Obesity Effects on the Body (Immune cells attacking cancer)

March 8, 2020

Are your immune cells fat? A new study found that natural killer cells in an obese environment take on
extra fatty acids, which lowers their energy,
causing metabolic paralysis and lowers their anti-cancer activity. Obesity causes unhealthy levels of cancer-promoting hormones,
like estrogen. It also increases inflammation and
decreases immune function. Natural killer cells are immune cells in
your body that target and destroy cancer cells. Natural killer cells require more energy than normal cells, just like a soldier on a battlefield
requires more energy than an office worker. When you’re fat,
your immune cells are fat too. That’s basically like having an army of
obese soldiers trying to fight cancer and other invaders in your body.
That’s not good! What you want is an army of young, healthy, fit, and strong immune cells; not a bunch of old, fat,
or tired immune cells huffing and puffing
trying to catch up with cancer cells in your body.
One of the best ways to boost your immune system and help your body heal
and prevent cancer is to get back down to your ideal healthy body weight.

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