Obesity: The little things

March 7, 2020

>>Male Speaker: Weight gain is
the sum of little things that add up over time: choosing the
escalator instead of the stairs, eating two helpings of
dinner, and so on, and so on. Ever wonder why you’re winded or
your joints ache, and blame it on your age? Well, think about your weight. Imagine carrying a 10-pound
bag everywhere you go. Just 10 pounds adds more than 30
pounds of force to your knees. So those achy knees might
mean you need better habits. By realizing you’re overweight
and by taking control now, you may lower the risk of developing
serious health problems, like heart disease, high blood
pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones and some cancers. Losing just 5 percent of your
body weight may also decrease the stress you’re
putting on your body. That means doing more of the
things you enjoy, without the aches and pains. It’s the little things that make
up the weight gain, and it’s the little things that will
help take it back off. Wouldn’t you like to drop the
weight and stop picking up more? Obesity happens one
pound at a time. So does preventing it.

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