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Once Is Enough Trailer | Ultrarunning Trail Running Film

March 10, 2020

(crickets chirping) – [Jeff] When I was 11,
my mom was diagnosed with heart failure. She was overweight. – When my mom passed away, I think it was probably
the hardest on Jeff, because they were extremely close. – I’m spending all this
time in the waiting room, and I see this, a “Trail Runner” magazine. “Is the 100 mile ultra
marathon the new marathon?” – Jeffrey was not athletic as a kid. He wasn’t really an outdoor kid. – In elementary school I was the epitome of the chubby, funny best friend. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, runners face some of the
longest, and steepest climbs in America, with a total elevation
gain of over 15,000 feet. And I thought what anyone
desperate to lose weight would think, “You guys, “I should do this!” (laughter) – There’s a lot of
things that can go wrong in a hundred miler, no
matter how fit you are. You could get altitude sickness, he could easily pick up an injury. – You literally can’t breathe. It’s really, really cold. I was falling apart, you guys. I had blisters upon blisters,
two toenails would fall off in the following weeks. Every muscle in my foot
was completely shot. My calves, my calves were fine. My calves are always fine. (laughing) They’re always good. (cheering) – The scary truth is that people have died while ultra running,
and that’s terrifying. – I think I’m doing this because
while she couldn’t change her life, I can. All of this was inspired
by a quote by Mae West, that I have always
loved since I was a kid. May West said, “You only live once, “but if you do it right, “once is enough.” (music fading)

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