but I might argue is different from your example because as long as they don't go to the extreme like this person did they shouldn't be in any major trouble when it comes to health as I heard they make a lot of money from the porn industry though you can argue the stuff they feed them or the way they are treat them could be harmful it's up for debate kind of like how back then when gay were viewed as also being harmful because the way they had sex was through the butt and different from what everyone believed back then which they saw as the norm which some still hold that view on groups like gays or other sexual deviants like myself I personally however prefer drawn or animated fat fetish pron rather then stuff like real BBW or SSBBW as I know there is no controversy where your going to have people say that what their doing is hurting themselves when it's mostly just art and no harm no foul like with rule 34.

  29. My favorite bit about her story was when she said that people were there before to help her get fat, but when she wanted to lose weight, they "wouldn't help her". Bitch, it's called a fetish. They don't have interest in you being healthy, they paid you (poorly, apparently) to eat and get fat, not the other way around😂😂

  30. The credit cards might be prepaid or might have very low limits. I doubt they are sending a black American Express.

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