Obesity Causing Foods : Top 6 To Avoid – Mrs Jayavani Sivakumar, Lifeline Hospitals
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Obesity Causing Foods : Top 6 To Avoid – Mrs Jayavani Sivakumar, Lifeline Hospitals

March 9, 2020

Hi, I am Mrs. Jayavani Sivakumar from Lifeline Hospital. I am the chief nutritionist here. Today I am here to talk to you about Obesity Causing Foods In this channel, we are going to talk about obesity and obesity related problems and causes for obesity and much more. To keep yourself informed about all these issues, please subscribe to this channel Obesity is generally caused because of eating too much of the wrong foods and taking high calorie foods. Let me list down a few foods that is predominantly responsible for obesity. First one is, sugary foods. Too much of sugary foods like sweets, candies and carbonated beverages are very detrimental to health and in turn is responsible for weight gain. Second one is processed meats. Processed meats, they tend to add a lot of salt to it. So, too much of salt intake is also not good for health. Third one is, fruit juices. People normally tend to think that fruit juices are very healthy But, the fact is that, to make a glass of juice normally we tend to use 2 to 3 fruits, which is going to add in calories again and another thing is that we tend to add sugar to it and all the more the calorie is going to increase Number four, high fatty foods like pizzas, burgers and fried chips. Number 5 is simple carbohydrates. When talking about simple carbohydrates, I mean the white flour and refined sugar which is very very detrimental to health. And last but not the least, the delicious desserts like pastries, ice creams and milk shakes are the ones which are the main culprit for obesity. If you can make a conscious effort to stay away from all these foods, you can fight obesity. To know more about health related issues and solutions, please subscribe to this channel.

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